Peter Rosenberg Addresses Hot 97 Controversy

posted Sunday December 16 ,2012 at 10:28AM CST | 47 comments

Peter Rosenberg Addresses Hot 97 Controversy

Peter Rosenberg speaks on the recent backlash Hot 97 has gotten for calling some artists "minor league."

New York's Hot 97 made headlines recently when the station's Program Director labeled artists such as Sean Price and Joey Badass as "minor league" artists with dues to pay. The comments led to significant backlash from artists, fans, and other industry figures.

In an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, Peter Rosenberg discussed the issue.

"It is true that it was said, but it was out of context in that he really didn't mean to include Sean Price in that group," said Rosenberg of Ebro, the Program Director. "He kind of described it to me [as] he was trying to name some different people that had a movement, so he included Sean Price; but in retrospect, he didn't really mean that Sean Price is in that same category as far as being 'minor league.' Sean Price has already done the minor leagues, years and years ago."

Rosenberg continued, adding that, while many others were concerned with the "minor league" label, Price wasn't. "I talked to Sean Price the other day, and I said, 'Listen, [Ebro] didn't mean that about you. But I'll be honest, between me and you, I know you don't care about the major leagues. You don't have any interest in that. Really, you're a major league emcee, but you don't like playing in the big times.' And he totally understood and agreed."

