Trey Songz Arrested For Injuring Woman With Money

posted Sunday December 16 ,2012 at 09:56PM CST | 75 comments

Trey Songz Arrested For Injuring Woman With Money

Trey Songz made it rain, and he paid for it.

Trey Songz was recently arrested for indulging in some rappers' favorite activity: making it rain.

TMZ reports that the singer was having an album release party on August 21 at a strip club in Queens, NY. At around 4:00-4:15 AM, Trey became involved in an altercation outside of the club.

According to the criminal complaint, "Tremaine Neverson, did throw a sum of United States currency at the complainant and said sum of United States currency struck the complainant's left eye causing substantial pain to her left eye."

A month later, Songz was arrested for misdemeanor assault, and an order of protection was issued. He is due back in court in February.

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  • Anonymous
    take the money clip off first dipshit!
  • MoMo
    Trey Songz can throw money at me anyday! Hit me in both eyes for all I care! At least I gave Trey Songz a lapdance!
  • Anonymous
    Did he throw a roll of quarter or something? I don't see how singles can cause damage to the eye. Unless he threw a whole stack.
  • npmusicman
    He threw money at her outside the club??? What?? This needs more details. Why throw money at a chick outside the club? Also, forget whether or not you agree with "making it rain," this chick is just a money hungry schemer and everyone knows it. Assault charges and orders of protection lol whatever, bitch. Lucky he even threw that much money at you lol
    • Momo
      Hell yea! I agree with you! This article needs more work! No details what so ever. What does his reps have to say about this? And she just wants more money! After all, she is a stripper! She just wants to sue to get enough money so she can quit her night job smh free my baby Trey Songz!!!!! I love you!!!! =)
  • Anonymous
    Am I the only one laughing at the title of this article? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anonymous
    Done hit me in the face with some godamn money, that's so disrespectful
  • Esq.
    Sooo...he money slapped a chick?? Lmfao! Awesome.
    • npmusicman
      LMAO people on here are killing me
  • Malone
    If a fish's genitalia rand a race with a midget's genitalia, who would win? . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone
  • Nelly
    When the fuck will niggas learn??? You don't show love to hos, you show your DICK to hos.
  • What
    Niggas will never learn, it simple, Yo Trey Songz paid up your debt you just lose your bet, there is alwasy someone looking for a way to make a cool million and you just find that out, i bet she is tell her lawler she can not see anymore out of that eye, Niggas are stupid work so hard for their money only to give it up in a Night.
    • Charles
      Did they not teach you English in school?
    • BlazeDatIshUp
      "Niggas are stupid..." Naw you are stupid for not paying attention to your teachers when they tried, and failed, to teach you english. Put down the weed, the cigs and whatever else you are smoking, or sniffing, because you are obviously losing a lot of brain cells. Read a book or two once in a while.....smfh....
  • Malone
    Donkey genitalia.. . Sincerely Yours -Malone
  • Anonymous
    that's a shiesty girl
  • bk
    The real victim here is trey... i bet that was his laundromat quarters he used that night.. she shouldve appreciated the sacrifices he made instead of getting him arrested
  • lol
    Clearly none of yall have had real stacks before!!! Put 5g's in 20's in a stack with a cpl bandz, and you could definitely injure an eye with that when/if angry!
    Why didn't she use the money that Trey had thrown at her, if her left eye is that badly damaged.
  • Pernation
    I just can't wait for lil Bow Wow to drop that Carter V. Only real rapper out now. After that, i'm done buying rap music.Free Boosie, free pimp C and shouts out to Eminem on that King Mathers album and shout out to Dr. Dre for coming through with Detox on 12-25-2012. Mike Jones....even if you got AIDS, I still got your back Homie. Get them residual checks for that treatment.
  • John
    If I'm Trey and I lose the lawsuit, I would just throw the lawsuit money in her face
    Haha what a bitch.
  • RedWhite&Blue
    Only in America...
    • GB
      Damn right!
    • Anonymous
      Yup. Because in Saudi Arabia, they spray girls with gasoline (liquid money). If the girls try to sue, they get lit matches thrown at them!
  • Anonymous
    Dumb black folks. Throwing money has to be the most ignorant thing you can do .
    • Jamie
      You are just jealous you can't make it 'rain'. There is no need to be racist towards black people. It makes you look as if you think you're perfect which you're not. Only God is.
    • Anonymous
      Ever see Mark Zuckerberg making it rain? No. And he has billions. Shits mad corny to waste money like that
    • BlackOrWhite
      That first comment is fucking shocking, and full of irony. Think before you type, brainwave.
    • Anonymous
      make it rain or go shoot up a school?
    • Anonymous
      He's not actually making it rain, don't be so nieve. All these artists are small fish
    • NONO
      Why not?...It's just painted paper right?
    • NONO
      Mark Zuckerberg can pay for prostitutes...That's what some billionaires do....Let's not talk about wasting
  • Anonymous
    that's bitches for you
  • Cabron
    The Game never sued anyone for throwing money at him when he was a stripper.
    • Delight
      who cares if he was a stripper. Who gives a shit. Everybody got to eat. Do you want to watch him strip. Hood Nigga can strip. Im a female and would not mind him stripping.
    • GB
      @Carbon... It's your whore of a mother that was a stripper.
    • Anonymous
      no game was really a stripper! true story
  • wait.....wha?
    She got hurt by money given to her, so shes suing for money?
    • GB
    • npmusicman
  • Anonymous
    are you fucking serious right now ? now i've seen it all
  • kennyken
    man these cats get rich and think that they are fucking chick magnets or something. these women are out there trying to get it just like you.
    • shh
    lmao oh my god, what is the world coming to?
    • shh
      BOW WOW = THE KING OF SWAG/POP....*smile