NBC Blogger Calls Chief Keef "A Minstrel Show"

posted Wednesday December 19 ,2012 at 06:30PM CST | 250 comments

NBC Blogger Calls Chief Keef

One blogger for NBC may find himself in hot water after he called Chief Keef "a minstrel show."

Whether it's Hip Hop listeners or his fellow Chi-Town emcees, Interscope rapper Chief Keef has been earning some critical disapproval from many members of the industry. Now, however, one blogger has taken his complaints too far by calling Keef's music "a minstrel show."

According to a recent report HipHopWired, Edward McClelland, a Caucasian blogger for Chicago NBC 5, recently attacked Chief Keef and the drill music scene in a blog, calling it "a minstrel show." He said that the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last week moved him to decry the 17-year-old rapper for his violent lyrics. 

"[F]rom what I've heard of it, is pretty lunkheaded: simplistic rhymes, primitive beats. But it's also a window into the world that has made Chicago the murder capital of America, and that piqued my curiosity," wrote McClelland. "Since last week's murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, though, I haven't had the stomach for any violent entertainment…I also don't want to pay $14 for the minstrel show of listening to a real live South Side thug. I don't want to support a scene that makes gangbanging a resume builder for music success."

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  • Anonymous
    "Flying? Hes project at under 50k sold, under a major label" Don't talk back blog boy. 50k still means a decent amount of people are seeing it in the store and buying it.
    • Anonymous
      Nope. It's still a flop.
    • the_spiral
      Chief Queef is a flop and he ain't rapping about real life in Chicago or whatever his stans try and tell us. How the hell could you even tell what he's rapping about? He's a mush mouth idiot with no lyrics. He sounds like if Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane recorded themselves pooping in a litter box.
  • zon
    It's easy to call Cheif Keef a minstrel show from behind a computer and inside your home...but go to Lamron street..or any urban city in amerikkka and write what you see...write what you hear...I grew up on 80s-90s rap and I see it as a young dude (he's not an adult ) talking about his surroundings...which in Chi-Iraq aint pretty at all..Drugs and murder is a everyday thing in urban cities...so until you are at ground zero and make a stand...remember your opinion is just that...an opinion and not FACT at all...personally I wanna see an old rapper Jay-Z stop talking bout hustling or murder...he aint been off the porch in decades and still talk reckless...whats his excuse??
      Yeah but who gives a fuck? There's enough glorifying of hustling and murder in this country already. Besides, rappers like Tupac and Biggie used rap to tell compelling stories about street life. This ignorant fool mumbles mush-mouth nonsense that don't even rhyme. Yelling and screaming like a dipshit over a simplistic beat is not rapping or keeping it real, no matter what the talent-deficient Guccis, Flockas and Chief Queefs of the world (and their dick riding stans) try to convince the rest of us.
  • tha_hyclass1
    Well I'm black and this dog and pony side show that is Chief Keef really embarrasses me as a black woman. This guy as well as about 70% of rap artists out now are brings shame upon the game with the crap they are putting out Follow me on Twitter @ the_hyclass1 and on Instagram @ tha_hyclass1
  • Articulate1
    Why is this Chief Queef faggot even worth mentioning? He's just one of thousands of garbage-ass new wave rappers with no talent and nothing to say...ignore these clowns and support quality new shit like Roc Marcy.
  • Anonymous
    Chief Keef and his shitty music is a minstrel show, the blogger is just calling it like he sees it.
  • Anonymous
    Know what i found funny on this site right now. I see alot of comments that says why is he being called a racist. Because he is white. You people do know that Lupe got the same kind of treatment after calling Chief Queef out a few months ago. Not my point tho. I see to many people complaining and disagreeing but agreeing with each other sounding really stupid. Most of you idiots are saying the same thing. You idiots say "I agree with the blogger he is a Minstrel Show."(whatever) 95% of the people are saying the same shit but somehow someway people are finding ways to argue with each other over Chief Keef. Come on people. Yall can't be this stupid. How people are arguing with people who have the same point of view is beyond me. Some of you are just idiots. Also i don't see to many black people disagreeing with the blogger, so why all the white people saying blacks always shouting racism. Out of 220 post i see only 3 comments calling this guy a racist, but somehow the white folks are complaining that blacks don't take responsiblity for a Chief Keef movement. See this is what happens when you let nerds in the game. The over exaggerate shit
