Ransom: Fuck Joe Budden!

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As you already know there was some diss shots coming strong from two of New Jersey's finest with Joe Budden and Ransom. First, you had Ransom come at Joe Budden with the diss track, Kid Brother (which Ransom states isn't a diss) and before you know it Joey comes back strong with Heart of the City, spilling bars for days. Ransom on the other held his own firing back with Somebody Gotta Die Tonight, putting some things about Joe Budden on blast. Then, once again, Joe gives another round with Ransom Note giving all hes got, coming for Ransoms neck. Now the streets are talking and many want to know how this shit started anyway? Why are two of New Jerseys finest going hard at each other?

We could only assume why until HipHopDX caught up with Ransom to see what the deal was. The former A-Team member explains the reason for the diss tracks, how he prevented Joe Budden from being stomped out, why hes the reason New Jersey doesn't have a presence in the rap game, and why hes the "overall" better rapper. The dichotomy of an overnight rap beef before your eyes.

HipHopDX: Ransom, there's a lot of talk in the streets, so let it be known what is the problem between you and Joe Budden?
It aint really no problem, everybody thinking this nigga came at Joe for some buzz. My thing is if I wanted to go at somebody with some buzz it wouldnt been him. The nigga aint drop an album in five years, why would I diss him to get a buzz? Actually something happen between me and him when I did some shit for him on Mood Muzik 3. I had did this like nine months ago, he called me and ask me to do a verse. I went over there and did it so nine months later through our mutual friend in the studio is like, Yeah, Hitch (Hitchcock from A-Team) over there putting some shit on the joint that you did. I said, Yeah, I thought the nigga was going to at least send the joint over before he put the joint out. Hes like, Yeah Joe told me he was going to send it over and let you hear it before he put it out. Im like, Alright the next day niggas call me like, Yo the A-Team back together, Im like, Nah." They like, I hear this joint with you and Hitch. Im like what the fuck is going on, he aint call me or nothing. He didnt send the joint over for me to hear it or nothing so we had problems after that. Thats why I did the Kid Brother shit, I wasnt dissing him I was just telling the truth. Everything you hear me say on these tracks is the truth. It wasnt even a diss, it was just the truth.

DX: Y'all were cool before all of this, right?
Well you gotta define cool, I guess we said whats up when we seen each other. That pretty much sums that up.

DX: I was listening to one of the disses and you mentioned How you the king of a city you cant even come to, can you speak on that?
What I meant by that is that he keeps on saying he the king of the city, well why the fuck you cant come here then? I live here, as we doing this interview Im sitting in Jersey City right now. I dont wanna be here, but Im here. Even if I get bread Im still gonna be able to come back, aint nobody gonna be able to keep me from my city. You the king of the city, but you cant even come here. Its niggas out here that just want to put something on him. I heard one of the disses hes mentioning selling niggas broke uzis. Im like Damn when has that ever been cool? Thats like one of the only true things that he said. He actually gave somebody a broke uzi and thats just one of the reasons he cant come here.

DX: You mentioned him sleeping on your floor, whats good with that?
Yeah. Like all this shit he was talking about like [The A-Team] is signed to [DJ] Clue. Clue never even brought out a contract, me and Clue never even discussed a contract or nothing. He got on the freestyles with us when he did it in my studio, it aint like we was over at his shit. He came up to my studio, with my niggas, and we paid the rent for it when he did those freestyles, like 18 freestyles or whatever. He use to sleep on my studio floor with my niggas paying the rent, while me and my niggas paid the rent, he slept on the floor. They wanted to come over and bust his head open and Im like, Nah not in my house, you cant do that over here. It was his niggas, the niggas that he left in the hood. They was like, Nah, Ransom we got to get this nigga. Im like, At least wait until the nigga leave, not here. Everything I say is true and he knows it. This is why he puts 230 bars together for me, because everything he hears from me is the truth. Hes stretching and reaching when everybody is seeing into that shit. Hes lying and it dont even matter, Im not going to even respond, all that shit is lies.

DX: Basically you are letting the streets know that it is what it is?
Yeah, its the truth. The shit with Game all that shit is the truth, all that shit happened. I was in the office when Game, [Jimmy] Henchmen, and all them came up there and this nigga was squeaking like a mouse. Thats why his name is mouse, because every time he scared he squeaks like a mouse.

DX: Oh, so thats what happened when you said in the line how some dudes came in the studio to stomp him out?
R: Yeah, his man and niggas from the hood. Hood niggas that he used to fuck with that he left in the hood when he got his little money. He was rapping with these dudes, they had a group or whatever, he got on and left these niggas in the hood. They found out he was in the hood and came back to see him. Im like, Nah dog, not in here. I had to get him some help, them niggas had respect like, Alright Ran, whatever, he know what it is.

