50 Cent Says French Montana Is The "New Ja Rule"

posted Thursday November 29 ,2012 at 09:07AM CST | 340 comments

50 Cent Says French Montana Is The

50 Cent says he'll put an end to French Montana's career. He says, "I'll put him completely out of business."

With a feud brewing between 50 Cent and French Montana, Fif was asked to clarify where their quarrels began. 50 recently spoke to Mister Peter Parker about this, declaring that French Montana is the "new Ja Rule."

"He ran his mouth prematurely," Fif said. "He’s really not ready to compete on any level with me. When I drop a record and it becomes the number one selling record in 12 hours, after you saying that? I think you should be quiet a little bit. I’ll put him completely out of business. Off the block. Out the corner."

As he continued, 50 shared that he feels Montana is the "new Ja Rule," a rapper he had a feud with earlier in his career. Their dispute was seen by many as having a negative impact on Rule's career while helping 50 Cent's rise. 

"[Montana] had one song and you didn’t even care about it ’cause it had him on it. There was four other people on it," Fif added. "That’s your new Ja Rule right now."

More from the interview can be heard below.

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Comments 340 Posts

  • Anonymous
    the new ja rule without the platinum albums, solo hits and millions of records sold
  • BIGFASE100
    • Anonymous
      Which is even funnier because Excuse My French came out and flopped after he talked all that shit about other artists sales.... 49k first week, not even 200k sold after 8 months on BAD BOY AND MMG ROLF
  • Acie
    Why does 50 reference Ja Rule, but never mentioned how The Game destroyed G-Unit...No one in G-unit making music (Banks, 50, Yayo), but The Game making albums (like them or not)...If 50 had power in the music business, he would had The Game shut down...but I guess people will say he was making money off Game albums, but 50 can make money off Banks and Yayo also...BTW I'm not a French Montana fan, so I can careless where his career stand.
    • Poindexter
      Banks been releasing Mixtapes 100x better than Game's albums, where you been at?
    • Nemesis1991
      banks been releasin fire ass mixtapes, while game fell off lyrically and is possibly signin wit cash money to end his career...game shot himself in the foot draggin on the g-unit beef
    • Anonymous
      Whatever happened to Black Wall Street Records? Or Rolex Records? Or The Firm Records? Did Game even release 1 project on any of his 3 failed labels? Nope, Game had to sign to YMCMB, where hes in line behind Drake Wayne and Nicki and possibly even Tyga for an album budget! He trying to get on Love and Hip-hop. His career is done son!
  • YOLO
    50 still the bad guy in hiphop..we still need him...thats ma nigga..he ain pooppin like he used to cause of all the bullshit they putting in the rap industry..since when can Macklemore or whatever can win all the rap awards...and yal out here begging for real hip hop and yall ain supporting real artistes..bang bang..fuck them up 50..diss all of em.FUCK YALL THAT AIN GOT SHIT TO DO BUT BULLSHIT ON 50
  • smh
    damn 50 still think he got that kinda power In the rap game.. I think frenches music suckkks but hes got shit on lock right now..50 is the exact opposite in the music game.
    • Anonymous
      french sold 49k, that is not having shit on lock by the way this article is 2 years old from when french tried to start beef with 50 to get some buzz like ross did but it did not work out for him
  • loll
    he dropped 1 good song w fat joe in last 10 years and now hes gonna have a platinum record? lmao.. we need a full album of verses n songs like fat joes record..not 1 record lollllll
    • Anonymous
      clearly you dont listen to his mixtapes, there been a lot more than 1 good song even meek mill said 'they burn me' is the realest shit he ever heard!!!
  • Fuck Queens
    lmao funny how this nigga STILL thinks he's running the game. C'mon dog, you ain't hitting no more, ain't nobody giving a fuck about you, you have NO power to put someone "completely out of business", and YOU are the one who can't "compete on any level" with these new industry niggas.
    • Anonymous
      article is 2 years old. french talked that shit then flopped
    • Fuck Queens
      Doesn't matter. 50 still wouldn't sell much more than French.
    • Anonymous
      Yeah right. 50 would sell more than French if he put out a cd of him doing nothing but talking shit. Childish Gambino sold more than French. Tyler the Creator sold more than French. Mac Miller sold more than French. Dude flopped o Bad Boy/MMG after talkin all that shit about other niccas sales and saying he had the best NY rap album of the last decade!!! LMFAO!!!
