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Prepping the release of his second post 18 record; Bow Wow is sounding quite confident. To many he's proceeding with reckless intent; however, if you had the experiences Bow Wow has, you'd also think as he does. Just consider what you were doing when you were the same age. How would your public manner come off if you nearly married Ciara, sold millions of records, starred in movies, and you got mobbed by the opposite sex wherever you appear. You have to realize that Bow Wow is rich and he can't even legally buy beer.

Strategetically naming his album The Price of Fame, Bow seems to have a marketing plan comparable than a Hollywood film. Within the last year he has a "beef" with Romeo, broken up with Ciara, sparked something with Will Smith, and had a fake interview published without any involvement from him. Call it a coincidence or immpecable timing, Bow Wow has had to do some damage control of some sort. It's great press to a part of such reports. It gives the reporters questions to ask, fans have rumors, and the artists have something to talk about.

In addition to addressing the gossip columns and personal problems, Bow Wow aka Shad Moss, managed to chat about his upcoming LP. Bow Wow provides incite to how much he's grown lyrically, conceptually, and ... individually. In fact, Bow Wow fans should learn to follow the kid, uh, man because he sounds like he doesn't plan to be a rapper for too long. After seeing what he's feeling about the business; you'll see why.

JayRich: What's good man?

Bow Wow: Nothin, what's poppin?

JayRich: Let's get to it. As far as this album, The Price of Fame, what are you going to do different from what people have come to know you for?

Bow Wow: The main thing is really the lyrical content, that and the creative input I have put into the record. I produced four of the records on the album. That and the lyrical growth.

JayRich: When you say, 'content,' are you talking about the same things or....

Bow Wow: Song concepts and choice of words, (laughs).

JayRich: Give me an example of what you're going to talk about.

Bow Wow: One record, 'Out of My System,' cause of my's definitely for the ladies; I just took a real life situation and I never done that before. I never took a real life event and turned into a song. I wanted the people to get a deeper side of me and get to know what I'm feeling. And then I got 'Four Corners' with Pimp C, Lil' Wayne, and Lil Scrappy; it's more edgy than what I've been doing as well. I'm blasting off and talking about the things in my neck of the woods, Ohio. It's a totally different Bow Wow and it's a new sound.

JayRich: Everybody knows where you stand with the ladies; how do you make that transition and get the guys on your side without being corny?

Bow Wow: I just can't be afraid to make records that I haven't made. Of course, I'm an artist 19 going on 20 so I'm going to make some records about stunting. What young man at my age wouldn't be doing what I'm doing?! I think that's how I get (the guys) with 'I Think They Like Me' and the 'Fresh Azimiz' joints. It's important for me to broaden my audience; what artist don't do that at some point? That's basically how I think of it.

JayRich: Now if you start talking street shit, everybody go say, 'You been rich and in the spotlight since you were little!'

Bow Wow: That's where people get it twisted! You know, I had to watch my Mama struggle. I ain't have no daddy growning up; he was an alcoholic. I had to grow up kinda quick; Moms had to work three jobs to survive and take care of us. I went through a lot; but, I ain't never had to get out there and sell drugs or bust no guns. But, I did see struggle. I came home from school and had to watch my Mama sitting there crying. People really don't know me (sound like the King don't he); people don't really know Shad Moss. That's a whole 'nother' side of life right there.

JayRich: Your label situation is with Sony/Columbia; but you still rep So So Def....

Bow Wow: That's because of my relationship with Jemaine (Dupri) and everything we've done together. Jermaine is my manager, (laughs). Dude is like a big brother to me. Dude is like a father to me, for real. When I first started, he took me under his wing and I lived with him.

JayRich: That's seems to be the norm now; do rappers have to get in the rap game to have a father?

Bow Wow: (laughs) No, rappers do that because they ain't never really had fathers like that or role models. I never had anybody to look up to (besides J.D.); and as kids, we're easily influenced. I was living with Jermaine when I was 9, 10 years old. I saw him with 'drops,' Mercedes, Bentley's, and I'm like, 'I want all of this.' I moved to Atlanta with J.D. and went where he went. He became my guardian. His raised me on life, the business, and a few other things. He's big brother, mentor, slash father.

JayRich: Speaking of relationships, are you going to talk about what happened betweened you and Ciara?

Bow Wow: I can say that there's a record on there where I talk about a situation and it ain't take a rocket scientist to know what I'm talkin about.

JayRich: So you're not going to say her name?

Bow Wow: They go have to get that album and see. (laughs)

JayRich: You gonna play it like that?

Bow Wow: Yeah, (laughs). They know; the people know what's coming. Any artist that go through something in their life personally it's only natural for them to make into a song.

JayRich: How akward is it for you to see her at public events such as the BET Awards, the Grammy's, etc?

Bow Wow
: (pauses, kinda nervous) It ain't akward, you know. I know I'll see her around and everything, but that's the business. You keep it moving, show love like it's no big thing.

JayRich: Rumors go around early and often; how do you keep the professionalism when you know people are going around telling lies?

Bow Wow: That's a part of the game. It comes to the territory; I try to stay out of the gossip columns and all that, but the last week I've been in it. (good promotion, huh) In most cases, I ain't done shit. Like this fake interview going around. It is what it is; I keep a straight face and keep it moving.

JayRich: You've had your momments like the Will Smith comments and other things. How do you stay able to maintain?

Bow Wow: It's a lot of the media (not this site), like I said, it's part of the business. Will (is) my dude and we talked that out and laughed it out.

JayRich: I've heard people say, 'All press is good press.' At this point in your career do you feel like that's true?

Bow Wow: Yeah, like the clown that did the fake interview, that's the first thing reporters ask me. It gives people something to talk about. I wish I could find that lame and pay him for the extra press; he deserves a job.

JayRich: What about people talking about your personal life; does it affect the family?

Bow Wow: See that's different. When it affects family; it's a whole different situation. You wanna stay away from that.

JayRich: Just like T.I. you're making the slow transition of being a rap star and Hollywood player. How do you feel you're going to maintain the musical integrity with the fans and still make Hollywood money?

Bow Wow: My fans go as I go. They go and buy the albums; they go and buy the Roll Bounce's and the Too Fast 2 Furious movies, DVDS, CD's. They support me, they love me. If tomorrow I wanna play basketball, I gurantee that it'll be a 1,000 Bow Wow fans there to support for me. No matter what I do, they'll support me. I'm not worried about it too much cause one day I will make the transition to stop doing music and just do movies. I'm going to make that transition soon.

JayRich: Do you get challenged a lot?

Bow Wow: Not at battles; I get people wanting to battle me at basketball more than anything.

JayRich: Last question, what's the situation with you and Romeo?

Bow Wow: I got love for everybody; it's enough room for everybody to eat. It's nothing.

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