Kid Ink Signs To RCA Records

posted Friday January 04 ,2013 at 09:24AM CST | 20 comments

Kid Ink Signs To RCA Records

Los Angeles, California's Kid Ink also releases a new single to commemorate the signing.

Kid Ink has announced his signing to RCA Records, and to celebrate, he has released a new track titled "Bad Ass" featuring Wale and Meek Mill.

The Los Angeles, California rapper has built his name on the mixtape circuit over the past few years, dropping projects including 2010's Crash Landing, 2011's Daydreamer and Wheels Up. In June 2012, he put out his debut independent album Up & Away that debuted at No. 20 on the charts.

"We achieved so much last year independently but we just felt it was time to team up with a major in 2013 to take it to the next level and RCA is as excited as we are about the vision and possibilities," said Ink in a statement (via RR).

“I’m ecstatic to have someone as multi-talented as Kid Ink, along with the backing of Tha Alumni team with us at RCA Records," added J. Grand, SVP of A&R and Marketing. "We see him not just as an emerging domestic star but as someone whose music and entrepreneurship is already developing a global presence.”

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Comments 20 Posts

  • John F. Wayne
    For Hattin Ass Niggas Kid Ink Had Hits Wit Erbody Before He Even Signed n You'll Got The Nerve To Say He WaCC Bitch#Swerve#HuAAA!!!#
  • John F. Wayne
  • Mack
    Like to see cats getting money on their own terms.
  • Anonymous
    "20K Independent Is A Big Deal In Today's Climate. Remember Gold Is The New Platinum" Says who? Going gold is respectable, but platinum has always been the bench mark for success. I realize very few in hip hop can do that now, but that doesn't mean we should celebrate mediocre sales.
    • Mack
      we shouldnt be concerned with sales in general, unless you're a participant looking for income from this industry
  • Ink Kid
    WTF?!?!! Why? Kid Ink may not have gone platinum but he was moving pretty good numbers independently and on top of that he was doing shows. I hope RCA gives him creative control and doesn't pimp him. Nonetheless, I wish him well.
  • Guest
    You won't be getting much promotion with a dead label.
  • Anonymous
    kid ink wack as frrruck. but who knows maybe rca will make him a star. he's definitely that type of artists. give him the right beats and put him on other peoples songs and they'll make some money
  • asher1985
    He sold 20k independently first week. how much does he really expect to sell by moving to RCA, maybe 50k first week? To me this move was pointless unless he gets Wiz Khalifa big or something
    • Anonymous
      20K Independent Is A Big Deal In Today's Climate. Remember Gold Is The New Platinum
    • asher1985
      I know. thats why I'm questioning why he felt the need to move to a major record label where they will undoubtedly eat into his album sales profits significantly
    • smh
      @asher1985 shut the fuck up lil boy and listen to the music, let him do him, you think its pointless???
    • pickle
      id say he wanted to sign to a major bc hes either gettin lazy and doesnt want to work as hard or he had so much on his plate that he was getting overloaded and needs a lil boost. 90 somethin percent of all small businesses collapse in on themselves because they grow too fast and cant handle the demand
    • Anonymous
      No harm in trying. With Drake and Wiz's success, the flood gates are wide open for dudes like this, cause in reality all they need is 1 song to go over and they're in the game.
  • Anonymous
    homie takes wack to a new level
    stop dat hating fuQ boi!!
  • Lol
    Looks like Tyga and Chris Brown had a baby, and he's all grown up.
    • bawse
      staop dat hating fuQ boi
    • scope
      and this nigga has nellys mouth and teeth lol. this kid is the biggest poser ive ever seen in my fuckin like
    • Anonymous
      ^^^Oooh ouch!! Damn thats harsh!!