Spider Loc: The Blutiful Struggle

posted November 13, 2007 12:00:00 AM CST | 38 comments

Spider Loc is a no-nonsense type of rapper and type of man. He's broken bread with Suge Knight at Death Row Records and broken plenty more with 50 Cent at G-Unit. The longtime Crip-member gets beyond discussing his beefs with the man some say he replaced at the label, and moves ahead to talk about his molding and his upward momentum.

The Los Angeles rap star tells HipHopDX about his acting, admitting that an Oscar Award belongs on his shelves the same way he's filled his g-file with hood credentials. But with the independently released West Kept Secret in stores now, how much longer will Spider play a supporting role at G-Unit before 50 puts this inked up gangster in the spotlight? Until then, the industry just might have arachnophobia.

HipHopDX: Spider Loc, how is life out on the west coast right now, whats going on?
Spider Loc:
Oh its blu-tiful put here on the west coast man. Niggas is eating, getting that daily bread, working hard, making progress, and just loving life, its so blu-tiful.

DX: Okay, so tell me about this word Blu-tiful how did that come about?
The word was mentioned to me quite some years ago by a fellow emcee out here on the west coast who wasnt actually gang-related at all. It was just a creative word just called something Blu-tiful and that was Crooked I. He just clowned around joking around that day, and told me [I] can have that word. He actually wasnt really affiliated like that. Years later, I was just fumbling around with some lyrics. I began to write the lyrics to the song that ended-up being Blu-tiful World and it was just blue this, blue that, and in the back of my mind, I remembered the word Blu-tiful and it all just came together.

DX: You just mentioned Crooked I talk about your relationship with him going back?
I met Crooked I during my creative time dealing with Death Row in the early 2000s. For one, I admired his lyrical skills, and he stayed pretty consistent through the years. I bumped into him here and there, it was always love and daps keeping close communication. It was mutual respect from day one, I appreciate Crooked I because he knows how to be himself.

DX: After your time with Death Row, do you still talk to Suge Knight to this day?
Not on a regular basis, I would say the most recent was probably a few months ago.

DX: Were you a fan of Snoop Dogg and Dre in the early days?
I was a fan of the whole period of time of the music and the movement, but I never was an actual fan of those individuals. I loved the songs in that period of time just like everybody else did.

DX: Tell me about the west coast gang culture...
A lot of people dont know that since the early '90s, Crips and Bloods led to all types of crimes. Over time I done seen a lot of people jump on to this bandwagon of gang-banging, but I dont think they realize how evil and sinful the mind state of a true gang-banger is. As much as a person is willing to give and do for the neighborhood, very few of them really give a fuck about the neighborhood. Its another motivation that drives the violence and its not necessarily where you from, its way more to mention than the average person realizes. Before I talked to you today, a few hours ago, I was just sitting around one of my homies Solo, one of my arch-enemy gangs - he from Swann,... I just dropped him off and this relationship is far behind 2007. This goes way back, man. Hes an active reputable member from his section and I represent the same thing for my section. Our section was like boiling water if you look at the normal gang situation, but even now we real good partners.

DX: When you was growing up what made you decide to join the Crips over the Bloods?
Every neighborhood that I resided in was a Crip neighborhood. Blue was my favorite color prior to gang-affiliation, and thats where I live. I lived in a Crip neighborhood and it didnt make any sense for me to be any other thing than a Crip.

DX: If you dont mind telling me, what was the initiation process to be a Crip?
Fist-fighting, I wouldnt speak about nothing else. Dealing with basic initiation in L.A. you would have to take with it one, two, three people who are already members of the gang.

DX: How you like being a part of the G-Unit movement being a west coast artist that seems to be east coast dominated?
I love the fact being associated with G-Unit. It put me in a position where my voice is actually heard worldwide, Im able to feed my family, my bills are paid, along with a business for the future. Nothing or anything has never been a perfect scenario, but I couldnt imagine being in another position right now in life. I love it and Im grateful.

DX: I feel you on that, so how you feel about 50 and his moves as a businessman?
I feel like 50 Cent has made some of the most unique moves as a businessman, especially when it compares to other Hip Hop artists. He doesnt have degrees in business or any form of accomplishments before we knew him to be 50 Cent, so I believe as we see him hes gonna do greater things.

DX: Tell me why you're the West Kept Secret...
Im the west kept secret, because I feel like I represent for the world. I believe Im responsible for reporting whats out here on the west coast. If you look at my mixtapes, as an artist, I showcase myself as the hottest thing out here on the streets. I feel like the only reason I have a reason to keep it real is because they truly deserve it. My peers are not being honest with displaying what was the best out here. Thats where the secret part come from. I havent been associated that much with the gang as I have been with the west. I cant blame it on the rest of the gang, so the west coast is chosen to kept the secret that Spider Loc is real. That makes me the west kept secret, cant none of them fuck with me pound for pound.

DX: Tell me about this acting you getting into...
Well Ive had a pretty successful run with my first year in the acting game. Im on an episode of Cold Case which is a big show on CBS. CBS is the largest network in the world. I acted in an independent film titled Parole, alongside Master P. Other than that I have a couple of situations in a play we looking at. Im loving acting and it seems like acting is loving me.

DX: Whats different about the acting than the music?
The difference between the acting and the music I think its a little easier to escape in the acting thing. I think sometimes acting provides moments for individuals to shine, because the role might call for a certain type of person. A lot of times that person fits and really can portray any type of individual thats placed before you, its a lot harder to escape than it is in music. Music is such a big variety from the best lyrics to the roles, acting takes a little more value.

DX: Is Spider Loc trying to go as far as winning an Oscar one day?
An Oscar has to be somewhere in the future man, I dont see why not.

DX: [Laughs] You're that good of an actor?
I really wouldnt have tried to think twice on something that I felt I wasnt exceptional at. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like Im the best there is.

DX: Well to make it in life, you need confidence.
Im just saying that should be a common answer for anyone, especially to all the things told to us in childhood. Think about how many things you were taught on a consistent basis, I have never spoken to you before in life and I can guarantee you were taught that you can do anything you put your mind too. Dont say cant, cant is not a word, it seems like if you grow up believing that as you grow up you will see it. I just believe as I was taught as a child its nothing I cant do including acquiring an Oscar.

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