Hussein Fatal: Remembering Tupac

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Gettin lessons from niggaz in penitentiaries
Game, when applied help me survive several centuries
Lock me in a cage I'll display my rage
Surround the court buildin with the gauge and spray
They wonder if I'll go when I'm finally sentenced
On my knees to God, beggin for repentance
I'm convinced, that I'm a thug Tupac f/ The Outlawz Made Nigg*z

On September 13, 1996 the Hip Hop community was blown away the death of Tupac Shakur. His life continues to impact and influence people all over the world. In tribute, HipHopDX decided to get behind the mind of a man who was convinced that he was a thug through a person who knew Tupac beyond the music.

Who better than an Outlaw to tell the tale? Nobody.

Hussein Fatal allowed us into his life and the cipher of one of the most unforgettable people on the 20th century, through an exclusive interview with With his dedication to being an Outlaw and his history with Tupac, he talks about his struggles, his current works and his lifelong commitment to being an Outlaw. He proclaims that hes an Outlaw for life, while Operating Under Thug Laws as a Warrior.

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

HipHopDX: Youve been arrested a couple of times, in your earlier days. Did you ever think you would go from that lifestyle to being associated one of the most legendary artists of all time as well as part of a legendary group? How was it making that transition?
: Its funny that you asked that, because it really wasnt that much of a transition. The only thing that really changed was the weather. I was already doing this outlaw shit - before I was named an Outlaw by Tupac. Not to brag about my thug life or anything but I was already mobbin and shit. Kadafi coming to get me and bringing me into the Tupac family or to be an Outlaw wasnt really a huge transition.

HipHopDX: Its September 13th and this is the 11th year of his death. What do you remember the most about being around Tupac? What do you miss? What wouldnt we know about Tupac? Let us in on his creativity and energy. Take us behind the scenes.
: His energy was unstoppable. He was like a big workaholic. He was always in the studio. He basically went from the party to the studio, from the studio to the party, from the movie set to the studio, from the studio to the movie set. He was a huge workaholic. His energy was crazy and that reflects in his work.

HipHopDX: All of the Outlaws are named after dictators or historical figures. Let me know how you got the name Hussein Fatal and do you have any guilt attached to it - being that it branched from Saddam?
: Tupac came up with the concept of taking these names that everybody in America hated. I came up with the name Hussein because I felt like Sadaam Hussein. In his country (regardless of what they say about the brother now) he was over there and he was the muthfuckin man. Regardless of what people think about him after Bush hung his ass. When he was over there he was feeding his people, he was talking his American currency and bringing up his land. It might not have been for the greatest good or what everybodys sayin', but he was the man in his country.

He was the man in his country and I was doing my thing and I was the man in my hood. There you go. Both of us were paranoid. Not of the people, but a paranoia of what you would do if a muthfucka were to cross you. I just came up with the name and put fatal on it because it fits my character.

HipHopDX: The Outlawz have been through a lot, especially in the last 10 years. Youve lost two of your closest friends, Kadafi and Tupac. Youve been through a lot yourself. How has it been for you and getting over all of these of hurdles?
: Ive lost a lot of people in the hoodI lost a lot. The thing that hurt me the most was when I lost Tupac and not only him, but I lost Kadadfi. It affected my life! It didnt only affect me but it affected my sisters, my daughters, my mother, my cousins and anybody else who had first hand contact.

You might already know - but if Tupac would have never died, Id be rich right now. Id be doing my thing and Ill be in a better position with money right now. Everybody who had first hand contact would be alright right now. So, it didnt only affect me but it affected communities of people. The way I feel, is the way everybody feels...not just the Outlawz but also other muthafuckas that were around Tupac. It didnt just affect me.

As far as Kadafi dying (just like Pac) that was a hit. Now when Khadafi died, it really became like Im an Outcast Outlaw. Now its like Im tiedbecause anything that had to do with the whole movement is done- any and everything! I didnt get in through Edi, Noble or anybodythats not how I got in. I wasnt gonna be up in the Hills tryna find somebody I needed.

My man died, I felt like I had to start from square one. I had to re-group and scoop up soil and find out how I was gonna make the best move happen. Nothing else was an option. I just came back to the hood and thats where Ive been ever since. Its been aiight to me. Im not dead yet.

