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I really dont want to say that Im biased when watching the (White) Rapper Show, but Im a fan of Bobby Sullivan. Sullees swag is phenomenal (shouts out to Gilbert Arenas) and his lyrical capabilities made him a favorite amongst the other contestants on the show.

Although he was constantly on the chopping block, Sullees either been saved or spared and continued to rap for another day. Last nights episode saw the (what part of Boston) emcee take himself out of the competition. For me, its unfortunate the guy is a good dude and has sharp wordplay.

One of the most vocal voices about the shows antics, Sullee sits down with HHDX as he explains why he left the show, gives his thoughts about his experience and is looking for a certain blonde bombshell.

HHDX: Sullee, man Ive been pulling for you since I first heard you spit in the auditions. Even Persia commented on how she owed God three favors because she kept praying for you. So, whyd you leave the show?

BS: I left the show because of the way the challenge was presented to me. The way it was put to me it wasnt about battling. It came off to me like it was them saying, For $100,000, go in the back and tell me why it was their fault. To me, thats telling or snitching on someone. Honestly, there were a few things that added up to that building frustration, but I had been ready to leave. I felt like I was being played. But at any chance I wasnt going to let money make me. Im better than that.

HHDX: I know you wanted to say that youre not a snitch. But what do you think youd be snitching about after already expressing displeasure with the members of your group?

BS: I didnt want to get into details about what they did wrong. The way it was put to me, they were putting a price on me telling on my teammates. As a group, we failed miserably. I didnt like the song or the video. If you look at the show, youll see that I was over in the corner with some blonde chick. I mean, come on they wanted to do the single type joint. But thats not what I was trying to do. It kept irking me with what Serch was trying to tell us. Thats what kept ringing in my head when we went into the Ice, Ice Chamber. It just seemed corny for me to do that.

HHDX: When I talked to your manager, he mentioned that one of the reasons why you didnt do that was because you couldnt have came to your father after doing something like that.

BS: For real, my father wouldve been pissed. I could hear him in my head. I mean, why would you ask me to talk about my teammates? Now, if it were about battling, thatd be different. But Serch said that cameras was on us the whole time and they knew what was going on. So, if you knew that, why are you asking me to go in the chamber and talk about them? Go watch the camera!

HHDX: Serch mentioned that you, especially, shouldnt have fallen into the trap of the hip-hop clichs. Youve hung out with Joe Budden, Busta Rhymes, and even Teddy Riley. So, with all that said do you think that you shouldve had more input during the challenges?

BS: I mean, by the time we got to shooting the video, I was so disgusted with the song that I didnt care about anything else after that. I knew we were going to lose. At the very beginning of the show, you see John Brown talking about grown ass man twelve times! I knew were going to lose. I had wanted to sit in them lawn chairs. I wanted to just watch the others sit up on that stoop and just sweat it out. But everyone wanted to relax. I wanted to make a song that ate the other team up. They wanted to stick to something that everyone else did and I wasnt really on that. The way I watched it, last night, if we just did the song that I did, we wouldve given them so much competition. We werent trying to take the song and turn it into a Just Blaze song with a Little X video. If we had made a song like how I wanted it, the video wouldnt have came out the way it did. The video was a disaster! If you look carefully at the video, youll notice that there are two people you dont see in it: that blonde girl and me.

HHDX: A few episodes ago during the game show, you had mentioned that you didnt understand what that had to do with being an MC or gaining credibility as a respected artist. Looking back, do you think that the reason of yall being there was more for Ego Trips purposes or that the message got lost within the challenges?

BS: I think that it was a mixture of it both. I think that Ego Trip was really trying to do the right thing. You know what I mean? But at the same time, there are certain people that you can say shouldnt have been on the show. I know that there were people on the show who were there to start drama. People who were there to have certain philosophical views that would make other people look at them like theyre psychotic. But we all knew that it was, how it was, because its television.

HHDX: What would you say has been the best experience that youve had on the show?

BS: La Coka Nostra and Just Blaze. Hell that entire day. That was just, wow! To me, Just Blaze is an incredible producer. His style is just insane. When we went home from the studio and La Coka Nostra came through, I was tired and was ready to go to sleep. But when they walked through, I was just like wow. Like what I said on the show, I could have gone home that day and had been good. Ever since I got home, thats pretty much who I listen to now La Coka Nostra. I would love to work with them; that would be a great thing. Come on Im an Irish kid, House of Pain who didnt love them?!

HHDX: One thing you and I have in common is our love of women. You had a little situation brewing between yourself and Misfit. I know that in your verse, where you had to play yourself, you said that you didnt seal the deal. But come on did anything happen between you two?

BS: I mean not on the show, homie. Nothing happened on the show

HHDX: So, then if not Misfit who would you seal the deal with?

BS: Jessica Simpson. Im looking for Jessica Simpson [laughs].

HHDX: Since you left the show, whats been new with you?

BS: After the show, its been like crazy. I didnt go out for the first three weeks. I was amazed that I was on TV [laughs]. I was like, Wow, thats really me! I just started going into the studio. I wanted to get the mix tape put together. Right now, Im doing two mix tapes. Im releasing one sooner than the other. I think that I have enough joints to where I can make two solid offerings. I also hung out with my family. When I finally went out, girls really started noticing who I was. I go somewhere now and girls run up to me and start screaming. I go out and women say that they respect me. Theyre the best fans to have especially when they think youre cute. Life is different, you go outside and people know who you are.

HHDX: Whats the name of your mix tapes?

BS: The American Psycho, you know based off the movie. The other one is called, The Frustration of Middle America. Its going to be about the frustration that people have in their hearts. Itll touch on the severe poverty and wealth within America. I figure that people who are too broke are caught in their frame of life. Those who are rich have their ways, too. But if youre in the middle, youre caught in limbo. Its like, if youre heaven, youre in heaven. If youre in hell, youre in hell. If youre in the middle, then you feel like youre lost. They have nothing helping them. I can get political like Jus Rhyme, but I choose not to lead with that foot forward. If I have a platform to speak upon, Id better have something intelligent to say.

HHDX: You expressed a lot of gratitude to Serch for the opportunity. When its all said and done, do you have any regrets?

BS: No, no regrets I really did appreciate all of what they did for me. When he looked at me and I said that I was quitting, he looked at me like I shouldnt leave. But the minute those shoes came off people knew that I was done and that that was it. I regret one thing and that was not understanding what Serch may had been trying to say to us. The other thing was that they showed me fighting with Jon Boy, but me and him are cool. I could understand if this was supposed to be a battle, I would go at John Brown in a minute. If he wants to get at me, thatll be easy. At the end, they put a price on my integrity and I couldnt do that. For $100,000 youre not going to get me to do that. For a million, Id think about it [laughs], but youre not going to really make me go against my morals or principles. I was raised in a different kind of family, so maybe that might be a fault, but I dont think so. They were placing more focus on the money and the blame and that wasnt cool. I wasnt there for the money, because if I was I wouldve stayed and been like John Brown. I wouldve made up a catchphrase, run around with a tee shirt that said Irish Revival [laughs].

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