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Some love her others like to put her in tabloids, but for Nicole Hoopz Alexander, the spotlight shall be hers! You all should remember her tomboyish persona debuting on the VH1 produced, Flavor of Love (Season One) featuring Public Enemys Flavor Flav.

Hoopz had a loveable quality, a realness to her that resonated with fans and Flav, alike. Ultimately, the showdown came down to New York and Hoopz with Ms. Alexander taking home the prize Flavs heart! Although, the relationship fizzled, Hoopz career is currently taking off. Having been featured in Lil Kekes Chunk Up the Deuce video while gracing the pages of KING and Black Mens magazine just to name a few.

Ms. Alexander sits down exclusively with HHDX as she gives a little insight to how she feels about the rumors concerning her and T.I. and Dwayne Wade, why she would never be on New Yorks reality show, and how even though the haters may hate, they could never stop her shine.

HHDX: A lot of guys had their eye on your since the first episode of the show (I know I did) and eventually you were declared the winner. Now looking at the second season of the show, what are you thoughts about the love that Flava Flav is producing?

Hoopz: I honestly havent even watched two seconds of that show. Im into more things. A lot of people like to come up to me and tell me about what happens on it. The first thing that they said to me was about how they fight. Oh and about how one of them shitted on the show!

HHDX: Most critics and some viewers alike think that this show is just a modern-day black buffoonery aired on a major network. How did you feel about it while taping the show versus what comes on now?

Hoopz: I mean everybody wanted to believe that the first season of the show was real. The same people got to believe that the second one is true. Thats crazy. Everyone can see that its as phony as it can be. You put any female in the house and give them something to fight about and they will. People play up to the camera. I dont think that hes in it for love and I know that the girls arent in for love. I think Flav is just in it for entertainment.

HHDX: Even though you and Flav never worked out off the air, you were then linked to a few high-profile people in the rap game. Names like T.I., for instance, were attached to your person even though T.I.s relationship with Tiny [from Xscape] is highly documented. Were there any truth to the rumors about you and T.I?

Hoopz: They had to have something to talk about. They cant see what Im doing so they try to make it up. Im really nobody in the industry. Thank the Lord, people like me. My fan base is growing. I can only imagine what other entertainers are going through. People talking about me being pregnant or being with T.I.! Ive only been in the industry for a little bit. They saw us in a club and we didnt even show up together! Even Usher and Nelly were there. I think people need something to entertain their mind. Just hearing what people say its annoying. I dont think that people dont have anything else to do. I dont sit at my roundtable and gossip about other people.

HHDX: Aside from the King of the South, it recently hit the wire that you are pregnant by, NBA Champion, Dwayne Wade. How did something like this come about?

Hoopz: They tried to get that everywhere. All the players are overseas [at the time]. There is nothing going on between the two of us. Where the hell does this shit come from?! Everybody in the industry knows each other, but I dont know the man personally. I swear to you personally, that when it came out, I had no idea where it came from. I mean with that and the T.I. rumor it was just mind-blowing. These people are really really and I mean really crazy! Ive done a few interviews here and there. Its not true. I mean if it is, then when is my due date? Its just really funny to me. I dont know why people are doing this.

HHDX: You come off as if youve always been self-assured about yourself and who you are as a person, so why does it seem that press seems to have your name in its mouth? How does that affect your personal life?

Hoopz: Theyre trying to kill my name. I dont want to even bring up anyones name because then they may associate my name with them. I dont really have a personal life. Im not in a relationship. I only have to deal with myself. If the rumors were true, then Id have some issues with myself. When youre comfortable with who you are, you dont have anything to worry about. Im perfectly happy. Im not that type of person. Theyre trying to make me out to be like that, but what I do is how I live.

HHDX: I guess what B.I.G. said is true, mo money, mo problems. You had the incident with the police awhile back in June. Has that been resolved? How has that affected your relationship with your neighbors?

Hoopz: My attorneys are working on it. The case is still pending. I cant really speak on that. I never really had a relationship with my neighbors. Racism is still alive, Ill tell you that! Im not even fully black and I have to grow up with it. Its a damn shame that no type of people dont want to see us doing good, especially Black folks. Thats just as much as I can say. The case is being handled, though. I have a really good attorney.

HHDX: In the same line, one of your neighbors on the show was New York a lot of the rest of the cast members have faded into some sort of obscurity even though you and her still remain on the minds (and walls) of most of your devoted fans. Rumor has it that she has a reality television show that is in the works are there any plans for you or any other of the past members of Flavor of Love to make an appearance on it?

Hoopz: Definitely not. Not me! I wouldnt see myself on her show. That is not for me. Those girls are fake not just for television theyre fake in real life too! Id rather be acting in front of a motion picture. All of my effort is being put towards being in front of a national spotlight. People would want to see it because its crazy. All the fights, the drama, but thats not for me. I wouldnt want to be on her show.

HHDX: Most reality television shows seem to be scripted in some regards, but, the animosity that was there between the two of you. Looking back now that the show is over, what was it that really bugged you about her and have those feelings changed?

Hoopz: No, the feelings havent changed at all. Her as a person has. I doubt that she would have anything to say about me. She was protected by contract. The contract for this season has changed now. You can put your hands on people now. But as far as she goes my feelings about her have not changed. Shes fake and she gets on my nerves. Had we been in the street and she had said something like that to me I have a reputation where people dont do that. I guess that that worked for TV for the last season. She wouldve never spoken to me after that because I wouldve made an example out of her. In a sense, thatd be the only time where I wouldnt be who I am everyday.

HHDX: Since youve put the past in the past, whats next for you?

Hoopz: I have a lot of stuff that Im going over now. I was in Los Angeles for about a week and a half. Im trying to get into film. Im making myself into a brand. Im currently doing a lot of stuff for the kids with charities. All in all, Im just really trying to make that next step. I dont care if I did a reality show, but I know that Im going to have to work hard. Im not going to fuck the next producer for the next gig. I will be filming in the next two and a half weeks on this movie. My website will be up in the next few weeks. Ill have merchandise for the fans to buy. I am going to put up an official MySpace page. There are two or three of them out there, but they are not me. Im working on a calendar and a DVD thatll be coming out soon. Hopefully, one day, my fans will be able to go to the movie theater and watch me on the big screen.

HHDX: With all that aside, what do you want the public to understand about Hoopz?

Hoopz: I couldnt tell you. The Hoopz persona is a part of me, thats not fake thats me. I believe that society as they know me now, already have their minds made up. People are going to believe what they believe. I just want to continue to work hard, so that I can continue to help out my family.

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