Big Sean Says His Album "Hall Of Fame" Has Received Praise From Kanye West & J. Cole

posted Friday December 21 ,2012 at 01:00PM CST | 24 comments

Big Sean Says His Album

Kanye West, No I.D., and J. Cole "blown away" by "Hall Of Fame," according to Big Sean.

Big Sean’s sophomore album, Hall Of Fame, may not hit shelves until 2013, but according to the Detroit wordsmith the album has already received praise from a number of industry heavy’s including J. Cole, No I.D., and Kanye West.

While speaking with MTV News, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper revealed that thus far the artists and publications he’s played the album for have “been blown away” by it.

“Everybody I've been playing it for has been shocked. From rappers, from ‘Ye. I played it for Cole to No I.D. Billboard magazine and all these different people and everybody’s just been blown away,” Big Sean revealed. “So you know I'm not trying to hype it up or talk it up, but it's obviously the best work I've done and I'm excited about it.”

In the months leading up to the release of Hall Of Fame, Big Sean has gone on to release a handful of inspirational video blogs that touch on how he’s gotten to where he’s at in his career and what he plans on doing to further his position in music.

He also shared that he hopes the video blogs help and encourage fans to be successful in their own lives.

“The album Hall Of Fame you can just expect a roller coaster, just so many different feelings man. I’ve been doing video blogs lately, giving people inspiration and incite on my life about how I got to where I’m at and how I’m getting to where I’m going,” said Big Sean. “I title them ‘Imagination,’ ‘Fear,’ ‘Reality’ and just talk about different aspects. So hopefully they can take what I learned, put that in their own life, and be happy and successful themselves…I feel like we all deserve to be rich.”

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Comments 24 Posts

  • Fado
    Big Sean has always been somewhat cheesy too me kinda like a modern day Mc Hammer, with his sense of style and themes he uses and things he says in his raps. All that aside I still respect him as an mc, he has bars. I will give his album a listen. FINALLY FAMOUS WAS HORRIBLE THOUGH. I hope it comes harder then that.
  • Anonymous
    big sean haters is weak as fuck... how u mad at a good emcee makin good music?
    • Fuck Detroit
      "Good music"? SERIOUSLY??? OMG I'm dying off laughing over here
    • shh
      HATE IT OR LUV IT.. FINALLY FAMOUS is BEST 2012...TOP #13...*smile "the infamous" MG & C...feat ROSCOE DASH & KANYE WEST...TR3Y DAWG 2013!....
  • Anonymous
    insight.. c'mon dx
  • Broward County
    Something about this guy is just soft as lime green baby dooky...
  • Anonymous
    "wordsmith"? lmfao
  • TheDUke
    I'll believe this shit when one of them say it lol
  • Anonymous
    cool story bro
  • Fuck Detroit
    Doesn't mean it won't flop.
  • da1
    Like those 2 niggaz actually mean anything to anybody. Kanye West may know how to construct a pretty good album. But J.cole wouldn't know how to make a good cd if the whole entire world depended on it. This Hall of Shame album will brick aswell. Not hate just facts. Thats all it is these facts are just factual.
    • Fado
      I think if J.cole linked with the right producers (Just Blaze, Alchemist, Dr. Dre, JZMN) he has the potential to make an classic album. As far as the Hall of Fame Album why not wait till its out and give it a subjective listen before criticizing it smh....
  • Anonymous
    So his CEO and a close friend in the industry has praised his album ... cool story HHDX.
  • Anonymous
    big sean is just too damn cocky (in a bad way). He's really gotta prove that hes a "hall of famer" with this one. His recent shit has been weak as fuck.
  • Garvey
    Hip-Hop Heads make sure support the movement @
  • Arnold Schwarzenigga
    Kanye and cole have both praised garbage in the past, what sean is saying doesnt mean shit
  • james
    J cole is pretty good. The only rappers i'm bumping right now is big sean, j cole, kendrick, and alpha leo as of right now
    • Anonymous
      you're missing out on a lot of good music, dont know why you throw big sean in their, hes know cole or kendrick
    • Anonymous
      If he likes Big Sean, than let him like Big Sean, damn! Big Sean is right there with Cole and Kendrick.
  • Anonymous
    Will the album go gold? I think not.
    • datguyjuice
      man you talk alot of trash bout big sean but you scared to reveal your name i think you just one of those rappers you never got signed and is jealous cuz it aint you
  • raidfuljohnson
    "De Rueche Muetel 6-The Soloist"