    • Fanglana
      Because this one exchange of comments in one article does not, in any way, reflect how things in the real world look like. In the real world, you have all these small, subtle politically correct signals that are sent to us based on two things: White guilt and black whining. On one side, we have white guys like Sean that has this white guilt stigma over him. On the other hand, we have black people who wake up and put on the "everything is racist" cloth on before they go about their day. We see it in our commercials, we see it in our movies and TV shows. We see it in our articles and even in our music. Everything, exactly everything is adjusted just so that black people can be pampered. People are getting fucking sick and tired of it, and the NBC commentor is just one of us. Im not even white, Im not black but Im a minority. We ALLLLLL get racism thrown at us, shit aint new. But black people constantly whine and cry racism. That's why people are getting in an uproar here.
    • Anonymous
      lol its easy to say you feel minorties are pampered if you're not a minority. you can never see it because the whole world has been indoctrinated with racial values. now you may not understand this, but this fictional racial infrastructure has not been dismantled, despite the fact that those who created it are long dead. if blacks in the US truly "complained" to the degree whites have been fearing for the past four hundred years, there'd be blood. consider yourself lucky people found more solace in fredrick douglass and not nat turner. your country is falling apart and you waste time with debates based in make-believe.
  • 100
    The original hip-hop fans are leaving the music because there is no longer any intellectual meat to it. Even the old "gangsta" tracks had substance before but now, it's just formula rap. IT'S BORING! No diversity on the radio makes it worse. Doesn't have to be "deep" or political but it's barely entertaining anymore. Minstrel show indeed.
  • hustle
    unfortunately, that young man is taking care of his family at our images sake... reality is as long as there is an image similar to what that young man represents prevalent in media there will laways b a "reason" we r racially profiled point blank period. son aint make it this way... but he damn sure aint helping... but how can u knock a child for taking advantage of an oppurtunity to better his life? lets put things n perspective here, there is an entity that makes more $ off him than he does, and also perpetuates these racist sterotypes for profit... the long arm of hollywood. the "music industry" is hollywood lil brother.... its just murder for profit at the end of the day and the people who have no control of there image or community will continued to b whored, now stop insulting that lil nigga and invest in some real estate!!!!
    • 100
      People like 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye have a LOT of power to upgrade the art form in the mainstream and put out "better" music. But they don't have the intellectual capacity to take that leap of faith. But there are a new crop of brothers coming and they will be making changes.
  • Anonymous
    I hate when People come on here like, Im black i approve. Nigga you white stop fucking lying. White people do the same shit. Someone say something racist, White dude calls other white dude out and say im white. You mother fuckers is corny real shit. With all that said you niggas take entertainment to fucking serious. Really out of all the negative shit in Hip Hop from NWA to Eminem we go give this young dummy air time over ignorant music. Its alot of nerds who come to this site, im sure one of you sensitive ass niggas read ignorant shit in literature class. I know for sure i have. Overall i never listened to no dam Chief keef.
    • Anonymous
      real talk. but most of them won't understand.
  • DUH
    He makes tom coonery music for dumb coons to follow and white suburban kids to purchase .. Blame the record labels for promoting his music to the dumb masses
    • Anonymous
  • SDK
  • Hip Hop Fan
    I agree with the NBC blogger and I am not white. Chief Keef's music is pure ignorance and purely using the Chicago murders and gangster scene to push his music...
