Raekwon "Lost Jewlry" EP Download

posted Tuesday January 15 ,2013 at 10:30PM CST | 178 comments


UPDATE #4: Raekwon enlists Faith Evans, Maino, Freddie Gibbs and Altrina Renee for his new EP.

Even though fans are patiently waiting for the third installment of Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... series in 2014, it looks like the Chef if cooking up something to appease them in the meantime. Now, the Wu-Gambino has taken to Twitter to reveal he's planning to drop an EP.

In a recent Twitter post from earlier today, the Staten Island emcee announced that he's planning an dropping an EP titled Lost Jewlry. Shallah Raekwon also promised fans he would be Tweeting a new album title, although he did not specify whether the album would be a solo project or not.

[November 30]

UPDATE: Raekwon took to Twitter to announce that his Lost Jewlry EP will release in January. Check the tweets below.

[December 6]

UPDATE #2: Raekwon has released the cover art for his upcoming Lost Jewlry EP, releasing on January 8th. Check the artwork below.


[December 29]

UPDATE #3: Raekwon has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming Lost Jewlry EP. Check the official tracklist below.


[January 11]

UPDATE #4: Complex.com has premiered the new Raekwon EP Lost Jewlry. Click here to download the project from Sharebeast.

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Comments 178 Posts

  • Anonymous
    Rae been dropping certified classic tapes ever since the mention of dropping OBCL2
  • jayy
    downloadin this n listenin 2 it ASAP.. dropped alot of average music since OB4CL2 but hopin to hear that c ooked up on this one.. raes a beast
  • Anonymous
    EVERYTHING this fat fuck has dropped since OB$CL2 has been a disappointment... Wu Massacre = garbage (even Ghost barely tried)... Shaolin V. Wu Tang = not even mediocre... Even Lex Diamonds was better than this crap and call the throwaway guest spots.
  • Anonymous
    Pretty dope mixtape... Best tracks "New Day" and "Come Up" If nothing else, he deserves credit for making Maino sound decent...
    This is a late christmas present, thanks Chef :) gonna burn this straight to CD, smoke one and cruise to this. You young niggas just don't know, talking about wack niggas like Chief Keef and Drake having better beats, fuckouttahere with that dumb ass justification.
  • Wu Tang
  • DaCookKing
    If you're not in the kitchen cooking to this raw shit, you deserve to get your block took
  • Fact
    Fuck you if you don't like Raekwon!!!!
  • Big D
    Album is fire ...people with no talent complaining about free good music ..Bunch of pigeons complaining like birds
  • bigtrat
    Garbage. I'd rather listen to some ASAP Rocky or Chief Keef instead, at least they have better beats. This is like grade D mixtape material that sounds like it was put together in about 2 hours -- Raekwon probably took like 10 minutes to make each song. Thats how bad it sounds.
    • Cage
      I'm only halfway through it, but once you said chief keef you lost any credibility you might've had. Fuckouttahere with that trash.
  • SDK
  • Anonymous
    This must be the most disappointing mixtape of the year.
  • Anonymous
    been waiting to hear this
  • Brannu
    All these kids complainin' about free music. This is not on the level of the OB4CL joints, but if it was ... it wouldn't be free!! "Fiends is still sniffin'/Sons is still in prison/pen still scriptin'/all of them ghetto visions." Go sit in the corner with some quarter water and STFU.
  • OG-18*
  • Anonymous
    Fat Fuck Raekwon is the one who's lost; OB4CL2 was nice but he's been dogshit ever since... Dude's mowf-- not to mention his flabby fucking gut-- is A LOT bigger than his brains or ability to discern heat from dogshit... And ** ANY ** record with goddamn Maino is a loser from the start.
    • Ain't it
      Yo dawg. What the fuck are you talkin' about? Rae's been on point since '93 and he does his thang everyday! This EP's so hard ! I love Rae and I knew it he'd drop another classic
  • The_Observer
    This man must just grow up - fucking up the Wu image with all this bling bling shit
    • Anonymous
      That's all the jewels he's bought over the years. You must not have been around when he was rocking the Wu Rolex and the Tarantula to recognize them.
    • Anonymous
      His a peasant minded idiot ignore him
    • Cage
      Not a good job observing.... A name change is in order
  • Anonymous
    Twista neva has neva will kill Rae on any track..cuz the nigga rap fast and sound dope don't mean shit yung poop dick..we talking bout the Chef yo
  • WestCoast17
    Victoria BC NUKKKA BC bud NUKKKKA
  • ASVP
    Rae going to drop another classic Wu tang
  • Anonymous
    he needs twista on it so he can kill raekwon like he did on bigger gun and the heat
  • Anonymous
    "MANY PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD R CHECKING 4 MUSIC U DON'T LISTEN 2" Well great for them. BTW... Is there a reason you keep typing everything so LOUDLY? Simmer down Samuel L. Wackson.
  • Anonymous
    "ROLLING STONES STILL TOURING" So you're saying Rae is in the same class as The Rolling Stones? They don't tour cause they have too. They do it because they can. I'm not up on Rae's financial portfolio, but I'm pretty sure while he may be comfortable, he's not raking in millions every year.
    • Anonymous
      They do it because they have a fan base that dwarfs anything rap puts out. Thats just pure fact. Even Biggie and Pac combined wouldnt touch the Rolling Stones fan Base. Its like a demand they tour. That being said I like Rae but haven't listened to the EP yet so I cant judge. I still think hes dope as fuck though.
  • nasirjones
    another project full of boring rambling on mediocre beats.rae has more misses than hits.nothing enlightening,thought provoking nor amazing comes from this dude.he never pushes his boundaries just stays in his rambling lane about karate,slinging drugs and guns that weve all heard a thousand times before.raekwon = borekwon
    • The MG
      He may cover the same topics over and over, but guess what? He does it well!
  • The MG
    I'm ready for this, but whatever happened to "Never Can Say Goodbye"? Sample clearance issues? Because that song is nice.
    • Anonymous
      he might've decided to save it for the LP.
    • The MG
      Yeah, you're probably right. I was kinda thinking that too.
  • Anonymous
    So you're telling me dude's been in the game this long with 2 solo classics and he can't afford a decent graphic designer for his shit?
  • Anonymous
    releasing on jan 8? does that mean its out? or pushed back
    • 777
      Pushed back to Jan 15.
  • Anonymous
    hiphopdx needs to get better journolists the album title is called F.I.L.A. FLY INTERNATIONAL LUXURIOUS ART droping this year sometime
    • 777
      You're a special kind of retard, eh? Lost Jewlry's his EP due out next week. F.I.L.A.'s his album, moron.
  • Anonymous
    raekwon bout to release this ep excited and all you haters out there hold this pickle
  • Jus10
    11 tracks? That's very generous. I was expecting 6 or 7.
    • Anonymous
      Indeed! I'll take it!!
    • hiller ogkush
      Appreciated il have a piece
  • Anonymous
    The cver will be better than the music...BELIEVE THAT!