DJ Clue: Still Professional?

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Every walk of life has a prototype: that one shining example of what it means to be GREAT. Basketball of course has Jordan(Kobe?), real estate has the Donald, fast food has McDonalds, etc. Well for mixtapes that prototype is Ernesto Shaw, probably better known as the world-famous DJ Clue?

So it was with a cheerful aire of holidaycheer that I waited three and a half hours for the chance to speak with him on the day his highly anticipated album: The Professional: Part 3 dropped. As usual, the weeknight voice of New Yorks biggest urban radio station: Power 105.1 was in a great mood. We spoke about his legend in the mixtape arena, his career evolution from selling mixtapes out of his trunk to a radio and television personality, and what really happened behind the scenes of his abrupt exit from MTV as the host of Direct Effect. Just for kicks he threw in his take on Jay-Z, Kingdom Come, DJ Cipha Sounds and hinted at even bigger things on the horizon.

HHDX: What does it mean to literally be the Michael Jordan of the mixtape game?

DJC: I mean, its a cool thing, but then again, when people view you like that it makes you a target at the same time. Thats one reason the album took so long, all the negotiatingpeople think you got a trillion dollars you know what I mean?

HHDX: What happened with Direct Effect?

DJC: Man it was just a situation where I was there for five years doing that, you know. How long can you just keep doing the same thing over and over again without wearing yourself out and giving yourself no room to elevate? So it was a mutual decision.

HHDX: I caught you on Sucker Free the other day. Did the constant radio wars between Hot 97 and Power 105.1 have anything to do with MTVs decision to pick-up DJ Cipha Sounds?

DJC: Nah, I dont think that had anything to do with it. I just think they was just trying to find someone from New York. I dont think that had nothing to do withthey was just looking for a certain type of sound base, you know? New York is a universal type of place, everyone seems to gravitate to it, you know? Plus, if you think about it, it makes sense to get someone from the area cause they aint gotta pay to move somebody here
HHDX: So theres no ill will towards you and Cipha?

DJC: Nah.

HHDX: Experts are saying that internet radio is going to do what satellite radio didnt, i.e. take over for traditional radio. Do you think anything is ever going to come along to beat traditional radio ratings?

DJC: Yeah, you know I was actually working on something with a couple of my dudes doing internet radio, As a matter of fact Ill be on there on the shows that come on. And you can hit me on the myspace too:

HHDX: Is there one mixtape that stands out as a personal favorite?

DJC: I aint gonna say a personal favorite One of the ones Ill always remember is probably Show Me The Money. Just because Biggie was on it, Jay, Mase, The Lox, it was one of those tapes where like the whole future of hip hop was on that so, it was a beautiful thing.

HHDX: You mentioned Jay, and obviously the Roc is going in a different direction now that Damon Dash is not in the picture. Whats your role on that label?

DJC: Ahh, I just do me. I dont really wait on nobody or depend on nobody. I just do me, get my work done. Jay will talk different things, but Jay is way laid back so you cant expect Jay to do a lot for you. You gotta gun for yourself.

HHDX: It hasnt been getting the best reviews what did you think of Kingdom Come?

DJC: I think Jay had some joints on there. You know 30 Something, Dig a Hole, those are the ones that stand out to me on the album.

HHDX: When you did the mixtape with The Game last year, was that a touchy situation since Game and (Desert Storm artist) Joe Budden had problems like right before that?

DJC: Ahh nah, that had nothing to do with the Joe Budden situation, Game had just called me and I didnt even really know what the mixtape was about, Game just called me and asked me to host a mixtape with him, you know? That was the gist of it.

HHDX: Well welcome back homey, congrats on all the success. Whats next for The World Famous?

: Hopefully Ill have the number one radio show sometime soonand other then Im working on a couple of TV pilots shooting, and the Fabolous album From Nuthin to Sumthin thats gonna come out in March. And Ransom so Im working on a couple of things.

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