The Game: A Legend Or Fraud?

posted November 07, 2006 12:00:00 AM CST | 205 comments

You have to give it to The Game as in this time in hip-hop right now he is one of the boldest cats to be in the game right now and taking shots at squads, while still holding his own at the same damn time. With hip-hop like the WWF right now the recycling of the beef with The Game and his former G-Unit comrades really shows hip-hop is in the current state of a soap opera series these days. Most of us fans cant even front as The Games debut album The Documentary was a flat-out banger, but due to the situation with him leaving G-unit the streets was talking (even me) saying he cant make a successful album without 50 and Dr. Dre. Now that The Game is back hes says hes ready to prove to cats his new release The Doctors Advocate is straight crack and he still didnt reach his potential as an artist.

HHDX.coms Q-Hatfield AKA Q the Question got up with The Game to give you hip-hop fiends some real talk and yes he was talking reckless. With all the new releases about to drop and many major artists (Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Clipse, etc) pushing that 4th quarter hustle The Game feels hes not even in competition with those cats. Want to really know why Dr. Dre is not on The Doctors Advocate, well The Game said no disrespect to the Doctor, but he has something to prove. What about his relationship with Eminem, are they still cool? How about his recent altercation with Ras Kass as The Game explained he handed him a one hitter-quitter. Thats not it has he even has words for 50 Cent and how G-units been cursed since he left, especially Lloyd Banks. One final thing as he did speak on his Blood affiliation and him resurrecting the west coast, you know no one does it like, so open your eyes and read my people!

HHDX: Now that The Game is back how does to feel to give fans another album?

Game: Aw man... Im excited man. I like a fan myself waiting on this shit to drop man and this album is the most anticipated. All respects to Snoop and Hov, Jay got the Kingdom Come album coming a week behind me and Snoop too, props to the legends man, but the young is gonna go.

HHDX: No doubt, but it seems like you in a lot of competition though?

Game: Not really.

HHDX: Why not?

Game: Cause I got my own date, they got they date and I got mine. If it was dropping on the same day it be different. Jay and Snoop their each others competition, cause they on the same day man. I tried to get that November 21st date, but it just didnt look realistic, but I couldnt mix and master the album to make that date. I had to mix and master for the other date and I couldnt push it back, but I definitely wanted to drop on that date to see if I could be competitive enough to rise against the legends. Them being a week behind we still should see some competition, but Im tryna be number one both weeks.

HHDX: So how The Doctors Advocate is going to be better than The Documentary, because a lot of people was talking saying you cant do it without 50 this time around?

Game: Aw man... 50 cant do it without me man. Its like ever since I left the group man them dudes been cursed, cant you see whats happening? Anybody with two eyes and ears should be able to see what I did to them cats. At this point the only person 50 can save is himself, if I was him I sign to Black Wall Street, cause we looking for artist.

HHDX: Im not even going to hold you Game, it do seem like G-Unit declining right now. I mean Banks album dropped, but Im not feeling it too good.

Game: Banks is outta here man, its like he aint even a rapper no more you know what Im saying. Banks is done, hes just done and youll never get a Lloyd Banks album again unless its under Koch or something.

HHDX: I see The Game is talking greasy [laughs]!

Game: Nah, Game is talking real man.

HHDX: Did you get up with Dr. Dre for this album this time around, why or why not?

Game: Nah aint no Dre on this album and simply because I didnt want nobody saying Dre or Fifty was the reason The Doctors Advocate was successful so I went at it on my own. No hard feelings to Dr. Dre, me and Dre still cool, we good friends and I always hold the amount of ample respect for Dre and what he did as he presented me with the opportunity to blow.

HHDX: Yo, I feel you on that! Even though Dre is one of the best producers ever I see what you doing trying to prove your point that The Doctors Advocate is going to be a successful album so good look on that.

Game: Yeah man I appreciate it.

HHDX: Now you cool with Eminem?

Game: Me and Eminem did a song on the last album, but we were cool man and nothing ever went salty. It aint like we aint cool, I dont see or talk to Eminem as much as anybody else. Eminem is a dope MC to me, he is the great white hype and I think he saved hip-hop the time he entered the game. He did a lot of great things so a lot of love goes out to Eminem, the whole D-12 camp, R.I.P. Proof I blazed a lot of good blunts with him, but its all love man. If I got beef with somebody you definitely gonna know about it you dont have to ask me.

HHDX: [Laughs], speaking of beef whats good with this beef with you and Ras Kass, cause yall was wilding?

Game: It aint no beef with me and Ras Kass. That wasnt no beef that was one knock-out!

HHDX: [Laughs], oh so you really knocked him out cold like that?

Game: Yeah man.

HHDX: So how you feel after he came out with some dis tracks after the incident?

Game: Im not into dissing him, because he cant rap man.

HHDX: [Laughs], I mean Ras Kass had some nice tracks though.

Game: Thats cool, but you gotta look at the numbers man. Nobody dont even know who Ras Kass is barely unless you really, really, really, go back with hip-hop man, no broads or nothing know who he is.

HHDX: Was Ras Kass lying when he said you had a lot of your homies jump him and everything?

Game: Man... I hit that dude one time and he went out, so whatever he dreamed about when he got knocked-out maybe thats what they was doing in his dream, I dont know.

HHDX: So The Game is a rider [laughs]?

Game: Game is just a father man.

HHDX: Be real with me, if you could go back and prevent that whole incident would you?

Game: Nah... I dont regret anything. You cant turn back the hands of time so why would I even think it.

HHDX: Now I see you got some more G-Unit beef coming at them dudes with Soundscan, so whats really good with that?

Game: Well Lloyd Banks was on Rap City not too long ago talking crazy. I just think that they (G-unit) funny at this point. He (Banks) just tryna use me to sell a couple of more albums, cause he flopping right now and it hurts. Hes just lashing out on The Basement, but the rhymes are mediocre, sub par, and garbage. So I just threw out something that was like a laughing freestyle its just entertainment man, I already killed them dudes. Ill start taking them cats serious when 50 responds to 300 Bars.

HHDX: Yeah, its kind of crazy how you coming at them dudes all by yourself too!

Game: Yeah man.

HHDX: How you feel when they put out that mixtape over the summer with you on the cover as a stripper, dont you think that was kind of greasy?

Game: Oh... that was funny. I think the mixtape cover was better than the actual fuckin wack music man, nobody listened to that shit you probably cant even tell me one song off that mixtape.

HHDX: Im not even going to hold you, you keep it real with that one!

Game: Yeah, see what Im saying, but the cover was funny as shit. It wasnt my body, but it was definitely funny, I looked at the shit and laughed too it was funny. If he wanted to make people laugh he did that, but at the end of the day this is hip-hop you gotta rap, so nigga rap!

HHDX: Hey, you gotta make that paper too!

Game: Make that paper man. You not gonna make it at my expense, cause Im gonna fuckin expose ya whole camp and that goes for anybody.

HHDX: How you feel about beef in this rap game period?

Game: Beef has always been healthy in hip-hop man and when it turns deadly or tragic like it did with Big and Pac it kills our music genre. Other than that its been like this since LL Cool J and Kool Moe Dee, hip-hop beef is hip-hop beef and its just what hip-hop is.

HHDX: I feel you on that, now whats good with this Suge Knight stuff what went down, whats good with that?

Game: I dont know what you talking about me and Suge is cool man.

HHDX: I feel you on that, now back to the album who you have featured, whats good?

Game: Aw man, on the album I got Nas, Snoop, Tha Dogg pound, Marsha from Floetry, Nate Dogg, Busta Rhymes and me.

HHDX: Thats whats up you got up with Nas, because Nas is that dude!

Game: Yeah, Nas is a legend and I got a lot of love and respect for Nas.

HHDX: No doubt, hes one of the best to ever come in the game.

Game: Yeah.

HHDX: Now a lot of cats been coming at ya neck saying your gang affiliation with the Bloods is phony, want to speak on that?

Game: Man, I aint worrying about that. Why aint no real Bloods from California come out and say that or try to expose me. I hold it down, I put Bloodin on a mainstream level.

HHDX: So whats your opinion on Studio Gangstas?

Game: I have no opinion on Studio Gangstas let them niggas do what they do. If they fakin they gonna have to answer in the streets one day.

HHDX: So its true a lot of cats in the rap game is phony and they dont do what they say?

Game: I dont know what they do man, I just do what I do and thats the only thing Im concerned about.

HHDX: Back to The Doctors Advocate, whats going to make it different from the last?

Game: Im just a whole different MC man and Ive grown. Ive only been rapping for five years today man and Im a keep growing as an MC every album. My third album is where I think Im gonna reach my full potential, but The Doctors Advocate is definitely a step-up from The Documentary and soon people gonna see what it is.

HHDX: I definitely look forward to it. From the way you talking you sound like you want to be a hip-hop legend one day too.

Game: Man Im already that.

HHDX: [Laughs], why you feel as though?

Game: Cause Im putting it down. I already sold five million records and I got the biggest buzz in hip-hop right now. Im definitely the reason the west coast is alive today, I resurrected that. Although Snoop was holding it down the west coast died after the Death Row Dynasty feel apart. I brought that back so Im a legend in my own right. People know what it is whether they wanna respect it or not. We living in the situation now, but five or ten years from now when people get a chance when all this beef shit is over with 50, all my albums are out and done and Im sitting in a black chair somewhere working Black Wall Street. You gonna see people analyze, real hip-hop niggas gonna analyze and really tell you what this was and they gonna say The Game was a legend and thats what this shit is all about, I cant be fucked with. It aint a nigga in the rap game that would step to me right now, cause Im a put them under the bus man.

HHDX: I feel you on that saying you brought the west back and everything and its no doubt you did, but you know E-40 doing pretty good with the Bay!

Game: I mean thats whats up man, I got Bay love this is California. Im a fan of E-40, E-40 is a legend, Im talking about these new niggas!

HHDX: I feel you, you should get up with E-40 and do an duo album that would be raw!

Game: Yeah man thats my man, he know what it is.

HHDX: Alright Game you have anything to say to the readers of and where fans can hit you up?

Game: The Doctors Advocate is in stores soon, you can go to and

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