40 Glocc Reportedly Assaults Game's Manager

posted Tuesday January 01 ,2013 at 06:00PM CST | 111 comments

40 Glocc Reportedly Assaults Game's Manager

40 Glocc allegedly knocked out Game's manager while partying in Las Vegas.

Even though 40 Glocc is currently suing rival Game for assault this past July, it looks like the G-Unit affiliate has no intentions of keeping the beef in the courtroom. Now, according to VladTV, rumors are circulating that 40 Glocc attacked and assaulted Game's manager this weekend.

According to reports, 40 Glocc assaulted Game's manager Dontay "Taydoe" Kidd this past weekend in Las Vega, Nevada. While details on the incident are sketchy, VladTV managed to obtain a series of 40 Glocc's Tweets that have since been deleted, in which Glocc boasts that he knocked out Kidd while he was eating pizza.

This recent development in Game and 40 Glocc's on-going feud comes fresh on the heels of 40 Glocc's recent diss against the Jesus Piece rapper, "The Full Edit." Neither Game nor his manager have responded to the claims of the assault.

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Anonymous
    a pizza? thats his proof? why not take picture of him laying on the ground if he knocked him out
  • Anonymous
    this is the same nigga that i seen the game beat into a fukn bush??
  • Anonymous
    lol didnt happen, taydoe posted pics after the incident. this guy 40 is crazy....
  • lui belt
    40 glocc is a 38 yr old cornball who sued and wants to act gangstar. Everyone saw him getting in the bushes
  • geminiman7
    40 must have a brain injury SMH. Sad. Words of advice to 40: Keep your mouth shut, win the lawsuit (if you haven't screwed that up) and disappear...instead of sucker punching random folks when they're not looking SMH. #Foolery
  • Malcolm X
    smh at these coons
    • Anonymous
      This right here is my point. Behind his laptop im sure he feels like that nigga.
  • Anonymous
    look at all these online cornball discuss things that they have no clue about. Don't none of you corns know shit about beef. Lets be real like 98% of you niggas never been in a fight. And the more i read the more i found out some of you trolls don't even like hip hop.
    • Cornball
      You couldn't find your face in a mirror.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah of course a corn going to get offended. Find a mirror for what tho. Im not online commenting about another niggas beef online like you corns seem to do alot. So i guess you one of these geeks speaking out on another man's beef. I would never relate to you geeks online. for the record i been in plenty fights growing up. But like i said before i don't make comments online regarding other niggas problems. I leave that to you nerd niggas.
    • Geek
      You are still carrying on with your made up story, you have said about 50 times in a 100 word post about your fights. What is your motive here? Do you want some kind of medal, or is it just self-gratification? If no-one else praises you then I guess it is acceptable to praise yourself.
    • blazeitup
      Lol people who are real fighters don't boast about that shit to a bunch of strangers over the internet. Grow some balls faggot.
  • gerryd
    Its gonna take a lot more that sucker punching a dude while hes eating pizza and a dude thats probably the weakest in BWS for this fool to get any sort of reputation back. You went to the police 40 glock, get that in your head, your a snitch. Your a snitch that had something done on him that he done to others and cried to the police about it lol. If you can't5 handle the heat then get your ass out of the kitchen. Playing games he can't handle
  • Deadboy90
    I just crept up on a dude and punched him while he was watching TV in a dentist waiting room! Im a G now!
    • geminiman7
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    40 Faill did it again. The most lame person ever.
  • Big Dan
    This dude just keeps making himself look like a fool. So dude us sitting down eating pizza and you creep up on him and you have the gall to tweet it like you some tuff guy. Stop it. Don't eff up your lawsuit, which you probably already did. Game's manager can now sue you in the same court and even if you win, everything cancels each other out. When Game went up on you, you were running like a punk (not to knock you, if I thought dude was carrying and had a whole bunch of his boys with him, I'd have done the same) but you posting pictures of you creeping on on dude like a bitch would. Stop it.
  • lol
    thats a step now u just gotta square up with game to save some type of face cuz game embarrassed this dude on vid
  • B.O.Y.D.
    Do you know who this is? That's right, it's the B.O.Y.D. son and im back and there is not one fucking thing you fake ass haters can do about it! Wanna step to this motherfuckers? Don't even try because im the B.O.Y.D. and and im back and there is nothing you can do about it! I will slap the taste out of your fucking mouth if you try to step to this because im the B.O.Y.D. and I run this shit around here haters! Think im joking? Try me motherfuckers! You don't want none of this because im the B.O.Y.D and im back for good this time. You all wish you could live one day in my shoes because im the B.O.Y.D and there is nothing you can do about it! PM if you got beef because im the B.O.Y.D. and im back! I handle all my shit like a man unlike all you motherfucking haters in this joint. None of you haters will PM me though because you know this is the B.O.Y.D. and im back and there is not one motherfucking thing any of you haters can do about it! Step to this, I dare you! Remember the name, B.O.Y.D. haters!
    • ELjay
      oh no, now im really scared... ur just a lil kid with lots of frustration. You think acting tough makes you grown up and living reality? Try to grow up in this life, that's a battle on it's own... Some kids like you should keep their mouth shut.
    • Anonymous
      well your a person whos mother need to be raped
  • Anonymous
    Whose 40 going to go after next, Game's gardener? These are suppposed to be grown men, not little kids meeting in the sandlot for a fight.
    • Anonymous
      LMAO. Breaking News, 40 Glocc punched out the McDonald's server that once served Game a Big Mac w/ fries.
  • Anonymous
    lame news
  • Anonymous
  • ELjay
    You people calling this an assault? Seriously?
  • Jacc
    "Expect Me Like You Expect Jesus" You should expect Game to beat your ass one more time.
    • Anonymous
      and game should expect to get sued one more time
    • Rick
      ^^^^ HAHAHAH! OH MAN, That made me laugh out loud here at the office.
    • MEEK
  • mit
    This Nigga a loser fareal....you caught this nig ga off guard with his gurl and jumped him nIGGA ...it was more than just one person with you....u got an issue just fight game one on one....this type shit gonna get someone killed
    He got knocked the fuck out and tryed to sue game, he a bitch nigga he tryna get his rep back up and it ain't gonna work.
  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo
    He aint G, he just a loud mouth with a internet hard on.
  • dude
    can someone just pop this faggot ass nigga and get it over with.. thanks
  • Vdot
    Does anyone care?
  • Anonymous
    kinda funny that he deleted some these tweets moments later
  • Anonymous
    40 you done
  • Iuk
    We don't believe that ur a G, 40! You've fucked up. You're desperate ever since Game deaded ur street cred. Jump a real G, as opposed to jumping a family man.
  • Anonymous
    what a fucking faggot 40 Glocc fuckin publicity whore
  • Luka
    fuck 40 glocc bitch ass nigga, game will fuck his faggot ass up
  • Anonymous
    Black folk-Dummies.
    • TwoTone
      Electroshock therapy shouldn't be too hard for you to try in this day and age. Godspeed.
  • Anonymous
    How the hell does he win a lawsuit now? 40 just cost himself the biggest pay day he will ever get.