Mims: Am I Still Hot?

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Whether you like it or not This Is Why Im Hot was one of the hottest singles to drop in the game lately. Many hip-hop fans that think southern hip-hop is about nothing were very shocked to find the kid behind this song was from New York City. The vibe of the song did seem southern hip-hopish and Im not saying this is a bad thing. As he claims music is his savior New York rapper Mims is ready to show the game why hes hot. Representing Manhattan, NY Mims is from a family of Jamaican descent and many dont know that it was dreams of being a producer that led him into hip-hop. As time went on with producing it was only a matter of time before Mims would find out if he could rhyme.

One thing about Mims though is that he experienced hardships like many emcees who pursue their dreams in hip-hop to better their lives. Losing his mother and father at very young age definitely had to be a blow to this kid's life but through his love for hip-hop, Mims kept at ease to continue his dream. Who says hip-hop doesnt save lives. Being from New York you know Mims has to have an opinion on the current state of hip-hop in the east coast and he answers to how he felt when many thought he was from down south. With the new album out, Music is My Savior, Mims explains why you should give it a listen before criticizing his music and why at the end of the day he wants to be happy.

HHDX: Word before you were rapping you was a producer so do you want to speak on that?
: I got my first start in music before my mom passed away she brought me some turntables. I got into that whole DJing thing and that lead to engineering and producing. Producing was my first interest and when I got to engineering I was like man I like putting music together. I didnt really have any artists to work with so I started writing and my writing side was pretty decent at the time. I started cutting my own demos and producing my own music. somebody told me I could be a good MC and should start hitting the booth.

HHDX: When did Mims realize hip-hop was for him?
: Honestly I think it was always embedded in me. I always think I had hip-hop in me when I was real young. To catch the beat and the rhythm I think thats a natural everyday thing of life, even when we walk we walk to a beat in rhythm. I think hip-hop has always been valued in me starting with production, engineering, and I learned a lot about the business of music and that was it. I wanted to be unique and thats when I came with my flow and my style.

HHDX: Its a lot of talk now that new cats in the game dont have respect for a lot of the pioneers of hip-hop, with you being a new artist in this generation how you feel about that?
: I pay homage to all those people that raised me to be who I am so I kind of have nothing, but respect. I cant speak on every other artists, I just know that those guys are pioneers and they paved the way and the reason Im here is because of them. I always pay homage and show love.

HHDX: How you feel when people first heard This is Why Im Hot they thought you were from the south?
: I think that was a beautiful thing in the sense that when it comes to the phrase of Good Music. Good music is exactly what it is - good music. I wanted to create a sound that nobody could pinpoint to a particular area. Even though Im from New York City, I dont want people running around saying Did you hear that new artist from New York? I want them to say Did you hear about this kid called Mims? I think that I created that sound that you can listen to across the world and thats one thing that many artist that come in the game dont do.

HHDX: Dont you think thats crazy how they kind of stereotyped southern hip-hop?
: I think that everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but as far as Im concerned southern hip-hop is great music so is west coast music, Midwest music, and Bay area music. New York music is always gonna be where it is and I think people gotta respect that. Music is what it is. People think different ways and it aint nothing about being from down south or being from the Midwest, east coast, or west coast. Its about making great music and hit records so if those are records that people choose to listen too then thats what it is. You gotta love it and you gotta respect it, because I love it and respect it.

HHDX: Being from New York how you feel when people say New York hip-hop is at the bottom?
: You know its like I said everybody is titled to their own opinion. I came in the game and had the number one single in the country, number one digital downloads, and ringtones. I coming off with a lot of number ones with This is Why Im Hot and I represent New York City. Honestly I feel like its kind of sad for it to be a territorial thing and I think I created a great song. You got dudes like Rich Boy who is representing the southern market who got a great song also and it shouldnt matter where you from. Its about good music so whether New York hip-hop is on the bottom I think everyone is titled to their own opinion, I represent for a good portion of what we call the east coast.

HHDX: I guess you could care less about bring it back and all that?
: Honestly I think that New York we need to form a lot more unity between the artists. I think that will definitely bring New York hip-hop back into the light, but as far as me being the savior of New York hip-hop, those shoes are big to fill and I think Im just part of a movement. I think its going to take a lot more than one artists to showcase New Yorks potential and thats about it. You can put me in those shoes and I feel flattered and honored, but I think its going to take more than just me to bring New York hip-hop where it needs to be. Its going to take unity between a lot of artists from New York to do that.

HHDX: Would you like to work with cats like Fat Joe and 50 Cent?
: For sure man, Im willing to work with anybody. I dont have a problem with it as long as it is a hit record. I dont have personal issues with anybody in this business as long as we make hit records. It can be my mailman, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Nas, Jay-Z, Rich Boy or Uncle Luke, if its a hit record its a hit record.

HHDX: How you come up with the song I Did You Wrong was that a true story?
: It was based on a true story and I went through certain situations with my life that I know that I can interpret into a song. I did exactly that with I Did You Wrong and its definitely based on a true situation but I got my own little twist man, Im an artist. I got to give it a little twist to make it a little more interesting so thats what I did.

HHDX: How long did it take you to write This is Why Im Hot?
: That took about a couple hours to write after we got the groove of it I basically came on top of the hook. It flowed naturally and I loved it then I turned around and wrote the verses shortly after that. The total production and the record together took about two to three weeks, because I wanted to make sure the production was tight on the record.

HHDX: Mims stands for Music is My Savior how did you put that together?
: That is officially my real last name, but going into the album title I wanted it to give it a title that had meaning. I broke down my name into an acronym and made each individual letter stand for something in which I got Music is My Savior. Its exactly my savior because growing up I lost my mom at thirteen years old and my father at eleven so I kind of grew up under difficult conditions. I got into music at an early age, early enough to really stay out of a negative life and thats why music saved my life.

HHDX: Its like they say hip-hop saves lives!
: Exactly, it does.

HHDX: Why fans should go out and get this album?
: Because I think its the most versatile three dimensional album your gonna hear. Many people underestimate me as an artist and I think that before you criticize me for one record and I gave you one hell of a record in my opinion. Before you criticize This is Why Im Hot listen to the album, because I got something on there for everybody.

HHDX: What next up for Mims besides the music and everything?
Mims: Just being happy man, I think the biggest thing in life right now is keeping a smile on my face and keeping my health together. Why everybody speak on the future and say they want clothing lines and all that I would love to have that, but first and foremost I want to remain happy.

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