Biggie's Daughter Speaks!

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It has been said that the greatest of all times died on March 9th. This marks the 10th anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G.s passing. His murder, which is still unsolved, hits hard in both the hip-hop community and the world over. The Brooklyn MC who captured the hearts of millions had his own aspirations in the world. He wanted to buy a pair of diamond earrings for his baby girl.

Die-hard fans would know the girl, but not necessarily the name In 1994, at the end of the Juicy, Frank White shows his tender side for his daughter, Tyanna. The daughter of the legend was three years old when her father was murdered by unknown assailants.

Now, a teenager at thirteen, Tyanna sits down exclusively with HHDX as she talks about her fathers legacy, how she plans to cultivate her own and has a very special message for the Notorious One. Long live Big Poppa

HHDX: Thank you both for taking the time out to speak with us.
Tyanna: No problem. Thank you for having me.

HHDX: Your father meant so much to so many people. How has his life, aside from the music affected your life?
Tyanna: Well, I wouldnt necessarily say that it has changed my life in any drastic way. I do know that I have received more attention from it. People come up to me and tell me nice things. They talk about how much my dad influenced their life. People tell me that Im the daughter of a legend. So, hearing that is really good. I really appreciate the support that people still have for my father.

HHDX: There was a lot that hip-hop pulled from B.I.G. before and after his passing, but not too many people got to see the personal side of Frank White. So, for those who were the die-hard fans what is something that no one would know about him?
Tyanna: I would have to say that for anyone who thinks that hes all what he says in his lyrics that hes all rough, tough and hard, youd be surprised. He was a sensitive guy. He was always in a happy mood around us. He loved everyone that he was close to. I know that in documentaries or specials, youd see that he was a funny man. You could always hear him telling a joke all the time.

HHDX: On the 10th anniversary of his passing, how has his legacy, with his fans, register in your life?
Tyanna: For me its great! Its great to know that these people support him so much. I dont think that I wouldve even got this much attention if it werent for who he was. People always comment, saying how great my dad was. People would come up and say, Happy Anniversary, on the day of his passing.

HHDX: But doesnt that upset you to hear something like that?
Tyanna: No, not really. I mean at first the first couple of years, it was really hard. But its been so long. Its ten years today, you know? Were celebrating the memory of his life. That is a positive; this day is a positive.

HHDX: Do they still have the celebration in Brooklyn in his honor?
Tyanna: Yes, they still do that. Brooklyn gotta love it! It shows that after all this time, they still care. The world still cares and that is a beautiful thing to know.

HHDX: If you could hang out with your father for a day what would you do?
Tyanna: I would just tell him everything thats going on in my life. [Laughs] You know what Id really want to do? Id want us to go to Great Adventures, then go out to dinner and just talk. I would really like that.

HHDX: What are your guys future plans? What do you want to be when you get older?
Tyanna: I really want to be a fashion designer. Most people dont know that my dad could really draw, I can as well. Fashion designing is something that Im really serious about.

HHDX: What would you name your line?
Tyanna: You know what? I really dont know what Id name my line My middle name is Dream, so Id probably play off of that.

HHDX: How have you dealt with the issue of his murder still being unsolved?
Tyanna: It makes me feel like I dont know. Ten years for a murder to go unsolved is a long time. It makes me feel like the police should try harder to figure it out, but I really want it to be solved. I want it to be so badly.

HHDX: Would you be angered once the truth came to light?
Tyanna: No, I dont think that I would be. Id be more so relieved that I knew why it happened, rather than be angry. Its too late to be angry, anymore.

HHDX: Does that create a deep-seeded resentment towards those who are supposed to protect and serve?
Tyanna: No, I cant hate every cop. You know because they werent working on my dads case. So, I cant be upset with the police, like I said Id rather them find out what happened and solve what occurred.

HHDX: How do you think of your dad compared to how everyone else saw him?
Tyanna: I think my view of him was similar to what others saw. He was just a good person, everyone saw that in him. Thats basically who he was.

HHDX: Do people treat you differently because of who your father was?
Tyanna: Well, with kids, they be like, Oh, B.I.G. was your dad cool! Lets be friends! That was it but with some adults I cant even explain it. They would try and get close to me or my brother; theyd want to meet my family. It just seemed like they were out for a freebie or wanted something out of knowing me. But other than that, people treat me pretty normal.

HHDX: Its interesting you said that, your brother and you have not been in the public eye. Why step out now?
Tyanna: I think that with the 10th anniversary of his passing that me being here, talking about it, would be special.

HHDX: Being that your father was heavily involved in music, would either one of yall have plans to do the same?
Tyanna: No. Honestly, I think that my brother should rap because hes really good at it. [Laughs] He sounds just like my father. But me, personally, I dont have any aspiration to rap or sing. I cant sing at all.

HHDX: Being that no one should live with regrets, if there was one thing that you could ask your father what would it be?
strong>Tyanna: I wouldnt ask him anything, truthfully. I would just tell him that I love him. I wouldnt need to be like, Did you love me? Because I know that he loves me. I was his life. His family was his life. I didnt need to ask him something like that. I would just want him to know that I love him.

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