DX: So Ransom, were you serious when you said you regret that you didnt let them dudes stomp him up?
[Laughs], Im saying it was my studio so I wasnt gonna let that go down in my shit anyway, but if it was anywhere else Ill let him have it like, Let niggas fuck 'em up, I dont care. You know hes calling out blocks, other names, calling out other hood niggas names, but hes getting himself into trouble. He good with me, I aint got nothing to do with it, Im rapping, I aint tryna do nothing physical to him unless he really crosses the line. Hes saying other names, talking about selling niggas broke uzis, this nigga, that block, hes crazy. He just digging a deeper hole and thats all he doing. All Im saying is the next time Im not gonna be able to save you.

DX: That goes back to when you said he cant come back to the streets right?
He definitely cant come back here.

DX: Do you think Joe Budden is the reason why New Jersey is not on?
Yeah, exactly, like if you look every other case when Beanie got on how many Philly motherfuckers got on after that? The Young Gunz, Freeway, you feel me. When niggas get on from they hood, usually they bring others. When Nelly got on, more St. Louis motherfuckers got on, they set the tone. This nigga got on and he just made us look like some fuckin clowns. He got the game not wanting to deal with Jersey niggas, no Jersey City niggas at least. Thats what Im experiencing, Im nicer than 85% of the game. Im just being nice by saying that, how the fuck you cant get me on or how the fuck I aint on? How the fuck I aint got a deal? Even a casual rap fan listening know that I can rap. They know Im just aint no mixtape motherfucker.

DX: Ransom, once you get your shit popping off are you going to do what you got to do to get Jersey on?
Of course, if you listen to my new mixtape I got niggas from the city on there. The next one Im a put out I got more Jersey niggas on there, not just Jersey niggas, niggas from all around every hood. Its all about helping the next man, thats what he aint about and thats why niggas dont fuck with him.

DX: So you saying hes not about going back to the hood pulling people out?
I aint lying, you tell me one, motherfucker. You heard his album, five years ago he put that album out it wasnt no Jersey niggas on there. The A-Team we wasnt on that album, if [Fabolous] can put me on his album how the fuck you cant put me on yours? Its fucking crazy this nigga aint helping nobody, fuck him.

DX: As of right now where do you think the battle stands?
On some real shit when I put the Kid Brother out that wasnt even no real diss, I knew he was going to come back. He came back and I heard The Heart of the City, Im like, Oh alright, he got some shit. In all honesty, Im like, Oh shit, thats whats up this gonna get interesting. Thats when I came back with the next shit on Somebody Gotta Die Tonight, then I heard the next diss and was like Wow. To me it was corny. He fucked that whole battle up to me when he put that shit out. Hes saying a whole bunch of corny shit, that shit wasnt even real to me.

DX: That goes back to what you said about why the reason his disses are so long, because he doesnt have nothing to say and the stuff you say is true.
Exactly, I keep it short and sweet. I never had a deal, he got a deal, he put an album out, why is he wasting 230 bars on me for? Im mustve touched a nerve [laughs], you know why because what I say is the truth. That shit he saying aint true, like what the fuck he talking about. All this shit he saying is not true, I never worked in no fuckin' Home Depot, nigga. What the fuck is he talking about, he just lying and shit. Everything I said in there about him is truth. I couldve got real dirty and filthy, but I keep it respectful.

DX: The streets would like to know - and can you keep it real with me - do you think youre a better rapper than Joe Budden?
Overall, I think Im a better rapper. I could hear niggas arguing about lyrics, because hes got good lyrics. Im talking about overall like voice, flow, delivery, what you rapping about, I would say Im a better rapper. If I picked who I wanted to hear I would want to hear me, I wouldnt to hear him. To be honest with you I never like the way he rap, I was never a fan of that shit. Sometimes he do say good shit as far as lyrics hell yeah, but sometimes he loses me. Im not into all that fuckin' intellectual bullshit he be talking trying to come across with. I just like raw rap and if you listen to me I got lyrics, I got the voice, the flow, I aint just talking about a whole bunch of dumb shit. If you ask me I would say Im the better rapper overall. He might be more slick and witty I would even argue that, but hes a good rapper. Hes a good lyricist put it like that.

DX: Besides all this Joe Budden shit what you have going on next?
Ive been talking to a couple people man, I dont even want to say no names and shit 'cause I dont want to jinx it. Every time I bring something up it also gets jinxed and shit. As far as that I got some things on the table and shit, Im just keep on dropping making these niggas suffer. Everything I dropping is gonna be fire, I dont care if you hate me or dont hate me. When you hear my shit you gonna be like, Yo, hes comin' with some shit." I got the Ransom Note out and in another three weeks, another mixtape. Im working on my album thats about to be done so as far as that, thats about it.

DX: So Ransom is definitely about to have the streets on smash?
Yeah, who else is there anyway? [Laughs] Who else is there, Im a have the shit on smash and Ill put that on anything. If you betting against me you about to lose your money and I promise you that.

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