Yung Joc: Hustle By My Damn Self

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While Yung Joc rode into Hip-Hop on the wave of success that the South was having, he made his own blueprint on just how to do it. The founder of Mastermind Music, Joc became affiliated with Russell "Block" Spencer, of Block Enterprises. They released the smash hit Its Goin Down in early 2006 and shortly after P.Diddy came knocking. Since then everything has been looking up for the newest Bad Boy. With a platinum plaque, and a string of hit songs, the originator of the Motorcycle Dance is ready to kick it into high gear for the next phase of his life.

I met with Joc at the Atlantic offices in New York City to discuss everything from lyrics, to business, to why he is going to be listed in Forbes magazine, to Nittis problems with him, to his upcoming album Hustlenomics, which also happens to be the word he has shaved into the side of his fade. Now, thats dedication.

HHDX: So Joc, I dont want to start this off on a negative note but Ive been reading interviews and articles on Nitti (producer of Its Goin Down) and hes being pretty disrespectful towards you.
Yung Joc: He is disrespectful.

HHDX: Why? I mean you guys had a number one hit together.
Yung Joc
: I dont know man. I mean I think hes surprised that a kid who paid $4,500 or $5,000 for his beat would blow up worldwide. I cant knock him. To be honest, as a producer, I dont think there are too many people who could fuck with him, but as a businessman, hes not good. I mean he has his own situation and own artists and even the ones who have hit records arent doin much. Hes not a good businessman. I had 5 records in the top ten and number one records as well. He just has one number one record. Hes burning a lot of bridges for himself right now. There are a lot of people saying they dont like Nitti. It doesnt make sense that you made that one song that would have solidified you as a producer in this game, a hit, and then he starts talking about me. He has his own problems in the industry.

HHDX: So are you like forget him or do you feel like not having his beats will affect you career?
Yung Joc
: Like I said, as a producer, there aint too many people who could fuck with him. I thought that him and me together could have made just crazy music.

HHDX: So the new album is coming out soon, Hustlenomics.
Yung Joc: Yeah, July 31st. The single Coffee Shop is already out and we shot a video, a 2-day video for it.

HHDX: Yeah the single is crazy. Hustlenomics is an interesting album title. What does it mean?
Yung Joc
: Im puttin a positive spin on the hustle. Everybody wants to associate hustlin with sellin dope or committing crimes. Theyre making it a negative so Im turning it into a positive.

HHDX: Now, Yung Joc City didnt get the best reviews. How do you feel about that?
Yung Joc
: Every write-up in a magazine or wherever somebody was saying something negative about the album. They were sayin I wasnt lyrical, they were sayin I wasnt gonna sell any records. And I went platinum and had a lot of songs in rotation. I had 9 royalty songs. That means that 9 songs off of the album were getting radio play. We didnt mean for that to happen but people just picked up on the songs in different markets. I have the royalty statements to prove it. That was a real successful album.

HHDX: Speaking of lyrics and lyricists, are you offended when somebody says you arent a lyricist? Yung Joc: I dont care because Im not. Im not a lyricist; I never claimed to be one. I leave that up to the Nas, the Jiggas, the Talib Kwelis and the KRS-Ones. I make club music, music you could dance to. I make feel good music. There are times when I hear a Jay-Z lyric and Im like Damn, thats crazy. But, if youre in the club sometimes you dont wanna think about what the rapper is saying. You just wanna have fun. I mean even Diddy, Diddy aint no lyrical dude and hes real well off.

HHDX: Is that the direction youre taking with Hustlenomics?
Yung Joc
: Its the same thing man. My goal is to give my fans an album full of singles.

HHDX: So whos on this album, both production wise and guest appearances?
Yung Joc
: Im actually not ready to let the world know that yet. I mean I know theres power in numbers but I want Joc to sell Joc. I dont want another artist to sell me but we got some stars on there. Its gonna be crazy.

HHDX: Whenever I hear your name brought up I hear so many different label names. Bad Boy, Bad Boy South, Block, Mastermind. I heard you are an executive at Block Entertainment. What exactly is your situation?
Yung Joc
: Well I had Mastermind and I was aligned with Block. When it came time for Block to get the multi-million dollar deal, I signed myself over there.

HHDX: So you were doing well financially from the start. You had the Block money and the Bad Boy money?
Yung Joc: Well I had a percentage of the Block money and then whatever money I got from the deal with Bad Boy. Im doing well overall. A lot of artists wanna talk about certain things but like me, I just got listed in Forbes as one of the Top 20 highest paid rappers for the year. I just did that interview today and itll be in that publication soon.

HHDX: So can we expect you to be putting out any of your own artists soon?
Yung Joc
: Yeah, youre gonna see some of that with this album. I got my own production company too, Mastermind Prodcutions, so yeah.

HHDX: Speaking of Bad Boy, what is your relationship with Puff like?
Yung Joc
: Well, first of all, Puff respects me as a man and as a businessman so we have no problem. Were good.

HHDX: You seem to be real focused on being a strong businessman as well. Is there a lot you learn from Puff?
Yung Joc
: That goes with out saying. Thats not even a question. I wouldnt be in the position I am right now if I wasnt always watching and listening. Ive always done that.

HHDX: So Joc, any last words for the fans?
Yung Joc
: Yeah the Coffee Shop single is out now, video is coming, and pick up Hustlenomics on July 31st.

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