Beyonce Expected To Bring In $50 Million Thanks To Her New Deal With Pepsi

posted Monday December 10 ,2012 at 01:28PM CST | 15 comments

Beyonce Expected To Bring In $50 Million Thanks To Her New Deal With Pepsi

Beyonce to appear on limited-edition Pepsi cans and also star in a Pepsi commercial thanks to her deal with the brand.

Following news that Beyoncé’s self-directed documentary would be airing at the top of next year on HBO, the superstar singer has revealed yet another major piece of news. reports that the songstress has just inked a deal with Pepsi worth a hefty $50 million.

While deals between big-name brands and artists rarely go beyond the ads and commercials realm, Pepsi’s deal with Beyoncé will also include a multi-million dollar fund that will support the singer and any of her creative projects.  

“Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity.”

As part of the multi-million deal, Beyoncé will appear on a limited-edition Pepsi can and will also appear in a Pepsi commercial that will air during the Super Bowl on February 3, 2013.

Shortly after the debut of Beyoncé’s Pepsi commercial, HBO will air the Houston singer’s self-directed documentary on February 16.

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  • sun_god7
    She's still hot. RhiRhi works harder nowadays - but Bey is a Boss. She workes smarter.
  • GBtha G
    Thats a pretty fuckin insane deal.hands down. Jigga iz a lucky dude havin dat supa chick.
  • thefist
    We're hating on Beyonce for making money? Legal money? The fact that "the shit sells itself" and she can still get 50 mill out of it should be a hat tip to her and not a bad thing. You guys are ridiculous.. at least have a subject/verb/predicate/topic sentence format when we're hating next time. I expect better.
    • Anonymous
      She doesn't even need the money. So yeah, let's blame this bitch for being greedy.
  • Anonymous
    "are people supposed to stop being successful and advancing their business? what is your point exactly?" Does Beyonce need the money? No. Would Pepsi close their doors if she wasn't holding up a can and saying how great it tastes? No. Should the American public, especially those who are losing or have already lost their homes and jobs, be happy that an already rich celebrity is about to get even richer? Check back later for more excerpts from my new book, "A Study In The Obvious".
  • Anonymous
    "Well it's not the government is paying her $50 million" lol Thanks for clarifying that.
    Ok guys we got jenny now beyonce will die of diabetes due to too much pepsi
  • Anonymous
    seems like a huge waste of money to me people are gonna buy pepsi and coke no matter what, just like mcdonalds that shit sells itself
  • Nicki M
    Beyonce copying me as usual, jacking my swag. Keep stealing my lyrics B until Wayne gives me the go ahead to end your career when he ends J's. YMCMB
    • Anonymous
      haha is that you "So Icey Boi?"
  • Anonymous
    Our country is about to go over a fiscal cliff, but hey let's give Beyonce $50 million to hawk soda.
    • Will I.e.
      Well it's not the government is paying her $50 million, Pepsi which means they stand to profit even more in the end.
    • Anonymous
      this comment makes no sense. are people supposed to stop being successful and advancing their business? what is your point exactly?
  • clevelandchief
    By the way, Hip Hop endorses Coke. Ask Luda...
  • clevelandchief
    SMH @Nicki Minaj