Aspiring Rappers Kidnap & Extort Record Producer

posted Sunday December 02 ,2012 at 03:02PM CST | 42 comments

Aspiring Rappers Kidnap & Extort Record Producer

A pair of amateur rappers kidnapped a producer after he tried to back out of a $50,000 deal.

Two aspiring rappers kidnapped and extorted a record producer in New York City, New York.

According to Gothamist, 33-year-old Ryan Mixon and 28-year-old Andres Lozano scheduled a meeting with producer John Fontein, son of bigwig broker Andrew Fontein, at the Pera Soho in Greenwich Village on Thursday night. After agreeing on a $50,000 deal, Fontein tried to back out of the deal and the two rappers kidnapped him at gunpoint.

Mixon and Lozano took him to the Fifth Ave Apple Store where he was forced to buy $3,800 in products and warranties, telling him that he had better make good on the deal or they would kill both his girlfriend and family.

They let him go, and Fontein headed straight to the cops the next morning. They've been charged with kidnapping, robbery and extortion.

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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Comments 42 Posts

  • Anonymous
    20 years in prison
    • I Wanna Show The Nation My Appreciation
      If they're white, cause if they black they'll be given life
  • Really?
    Oh, that was smart. Go to the Apple Store where there are Apple Cameras. Nobody said criminals were smart.
  • Anonymous
    Goon ass white niggas...
  • Anonymous
    Niggas is doing ANYTHING just for that record deal lol y'all should stop trying to work for someone else and do it for yourself; build your own record label
  • Anonymous
    Damn niggas are getting desperate, next thing you know they might just start raping and tearing niggas assholes up to get a deal.
    • Anonymous
      I think it was more the 50 gs, then the "label".
  • johannesburg
    i have said and ima say it again, Americans rappers man American rappers are the dumbest. LOL few know what they doing but most are just comedians. LOL
    • Anonymous
      Yet, you probly come here everyday and read about "american rappers" and buy there music... sorry, I am Canadian..but hip hop lives and was born in the U S OF A..not
  • Anonymous
    If your 33 years old and you think your gonna get a career going for yourself in rap music your chasing the dragon to begin with. The few people that age in the game who still have something going for them have been putting in work for a decade or more.
    • Aguy
      Yeah word, i'm 18 and i produce since i was 16 i hope that shit won't happen to me
  • Daniel
    This is the culture that is being breed with these simple "dope boy" music. What they thought he was gonna do when they released him? fucking idiots
  • Ummm
    So who's in the picture?
  • Haha
    I thought the rappers' names was "Kidnap & Extort". lol ...That's saying something about hip-hop. When you hear of a crime, you think of a rapper's name.
    • BLVCK
    • Grimreaphood
      "Kidnap and Extort" LMAO!!!! those do sound like rapper names. ROFL!!
  • Fuck Fontein & His Family
    Now that's what I call "keeping it real".
      ^Yeah, real dumb.
    • nickrazor2000
      More like, in the words of the great Dave Chapelle "When keeping it real goes wrong"
  • Anonymous
    He doesn't have to worry about being a snitch because all of the bum a** dusty fans that can't afford $10 to buy an album co-sign frauds all day everyday! SMFH!
    • yeabuddy
      frauds or snitch? if snitch 50 cent must be whom u are speaking of
  • Producer-My-Ass
    uhhh how's he a "producer" again? What has he "produced"? Oh, thats right. NOTHING. The "writers" on this site are degenerates. Take your ghetto ass back to college and actually get a DEGREE in journalism. Jesus Christ. This is NOT a story!
    • Anonymous
      goofy whiteboy thinks Horowitz is ghetto....stay off the moonshine boy
    • bizzalls
      Just because you've never heard of him, mean he's not a producer? Or trying to become a producer? Shut up...
  • dave
    They bought the warranties?
    • OoNo
  • haaan
  • Anonymous
    Sounds like a bad comedy movie.
    • B-Rad
      This has happened to me befo'! Belee dat homefrie! Shit mad real when your dad one of the richest men in Malibu! Woorrrrddd son!!!
    • huh
      @B-Rad tell your dad not to default on the education fees because you will surely be needing it to learn how to spell.
    • khordkutta
      See:"Malibu's Most Wanted"...Then you will get the joke. By the way, this is about as funny as it gets, only thing funnier to me right now in HipHop is Trinidad James.
  • Anonymous
    33 yrs old and you an aspiring rapper? dont quit your day job bro this shit is probably not gonna happen for you, especially now that you're going to jail for a few years..
    • Kurupt
      LMAO chuuuuuch
    • khordkutta
      maybe these "rappers" have great lawyers, know they will do limited time and are "building" their street cred...hmmmm
  • Anonymous
    Andrew Fontein is so mad he's going to take his son's Mercedes away for a whole week.
  • Anonymous
    what a retards. lol
  • Anonymous
    That some funny shit. Only in the rap game....
  • johnnyfiveaces
    I thought kidnap and extort were the name of the rappers haha
    • yup
      me too! I had to re-read it three times.
    • conyac
      hahaha wouldn't have been surprising would it lol
    • flip
      shit! me too. really funny story!
  • A-Game
    The darndest things people do to get on nowadays lol