Rick Ross Details His Million Dollar Strip Club Spree

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Rick Ross Details His Million Dollar Strip Club Spree

After a massive birthday party, Rick Ross tells Angie Martinez how he and his entourage broke King of Diamonds and needed a Brinks truck brought in.

Back in February, Rick Ross raised a few eyebrows when he reportedly spent a million dollars celebrating his birthday at Miami strip club, King of Diamonds. Such a claim usually falls under the category of ridiculous rapper statements, but in addition to Rick Ross, King of Diamonds’ talent manager, “Disco” Rick Taylor confirmed in detail that the club’s corporate offices had to bring a Brinks truck in to supply more cash.

“King of Diamonds is the biggest strip club in Florida,” Ross explained to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “It’s nothing to go in there and have 50 ballplayers and some street dudes. It ain’t nothing to spend some real change in King of Diamonds. Well that night, we broke the club. They did not have a dollar to give us as we requested more money…not one dollar.”

During an interview with Miami sports columnist Dan LeBatard, Taylor explained that patrons who frequent the VIP section usually have multiple strippers as well as bottle service added to their tab. Both can easily cause a wealthy club visitor to spend in tens of thousands of dollars. Taylor said Lil Wayne has been known to spend upwards of $50,000 at King of Diamonds. But apparently even Wayne’s exploits were no match for Ross.

“At some point, the dancers usually have to recycle the money,” Ross said. “We ran through so much money, the Brinks truck came, and that didn’t even help.”

Ross said that due to IRS concerns, he refused to confirm the exact amount of money he spent. When Angie Martinez asked Ross if he was investing and spending his money wisely, Ross speculated that he’s tripled his net worth since initially signing with Def Jam.

Video below contains nudity...NSFW


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