HipHopDX: Word, lets talk about your album. You released an album in 1998 entitled, In the Line of Fire, which didnt have a huge commercial success. I happen to have a copy and I think its incredible. Do you think its important for people to refer back to the album, to get to know who you are as an artist or not?
: Nah, for me that was in the past. You had a chance to know me back then and they didnt wanna meet me back then with that album. Everything Im doing right now, they can hear that shit and they can get to know me, to the T. Of course, if I made it to a certain standard, then Ill be on that, where people could refer back like they did with Jay-Z and Reasonable Doubt or whatever other shit he did. If that happens, Ill bring that shit back out but I wouldnt make it a big ass option to bring it out. See, back then they didnt want to meet me, so they gotta find out who I am right now.

HipHopDX: Hows your relationship with the Outlawz?
: We brothers! We were brothers before Tupac, sistah.

HipHopDX: Thats whats up; I just wanted to clear the smoke. Its rumored that the Outlawz signed with Young Buck. How do you feel about that? Is it true?
: Hell yeah, that shit is true! You know how I feel about that shit. That shit is gangsta! Thats the most gangsta'est thing that could have happened to them niggas aside from signing to 50 Cent.

HipHopDX: Thanks for bringing up 50 because I wanna know your how you feel about G-Unit because you were on tracks with Ja Rule on Blood In my Eye. Whats your relationship with G-Unit and whats your relationship with Ja Rule? Blood In My Eye was basically an album lashing out at G-Unit. Clear that all up.
. Wow! Im glad you asked me that. Im so glad you asked me that shit because Im walking through the muthaf*ckin hood right now. Im ready to answer that. Sike, nah (laughs). Nah, I knew Ja Rule when I was recording an album over at Rap-A-Lot. I knew Ja and Ja was my man and he still my man. When I met up with him, I was just getting home and I didnt know anything about the 50 Cent beef or none of that shit.

Sum all that shit up, money is the root of everything. I had just came home and I needed money. Of course they didnt say Yo, go say this or diss that n*gga for this, I was rydin and its time for me to ride no more. Them being the Gs over there at G-Unit, they probably understood that shit. Like yo, this nigga aint on right and hes calling this nigga to get em or whatever the case might have been, they took it like that. Im glad they took it like that and understood it. I dont have a problem with muthafuckin G-Unit nor do I have a probably with Ja RuleI dont have a problem with no muthafuckin body. Im tryna get money, period. If you getting money and I cant get none with you, then I dont give a fuck about ya ass, bottom line. If you gotta problem with me gettin money or sayin something just come out with it. Neither on of those camps gotta problem with me getting money, therefore I dont think I did anything wrong and Im playin by the rules.

HipHopDX: What are you doing now? I know you and Noble just put some stuff out but whats happenin outside of that?
: Well the myspace, which is and we got and the online store. I have the Born Legendary album about to come out soon. Im talking some things over with certain record labels on some joint venture shit. But, I dont want to put all my eggs in one basket. Its definitely something going on with me and youll definitely hear from me in the near future. Other than that, log on read about and do what you wanna do because its definitely out there.

HipHopDX: Do you feel like you have an obligation to Kadafi and Tupac to carry on that legacy and the dreams that they both had set for Makaveli and the Outlawz?
: Yo, Pac died so early and so spontaneously, he probably didnt tell anybody about the aspirations he had for the outlaws. Nobody knew that shit. He just died outta of the fuckin blue and it was so fucked up. Nobody knew.

As far as living a legacy for this thug life shit Im gonna be mobbin regardless. Whether its for Kadafi, for Tupac, or Al G or Nikko Storm or for the other 15-20 other homies I lost- Im mobbin. Mobbin to me means getting money. Now I can take what I learned from Pac, as far as music, and get money in the music industry like Im tryna to do.

Aint none of that shit promised to you at the end of the day so I cant focus on that one thing because I have mouths to feed. Im out here with kids, I have a mother and I have all kinds of shit to do. I cant focus on this rap shit if the muthfuckas in this rap shit aint focused on me. Im gonna rap regardless, you know what Im sayin? I just have to find other ways to get money.

HipHopDX: This could go on foreverbut time wont let us. So, if you had anything to say to the people what would you say or what would be your message? This is your opportunity.
: I just wanted to say that the Outlawz are going to be here forever. Weve been here for 10 years in the muthafuckin making. Ive seen 100,000 muthfuckas come and go in this rap game. Its been ten years and we aint going anywhere, so might as well just get in where you fit in. Well be here forever. Pick up the Outlaw album, whichever one it may be. Its Outlawz for life.

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