    50 is the new Don King. Its pretty sad that the only time you hear about 5 0 is when he is starting some shit, starting some fake drama to get his name out. Quick tell me the last dope 50 song????????? We will wait oh and by the way French Montana is wack as fluck BUT at least he has a song out. Come on 50
  • Anonymous
    50 GETTEM!!!! Montanna is straight ass and is starting to make me question how "skilled" you really gotta be to make millions rapping, jesus, definition of ass, picture of montanna next to it.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    damn frenchie came out and did 49k first week after talkin all that shit about other niggas sales. he should have kept his sandy mouth shut. p.s. why is this old ass article poppin up
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    • regal84
      My dude...you cant seriously be that dumb...
  • Anonymous
    I'm on fiddy's side of the beef. but i doubt a bit that he'll make a record that becomes the number 1 selling record in 12 hours. But still... who the fuck think french he is... he really is the new ja rule though. lol
    • Anonymous
      when he said that his new record already was the number 1 selling record in 12 hours on itunes....
    • Anonymous
      lol the ignorance of the 1st comment-er makes me laugh. u can doubt all u want but 50 was stating facts dummy
  • hahaquoteman
    Quotie's mad because Fiddy's goin in on a Mixtape Music Group afiliayr
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • kayne
    cool thegame
  • kayne
    fuck 50cent hell he him the game suck 50cent ass bullshit fukedup 50cent up ggg-unit fuckyou 50cent fuck lllody ban$
  • nis
    01 - Tupac. 02 - Akon. 03 - Eminem. 04 - Outlawz. 05 - DMX. 06 - Dreezy. 07 - Wu Tang 08 - 50cent. 09 - D12. 10 - Biggy.
    • Anonymous
      i can understand everyone on ur list. but akon? and d12? da fuq?
    • Skarface
      DMX & Tupac....... Now Thats ma alltime right there.
  • Anonymous
    WHo cares 50 is a bama now, and French is a bama too.
  • bang em smurf
    french montana should change hes name to Ja Montana.. career dead before it started LMAO
  • courtney
    montana must be really stupid to call 50 a monkey, second, 50 is the master at beefing.he has his doctorate. dont talk nonsense when you only been out 2 seconds. sheesh
  • Anonymous
    dis beef is stupid, who actually fired first but French should know, 50 loves beef so there is no end to it. Once u start it, its his decision wen he feels to stop talking shit about u...French shoulda quit while he was ahead but atleast 50 aint put out a diss record yet
  • Anonymous
    oh no not you again..
  • Anonymous
    fifty is right though, french montana is wack as shit. His verses are fucking horrible and always has to gets ross/wayne/drake on his song for it to sell. Wack>>>>>>
  • Anonymous
    "There was four other people on it," There were two other people on My Life.
  • Anonymous
    50 > french mustard
    • Anonymous
      Let's take a step further... The English Language > 50 Cent
  • Anonymous
    "Why does it matter where they live, beyond you trying to make it like they're so disconnected with reality" Stop crying like a teen girl. The point is none of 50's stuff is widely circulated in stores like it was after GRODT came out. In those days, you could find his pre fame albums just about anywhere.
  • Anonymous
    "Well ja was dumb enough to make stabs at all of them" Was he supposed to stand there and just let these dudes rip him apart? The only person who damaged him was Eminem.
  • jakefromstatefarm
    Can't anyone see this is another publicity stunt used by 50 cent to boost his album sales. He does it every album.
  • Anonymous
    i fucking hate hip hop purists. they have no real imput in the culture besides bitterness. if you like something they dont they try to undermine your credibility by claiming you must listen to lil b soulja boy or v nasty. yet these are the same niggas who spend all day on the internet and never buy cds not even artists they like. they just sit back and judge every other nigga in the game actually contributing. fuck you fake ass purists. youll never influence the game all you do is complain about the current state of things and talk about how things used to be better. when in reality you were complaining back then as well the exact same way you do now. there is no pleasing a hip hop purist. they think keeping it real means selling 3,000 copies, to which they didnt even contribute. fuck them.