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For us hip-hop fans that remember when the east-coast was dominating in the 1990s it was one crew that definitely was part of this movement, though I was still in elementary school at the time. Just think back to the 90s when the Boot Camp Clik was holding down has hip-hops supergroup with Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun, O.G.C. (Originoo Gunn Clappaz), and Heltah Skeltah. Through that whole dominating period the crew came to release some remarkable albums with Enta Da Stage by Black Moon, Da Storm by O.G.C., Heltah Skeltahs Nocturnal and the most recent released The Last Stand by the whole squad. As we respect the whole Boot Camp crew for their dominance and individuality the one dude that was the hardest that most of us love was Ruck of Heltak Skeltah better known as Sean Price. Now back in the game after releasing his latest solo project Jesus Price Supastar Sean Price is here to spread the word like Jesus did, but his words is hip-hop.

Its been almost about two years since Sean Price dropped his critically acclaimed Monkey Barz, if like the saying goes If it aint broke dont fix it as he claims its the same on the new album Jesus Price Supastar. The past year their has been a lot of responses from many of your favorite MCs to why the east-coast has fell off and to Sean Price, he just doesnt give a fuck. To Sean Price its all about his Boot Camp Clik as he speaks on the impact the crew made on hip-hop and Heltah Skeltah. Is hip-hop really dead according to Sean Price, well thats one mans opinion. Sean Price also keeps it real as he talks about being the brokest rapper alive, working with 9th Wonder on the new album and why hes one of the realest dudes in hip-hop.

HHDX: You came in the game when the east coast was at its prime and now people say its at the bottom, whats your opinion on that being a top artists from when the east was in its prime?
: Personally I dont give a fuck about that shit. I dont give a fuck about that, I got a solid album and Im from New York so thats where Im at. I dont give a fuck about New York getting this back, that shit just dont mean nothing to me.

HHDX: Do you have a reason why it lacks unity?
: I dont know why, I dont even get into it. Right now its about me, all about my Boot Camp and thats it. Fuck all that bring NY back, I got good music out right now so go get it. Im all about making good music I dont care about that shit.

HHDX: So your just better off doing your own thing, forgetting all that?
: Pretty much.

HHDX: How you feel about your crew Boot Camp Clik and the impact yall made on hip-hop?
: It was cool, I dont think our foot was firmly embedded in it like that, but you know its cool. Be on the look out, because its a whole lot more so then we can really say we put our foot down.

HHDX: What you think fans appreciate most about Boot Camp Clik?
: That we stick to your guns, we were on that extra crazy shit thats out and we stick to what we do.

HHDX: A lot of fans remember the album Nocturnal you did with Heltah Skeltah, first how yall come up with that name?
SP: Heltah Skeltah means Unconfusion, thats the shit me and Rock was going through at the time. Matter fact its still what were going through right now, its sick. Its nothing on some Charles Mansion shit or nothing like that.

HHDX: What you think keep you and Rock together?
: We homies and thats it. Were bigger than a rap group as me and son were friends for a longtime, his mother and my mother hung out before we was even born. Its only right you know what I mean, we grew up together so thats my dude.

HHDX: Tell me about this album Jesus Price Supastar, can you explain the title?
: Like I say time and time again Jesus went to the town to spread the word and the word was God. Jesus Price was the same thing, Im going through the town spreading the word and the word is hip-hop.

HHDX: What makes Jesus Price Supastar different from Monkey Barz?
: It just is [laughs], like the saying If it aint broke dont fix it, you know the saying. I stuck with the same formula you know, I think my rhymes are harder, the beats are harder, but for the most part if it aint broke dont fix it.

HHDX: How you feel about 9th Wonder taking part in your project once again?
: I have 9th Wonder and Khrysis, there both on the same team. Like I said when I first worked on Monkey Barz they did some hot tracks. This time around they did the bulk of the production as I started down there. Then I came back to New York and got with PF Cuttin, Moss, Ilmind, and all the other producers.

HHDX: Is this your favorite Sean Price album?
: Well I only have two Sean Price albums, is this my favorite? Well I dont know, I like both of them.

HHDX: How long you been working on this album?
: A couple of months, honestly a lot of the music was done before the Boot Camp album came out, its just a time and place for everything. Thats what driven me to put it out, it has a fun tune to it, I picked the right pace and the album is in motion.

HHDX: Being a veteran of hip-hop, how you feel when people say its dead?
: Thats one mans opinion, thats how I feel it is what it is. Nas can say whatever he wants, hes grown.

HHDX: Now your famous for saying Im the brokest rapper alive, can you explain that?
: [Laughs], its self-explanatory. If you say Im the brokest rapper you know it is what it is. I really was broke you know, I just keep it honest thats all and people seem to feel the honesty thats all. Its not a gimmick though Who the fuck wanna be broke and use that as a gimmick. Thats not a gimmick if its the truth, their broke and they be frontin' I just decided to keep it real.

HHDX: So there are more broke rappers than rich rappers?
: Hell yeah!

HHDX: Whats the toughest thing about the music business to you?
: Getting paid!

HHDX: What was your toughest experience being in the business?
: The toughest experience was after Magnum Force until Money Barz that whole gap. That gap was my hard times, Im not gonna get into detail of what went on, but I went through hell of water.

HHDX: Will fans receive another Boot Camp Clik album?
: All day, the last album was The Last Stand not the last LP, were gonna do more.

HHDX: When should we get it?
SP: I dont know, whenever the guys together and we go in the studio.

HHDX: Back to Jesus Price Supastar what did you like most about recording this album?
SP: That I got the chance to vibe out, I went down south wild out with 9th and Khrysis and put together a banger. I liked being down south, nobody around, no phone calls or nothing just waiting to get my pay.

HHDX: You have a stand-out track on the album?
: P-Body, because every super hero needs theme music and thats my theme music right there.

HHDX: Why fans should go out and cop Jesus Price Supastar?
: Because I said so [laughs]. Nah for real, but if you liked Monkey Barz then you wont be disappointed with Jesus Price Supastar so for all the fans that have the first one you definitely wanna get the second one. For those that do get the album this will be an experience of your lifetime so go cop that.

HHDX: What makes Sean Price one of the realest dudes in hip-hop?
SP: I keep it 100 man, Im comfortable in my own skin, I say what I feel and thats that.

HHDX: Appreciate the interview Sean Price, anything to say to the readers of
: I want to tell the fans thank you for copping Monkey Barz and I will let you know you wont be disappointed by Jesus Price Supastar. I appreciate it and thanks for the love,

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