    • Anonymous
      Much like how 50 used his getting shot 9 times to sell his music.
  • Stro
    Edward McClelland is to be lauded for his column, not placed in hot water.
  • Anonymous
    "Since that incident, nobody has time to hear all that ig'nant" Yet ironically, Keef's CD is flying off the shelve.
    • Hip Hop Fan
      Flying? Hes project at under 50k sold, under a major label. I would not say that is flying off the shelves. I hope Interscope Records gets the hint and drops this dude for good.
  • T_TreezZ
    It's complete bullshit that this blogger is getting in trouble for expressing his opinion. Well he's a blogger isn't he? He writes based on opinion. Plus this is the realest comment ever made about Chief Keef.
  • Terminate Sean Ryon
    HipHopDx needs to fire sean ryon for his stupid ass "caucasian" tag on that blogger, nobody gives a fuck what his skin color is, stop trying to start race war drama you fucking fag!
    • Anonymous
    • 614grind
      What makes his skin color relevant is the fact that he called it a minstrel show. That actually was courageous because it is really a shot at the corporate machine that runs Hip Hop. When a white person observes the practicing self hate, that is saying something.
    • SDK
      @TerminateSeanRyon REAL TALK
  • Anonymous
    how else does he get 20 million views on youtube on a song that barely has one rhyme in it. the number one retard rapper
    • Hip Hop Fan
      Because Kanye West blew up that song "I don't like". Thats the only reason Keef got 20 million views and landed that stupid crazy contract that his label is pissed about it since he's not selling any records to make that money back.
  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous
      HAHAHA this is exactly what I thought. Honestly black people can't even be offended by this because we all know keef is retard. 2012,year of the retard rappers. Fuck them all
  • yunggawd
    your stupid if you dont have the common sense to know hes right....if a black writer said the same thing, hed also be right, and nobody would say shit cuz of the phrase "minstrel show"..chief keef does make ignorant music....you cant get upset when people call it what it is....its no diff with Trinadad James...be serious
  • Sanglana
    As a response to Jim Bean on my post a couple of scrolls down: Jim, the thing Im annoyed about is the constant fucking whining. Who CARES if the guy writing the article is caucasian, why write that? Why is it important? Ill tell you why, because as soon as a white person does ANYTHING and says ANYTHING that isn't completely pro-black, then they're racist. Matter of fact it doesn't just have to be a white person, ANY non-black race that says or does anything that isn't completely pro-black, is racist. Im sick and fucking tired of that shit. The guy is not racist and he did nothing wrong by deeming Chief Keef a minstrel show, because that's what he is! But somehow, Sean had to let us know the dude was "caucasian". Going by your logic, why does he have to write the guys race? He just deemed all white people "racist".. Why mention race? This happens all the time, everyday, everywhere.. Everything that doesn't mean proverbially sucking black people off is "racism" according to black people. Mind you, Im not white, Im from a muslim country (not arab). Ive grown up with racism, since I live in a european world. I know what it is to be looked down on just because you're of another race. Ive felt with black people for a long time because I could relate. But this shit has gone too far. Black people get so pampered with and get this special treatment just because they happen to have black skin. That, in turn, makes many of them act like fucking babies and cry for the smallest issue. Either that, or we have politically correct white guys like Sean over here that just HAS to steer everything in a racist light. Guess what, the article writer was spot on. Chief Keef is a minstrel show and he puts blacks who work hard and want to make a name for themselves OUTSIDE of the entertainment business about a couple of decades back. But no, Im racist right? No, fuck that. Im not, Im saying the truth and if the truth hurts then get the fuck out the kitchen.
    • MaG
      I'm Black. And, your absolutely right. We can't have real race dialogue until we (Black folks) make it acceptable to hear the harsh truths about sh*t without turning it into a race war. The blogger was right. And, so are you brother.
  • Jay Kid 2 Fly
    The blogger was 100% correct with his story...period.
    • Sir Kones
  • UR MOM
    Isnt this got really saying what basically everyone is thinking?