Jay-Z Reportedly Working On "The Great Gatsby" Score

posted Monday December 31 ,2012 at 01:50PM CST | 30 comments

Jay-Z Reportedly Working On

Jay-Z set to score "The Great Gatsby" along with The Bullitts' Jeymes Samuel.

When Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church In The Wild” appeared in the trailer to The Great Gatsby earlier in the year, not much was made of the song’s appearance but it now seems that Jay-Z’s involvement with the film may be much greater.

According to The Huffington Post, the rap Titan has reportedly been tapped to assist in creating the score for the Baz Luhrmann-directed film along with The Bullitts’ Jeymes Samuel.

While Jay-Z’s involvement in writing the score has yet to be officially confirmed, Samuel did send out this Tweet on December 30: “Jay-Z and myself have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby! It is too DOPE for words!”

As one of The Great Gatsby’s score composers, Jay-Z will join the likes of fellow artists including Pharrell Williams and RZA who have both worked on the scores to various films.

The Great Gatsby stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire and will hit theaters on May 10, 2013.

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  • Anonymous
    get your bottom lip checked out, monkey boy
  • Anonymous
    boring... next
  • Anonymous
  • hip hop
    hes gonna fuck this up like he did nba 2k13, just put his self and his boyfriend kanye on it! wack
    • Damnation
      Dude I cant believe this comment. Respect! This is what I think about that f*ggot. He ruined the NBA 2K13. This is the first time I couldn't play for a long time bcuz of hearing disgusting tracks. His old ass tracks, his boyfriend's tracks and the original versions of the tracks sampled and he put even his freestyle. Can you believe this? Im wondering how much money did they pay for that disaster.
    • smh
      so you cant play 2k because of the music? you give jay-z to much power over your lifes ahah
    • indazone
      victory and shook ones part2 fucked up 2k? those are classic tracks its the best soundtrack to 2k that hippie music don't get you hyped who the fuck wants to here acid music in a basketball game
  • Anonymous
  • Lil niggas
    Most Kings Get Their Neck Cut Off.
  • Anonymous
    he's not good enough to produce loops for his own albums but is good enough to score a movie?
    • Anonymous
      lol omg
  • Anonymous
    Jeymes Samuel, Seal`s brother always Name Dropping like a chick #TheseareallFacts
  • Doubl Negative
    This movie looks horrible. Film of 2013'll probably be Spike's Oldboy remake. Evil Dead's looking pretty cool too. But fuck Spielberg for his degrading, dickless, piece of shit Lincoln. He obviously has little respect for Blacks, else he would make films like Django, not this garbage and Amistad. Show niggas like you did Jews in Munich and I might show you some love.
    • Mark
      Shut up with this black power shit mate
  • Anonymous
    Jay Z copies off the RZA way too much - clothing line, publishing books, scoring. - and in no ways am I a Jay Z "hater". I respect him hardcore. But damn is he on RZA's dick.
    • Anonymous
      i always wondered who invented books, didnt know it was rza though, cool
    • Ben Devlin
      Lots of rappers have clothing lines, quite a few of them have published books and scored movies. Jay-Z and RZA just happen to have done all three.
    • ILL
      Russel simmons too...lol...RZA is the creator...lol...dumbass niggaz
  • Fuck Marcy
    Working on what?!?!?!
    • Anonymous
      theres google for a reason
  • Anonymous
    RZA, Pharrell and Jay-Z to score this movie, nice!
    • Anonymous
      nooo its only Jay-Z it just says RZA and Pharrell have scored films
    • Anonymous
      damn nigga learn to read lol
  • Big C
    But money it's gonna be the same songs from 2k13
  • 7 Cities SLymm
    * Shout outs to the projects of True School Hip-Hop artists: -Pharrell (score Dispicable Me) -RZA (directed Man with Iron Fists, scored Kill Bill 1 & 2, Ghostdog) -Nas (Distant Relatives project) -Jay-Z (if he is contributing to F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic) -GZA (Ivy League lectures)
    • Anonymous
      Lets not forget Wyclef > The Movie Life w/ Eddie & Martin
    • Anonymous
      Get a life fast.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous