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Its taken a while to get this particular show on the road, but now hopefully with Steve Rifkind will finally be put to the masses for which it was intended. Utilizing the internet has become of paramount importance in the new millennium and obviously stars are sought and found using such a vital component of discovery.

DJ Khaled has jumped onboard the project to add his experience and creativity and here he talks to about his take on the ingenuity behind the game that literally will encourage the next internet MC. Of course the Miami based DJ/Producer/MC used this time to promote his new album We The Best expected to drop in early June, which after the minimal sales of his debut can only encourage needed interest. So talking games, computers and why he is the best, here you have DJ Khaled.

HHDX: What exactly is your role in
I am the host of the whole game and I am also one of the producers that provides beats and also I am the energy behind the whole game. I am just part of the situation of it being Hip-Hop at its rarest form.

HHDX: Why did you opt to get involved?
Khaled: It is so incredible to be an artist, a DJ and a person that is in the business, you have to get with the technology and the technology and the concept of this is so incredible. You find new artists, have a great time, have fun with it, its good for the kids. It is just a learning process in Hip-Hop that gives me the opportunity to spread my love to a lot of MCs across the country.

HHDX: With the Loud label being behind this project, how important is that going to be for the game?
Khaled: Of course as Steve Rifkind, is a great friend of mine and he is a genius. The Loud name is a historical label that had so many hit records and hit artists, it started a lot of peoples careers and having him join in on it can only get bigger. I know he has big plans for it.

HHDX: What do you think the benefits of this project are for producers on the come up?
Khaled: The benefits are you can hear your music and have different MCs rap on these beats. You can use it as an opportunity to win money and yet at the same time, the next DMX, the next Jay Z, the next Rick Ross, the next Fat Joe, the next DJ Khaled. So it gives you a chance to show your music and show your skills and take it to another level. It is another outlet of promoting your music and actually doing something with it, because now you have Steve Rifkind involved that owns a major company that has Wu Tang, Akon, David Banner. This is where it is all going on as these people are really putting music out.

HHDX: Do you think that because we are living in such a computer based era, it was a no brainer for a project like this to be developed?
Khaled: Well when they presented it to me I thought it was so incredible. Everybody is on a computer now. You know I am not even a computer literate person and I am on the computer. You have to be on the computer now to be in this game. From downloading your music to MP3s to MP3ing your beats to MCs, whatever you need a computer. So with this game coming out it is going to be big. With DJ Khaled involved its going to be huge.

HHDX: It has taken a while for this to get off the ground though hasnt it? I mean originally it was a record deal with Pure Records that was up for grabs.
Khaled: Pure Records is still involved and it all one family but it just got bigger. As the idea came out it just got bigger and bigger and bigger, Pure are still in it. It is just all minds coming together and making it bigger. It makes the stakes even higher for MCs you know.

HHDX: In terms of developing the actual product, how involved were you in that?
Khaled: When they presented the idea, I said it was incredible, but with me personally I came up with the intro. They came up with the whole idea and I just followed on as I thought it was genius.

HHDX: Talking about the money, the $100,000 prize; do you think that is what is important in Hip-Hop today?
Khaled: I mean money is important as you need money to eat and it is a motivation. It is a competitive thing and saying that Hip-Hop is a love, it is a life, at the same time if you are in a competitive competition there is always a goal. Here the goal is $100,000 and it will put money in your pocket to feed your children, or to put into your career, you know buy studio equipment. It allows you to take your career to another level, promote yourself and your product and to do that you need money. The thing with the game is you are having fun with it and showing your skills and getting money with it at the same time.

HHDX: Do you think cheaper equipment and the ability to create top quality beats now in your own home have over saturated the market with producers and even artists?
Khaled: I mean the more producers, the more MCs, it just shows how big Hip-Hop is getting. I believe that some times these new guys have got to break the circle. I am one of those guys who broke the chain and now I have my own album coming out and I have the number one record in the country right now and a lot of these guys would never have believed that. But I am one of these guys who was working and found a way to break the circle. It is great to have different types of music and the fact that these guys can go on to become those guys, those number one guys. It is so important that we have variety as you dont want to be dealing with the same person every single time unless the producer can change up with the style of the time.

HHDX: What is the deal with your album?
Khaled: Still titled We the Best and the first single is We Taking Over and that is the best single in the country and this album will be the best album coming out in the game.

HHDX: When is the album dropping?
Khaled: Yeah it is dropping June 12th.

HHDX: What are you giving your fans with this album?
Khaled: Unity at its best, big production, big records, big concepts; we are taking over. Unity is so important in this game man, you know we help each other, we set each other up and from that we can do so much more together; tours, shows, records, we just vibe. It is incredible and that is what my album is, my album is a vibe.

HHDX: Talking about unity, when you look at DJs or Producers who then start to put out albums, they always show unity. Is that because as a producer you work with numerous people, then as a DJ you are pleasing a huge crowd?

Khaled: I worked with a lot of people on this album and to put a lot of MCs together on a record is incredible. My first single has never been done before, Akon, TI, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, it is not just the record, it is the biggest record. Then when the video drops it is going to be huge. We just shot the video in Miami and we re-enact a lot of stuff from Hypnotize. It will be number one on TRL and 106 and Park.

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