50 Cent & French Montana Exchange More Words On Twitter

posted Friday November 30 ,2012 at 01:22PM CST | 264 comments

50 Cent & French Montana Exchange More Words On Twitter

50 Cent and French Montana take to the social networking site for the latest round in their war of words.

After 50 Cent made comments this morning that French Montana sold out DJ Khaled by giving him footage of his mother and homes, the two are back to exchanging words on Twitter.

Fif was first to tweet about the incident, stating that he's going to release a tape of him and French's manager Gaby Acevado discussing how French sold out Khaled. "Tell @Frenchmontana to just say ok I'm a snake I went and made tape Cause if he lie. I'm gonna put out the tape of me and Gobby talking about it.fool SMSAUDIO," he wrote.

French responded by stating that they should drop their new albums on the same day to see who sells more, and then poked fun at 50 for waiting in the desert for Chief Keef's video shoot.

Check the tweets below.

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  • draco
    I really wish French, Ross and Gunplay would stop wasting their time on a has-been rapper like 50 Cent and talk about more relative things. If I were in any of their position I would not even mention 50 in any way or form as he just wants attention given the fact his rap career doesn't exist anymore.
  • french
    your conversation sounds nice .
  • boss
    ask anyboby bout 50!da world no's da kid and who is this dude?wan beef u got it. keep runnin ya mouth boy boy!!!!!!!!!g unit still hot
  • Anonymous
    how dis french claiming he got so much money and he aint even put out an album yet!
  • Anonymous
    50 better den montana by miles,,,
    • diddy
      50 is finished u stupid fuck, this is what i has came to for 50 cent beefing on twitter, how the mighty have fallin
  • Anonymous
    straight thuggin on twitter! keep it real ya'll
    • O.G. Loc
      Yo man U should watch your mouth, 'coz and I'm an O.G., and if you keep writing disrespectful things like that, I'mma clown u on you on twitter, 4-real man! So don't play with me!
  • bizzalls
    Real talk, the information speaks for itself. French Montana is a fuckin FRAUD. He did that shit for 50, now he's tight with Ross and them. What a phony ass muthafucka!!! Anybody who can't see that is dumb as shit! AND, French is a New York rapper who makes music over down south beats. You will NEVER hear 50 try and hop on the South's dick and rap over a beat like that! 50's the real one here, French is a fuckin clown...
  • Anonymous
    French is garbage period! Even if you don't like 50... You dick riders are so worried about being "cool" you co-sign the wackest shit just because THEY'RE PAYING TO BE POPULAR (paying for radio, play)! French could barely make a hot song by him self let alone with features... Which all of his songs have! His album is going to be a compilation album not a solo album! And he's from the Bronx sounding like he's from ATL. FOH! Hip Hop lives underground now because of all the dick riding stans! Mainstream Hip-Pop is for the faggots and peanut brain special ED students! 50 makes better music for his mixtapes then his albums but I think it's over for him. Banks should be getting all the attention and money put behind him out of G-Unit! Hip Pop is a sope opera right now and a lot of these stans are acting like bitches watching this shit!
    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    "I don't understand your comment. all he has to do is 2 Chainz number, and what" Man, your slow. If 2 Chainz can sell 400,000 despite everyone clowning him, then obviously the bar for success isn't as high as it was when 50 released GRODT. In a way that's good, cause nobody sells 8 million anymore. Much more realistic to watch an artist consistently grind week after week, I.E. "the hard way".
    • TheMilkyWay
      How can u say that, 2 Chainz is like the dopest rap lyricists ever (except for perhaps Benzino), and his album is almost as good as Illmatic!
  • Anonymous
    "50 could put out a blank cd and sell more" Of late he's been putting out free albums online. Do you want to re-consider your previous statement now?
    • Anonymous
      everyone puts out free albums online its called a fucking mixtape
  • Anonymous
    "and listening to french is so _____" You wouldn't know cause his debut hasn't dropped yet.
  • HipHopGodd
    Reason #985,652,489,324,465,450 why rap sucks! Grown men having an Internet back & forth like high school girls and other supposedly grown men backing their antics. Definitely the most shameful form of music out there when it comes to the artists. No matter how much money they make they'll still stick with their childish, idiotic "hood" mentality. Whatever happened to the realness from back in the past? Oh, I know, the Internet happened to the realness from back in the past. SHAME!!!
  • Anonymous
    listenin' 5-0 is so 2003
    • Anonymous
      and listening to french is so _____ oh yeah he was never hot
  • truth
    who is French Montana?? Im not a fan of 50 but he would sell more, these dudes like Meek Mill and French Montana let their datpiff downloads get them hyped but when those 1st week numbers come in they get their feelings hurt.