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  • Turn Off That Shit
    Does anyone on this earth still listen to the radio???
  • Anonymous
    sky high
  • Rich
    Hot 97's morning show is boring as fuck.. breakfast club on power 105 is 20 times better
  • PMess
    Ebro is so out of pocket...Hot 97 is anti artist!
  • Hip Hop Fan
    And I think the only reason Rosenberg is on radio is because he was Em's manager so people assume he has power. I don't know if he still is Em's manager...
    • Anonymous
      Nigro, that was Paul Rosenburg....f*ck outta here
    • Anonymous
      lol @ that asshole calling himself 'Hip Hop Fan' and not even knowing what he's talking about
    • Anon1
      Tears at your ignorance. The irony in your name being Hip Hop Fan. Comment actually made me laugh
    • Anonymous
  • Hip Hop Fan
    I think that Ebro needs to get of the radio. He is supposed to be behind the scenes. As for the minor league and major league comment what he meant to say was that Hot 97 will only play mainstream music. But in all honesty, do people still listen to radio? Its such crap these days
  • Anonymous
    Ebro former MTV VJ minor league nigga playing 4 HOT 97 major league radio...they programmed his robot ass 2 say that..
  • LightWorkEP
    Can some minor league cats get on your sunday night show Rosenberg?....
  • Price is Right
  • Anonymous
    LOL at all these lil jew lovers on HHDX y'all fail to realize Rosenberg's race is the main reason why you stuck in this hole called AmeriKKKa
    • Anonymous
      LOL @ the ignorant pieces of shit who blame the jews all the time cause they can't come to terms with the fact there not where they want to be cause they themselves are losers
    • boss
      He is the only person in Nyc, holding real hip hop down!! Jew or not hes that dude just for that!!
  • Malone
    At the end of the day I have to ask... what do they want with me? . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone
  • DJ Nate Da Great
    This is an example of major labels brainwashing and disenfranchising the real Hip Hop fan. By using the terms "Major League" and "Minor League", and then applying "minor league" to artists with a smaller fan base, they dismiss these artists as insignificant. The sad part about this is that people (even the biggest Hip Hop heads) start believing that Hip Hop only exists on the major labels and commercial radio and everything else is dismissed as "underground" instead of being recognized as real Hip Hop. Truly sad and suspect.
    • arto
      Fuck you!
    • Anonymous
      Very well stated. So true! Just because it's on a MAJOR label doesn't mean it's a QUALITY product!
  • @IamSquareOne
    I would never-ever listen to Hot 97. These are the same clowns that wanted Nicki MInaj on their hot 97 summer jam stage, shitted on her, said they wanted the "real" hip hop then their PD goes on air/video to say the "real" ma'fuckas in the game aint shit, and get midnight, 1am treatment. Them dudes are jokes and you are too if you got that stationed preset in your momma's honda. GTFOH
    • Anonymous
      real talk
  • Malone
    Can anybody tell me what the cure to masturbation is? . Sincerely Yours -Malone
    • Anonymous
      Fuck your mom. Oh wait, you probably already do you fucking half-wit lifeless pathetic excuse of a human who was a result of incestuous sex.
    peter keeps it real.. a lot of these new cats in the game are minor league mc's... niggaz woulda got deaded lyrically if it were a few years back. this new era is full of lolli pops. any1 whos hatin on this guy for speakin his mind is wack. go cry me a river boo hoo he called this artist minor league. get over it na mean stop actin like bitches.
    • Anonymous
      listen more
  • DMX
    SMH this is what happens when white people get involved with Hip Hop.
    • ho ho ho
      you moron
    • SMH!
      You must of just fell out your mothers pussy! White been a part of Hip Hop! SMH! Go help your mother pay the internet bill lil' nigga!
    • Anonymous
      This faggot never heard of Villian Ice the Beastie Boys and 3rd Bass.
    • Anonymous
      yo who's this villain ice cat? sounds dope
  • Ny_Harlem
    Yo this dude might be Jewish but im in NY and this dude always states on the radio how they always play the same bullshit over and over. Real shit. He even called out nicki for he commercial bullshit. And he has a time during the weekend where he plays nothing but underground real shit, where they give unknown artist a chance. I think all he means is niggas need to come to the major labels. He also understands that Sean Price don't need a major deal. He gave a good explaination i respect it.
  • Jay
    This Jewish nigga doing more for the hip hop community than any of you faggots commenting...On a mainstream radio with an underground hip hop show sunday nights? is that even heard of anymore?? Aint nobody care for hip hop anymore on the radio
    • Anonymous
      Sway>>>>>>>Rosenberg Big Boy>>>>>>>>>>Rosenberg
    • Anonymous
      Aint nobody listenin at that time,thats why they doin it
    • Anonymous
      No he isn't. He just dropped an album. Mic Tyson. Fire!
  • Anonymous
    Peter Rosenberg talks alot.
  • I aint wit that
    Who the fuck is this "Rosenberg" I keep hearin about lol? He's gotta be a jew wit that last name so that being said what in the fuck could he possibly know about rap or culture? Fuckin jews get their mitts into everything one way or another.Guess what,ya'll can listen to Rosenberg,Roth,Drake,shyne...all those stupid bastards and Imma bump this new MJG tape.
    • Anonymous
      Talking like that and you'll be the first one crying bout Racism next time you get pulled over for trying to smoke your crack pipe while your driving
    • Anonymous
      im a jew and i dont care about any mainstream bullshit, and i could write a better rhyme than u so shut the fuck up u internet racist pussy
  • fuck em
    Nas was right when he spoke out about hot 97 years ago. These dj's like angie and the bald white guy are the dudes who always wanted to be the rappers, the stars. But since they dont have the talent they try to hold people up and control this shit. We shouldnt even know these peoples names, theyre nobodies.
    • Belizean James
      and you say that as a fucking nobody on the internet. If they have no right to comment on rappers because they're not then you have no right to comment on them.
    • Anonymous
      ^^^ Lmao You seem mad. Are you one of the hot 97 djs hes talking about? What you said makes zero sense... Its just an emotional reaction.
    • trooth
      umm its a fuckin job. If they paid you to be a dj on the radio you would jump at the opportunity. Thats what they do...they play music and they talk about music. If you don't like what they say then don't listen. simple as that.
    • Anonymous
      to a point, but it isn't that straightforward, trooth. that's the point, they don't just play music they like, which is part of the problem
  • AssyMcgee