    • Anonymous
      French doesn't really get many datpiff downloads either. He's a straight embarrassment to hip hop.
  • Anonymous
    french would sell more records in the 1st week
    • Anonymous
      50 could put out a blank cd and sell more,
  • Anonymous
    Ja Rule over 50
  • Anonymous
    50 got only one good album.
    • Anonymous
      And even that one album was hella overrated.
    • Anonymous
      but that one overrated album is better than everything french montana has ever done
    • bizzalls
      You're a total idiot. 50's got at least 3 good albums. All his albums are good. All have insane production and shit on anyone else's album. Shut the hell up, you dumb hater.
  • Anonymous
    lil wayne > 50 cent
  • Be Easy
    Everything Kizman said is 100 percent truth... 50 can still make an impact in the hip hop game.....he's just not hungry like he once was. Game was responsible for ruining G-Unit...he saw the cracks in their foundation and exploited them. He even took it easy on Youngbuck because he knew that he would be the next to go. None of us know what's in the future for French Montana...but we know this for a fact..even if we like 50 or not...that he always one way or another weasels his way into the headlines...and this is just another example. Dude knows his music as of right now is irrelevant so the only way he can get that publicity is to start stupid twitter beefs. Easiest/Laziest way to get attention..
    • baslar14
      frenchie started this whole beef u retart
    • Anonymous
      on top of that he has a potential hit in his hands
  • VEST
    • Anonymous
      game is more relevant than 50 right now and after he drops jesus piece 50 wont make any more money off his albums
  • Anonymous
    French Montana is the most consistent artist.
    • Anonymous
      consistanly riding others coat tails and switching teams
  • Kizman
    The following are facts... 1. Game DID diss 50, and he DID win, lyrically and financially. (For those who say Game is broke or reached his peak, VH-1 dont buy $2M Buggati's for fun... dont be silly, if Game was still "affiliated with G-Unit, he would be flipping burgers.) 2. Game WAS directly responsible for the demise of the G-Unit "brand". 3. Game did NOT finish 50 Cent's career. Neither did Nas, D-Block, Fat Joe, Ja, or Shyne. 50 cent can still impact the Hip hop game. 4. 50 cent doesnt give 2 shits about hip hop. 50 cent is a hustler in the truest sense, all he wants is money and power, and he will do ANYTHING to get it. 5. 50 Cent wrote 4 hooks for the "Documentary", 3 were used, this does not constitute "writing his album" by any stretch of the imagination. If it did, the 50 would claim to be Game's ghost writer, something he did for PDiddy , yet is still to "make public". 6. Game has far too may features on his last album as he does his new album, this suggests a weakness in his ability to shift records, not his ability to make a good album. 7. 50 Cents has a new song, which is actually lyrically quite good, unfortunately for 50 stans, those to 2 million views are easily attributed to two white boys. One a pop-hop phenomenon, the other a boy band lead vocalist. FACT. 50's solo videos on youtube have poor numbers for a so-called "rap superstar". 8. Game WOULD be immature and stupid enough to respond to 50 cent... again. Game is still stupid enough to think this is all about hip hop. 9. If Record sales and youtube views meant anything then the following artists would be irrelevant.... NAS. (He doesnt pander, he doesnt fold, but he consistently flops in the charts.... ask Jay-Z what happens when you test him) 10. Hip Hop doesnt shift units, it shifts perspectives.
    • Jacc
      "5. 50 Cent wrote 4 hooks for the "Documentary", 3 were used, this does not constitute "writing his album" by any stretch of the imagination. If it did, the 50 would claim to be Game's ghost writer, something he did for PDiddy , yet is still to "make public"." Since you were there when they were making this album, tell me: is it really true that Westside Story originally had Ice Cube on it?
    • Anonymous
      hey idiot who commented on this, Aftermath executives involved in the situation were interviewed about it in 2011, and they stated that information he isnt pulling it out his ass check complex mag
    • Anonymous
      "Game DID diss 50, and he DID win, lyrically and financially." FACT 50 Cent gets checks from every Game LP sold. FACT 50 Cent got checks from every G-UNOT product sold (copyrighted it LOL). FACT 50 Cent exposed Game as a bi-sexual man and that he stripped for awhile. LOL. I didn't even read past ur FIRST BULLET POINT CUZ THE FIRST WAS ALL FALSE NOT FACT!
    • jimmy
      all the beats for documentary were 50's before hand and then 50 wrote hooks on top of that lol doesnt change that game is one of the dumbest dudes in hip hop
    • Anonymous
      FACT game never would have sold shit if it wasnt for 50 cent and g-unit no one would care, he would be like slim the mobster
  • QuietSon
    French started this shit, when Fif ends it, won't be soon enough. Who checks for a Montana verse??? No one.