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You know the mixtape The Game has out right now with the Funeral, My Turn, and One Blood? The mixtape that sounds like a street album? The man responsible for that quality is none other than The Games official DJ, DJ Skee. Aside from his helping hand in the production of some of the most sought after mixtapes, Skee has been working with the potent West Coast MC on his albums, spinning his records, and stood beside Game through the entire 50 Cent beef. When youve been riding shotgun alongside Game before The Documentary, youve got to know something.

The architect of the instant classic 300 Bars and Runnin and the man on the boards behind The Games fire does in fact have a lot to tell. Is Game working with Dre, the real Dre? Whats 50 doing to destroy a lot of MCs? What happened with the label? What was it like being a part of G-Unit? How is Game going to respond to 50 toying with his image (see the cover of G-Unit Radio 21)? Why is the album constantly getting pushed back? What is on The Doctors Advocate?

Shedding light to what we want to know and illuminating the dark spots the media creates when covering artists of Games magnitude, DJ Skee willfully jumps into the hot seat. He speaks on the rumors and why Game is better off without G-Unit. Skee also lets us know what Game learned from 50 and whos the first to get a taste of the Curtis Jackson formula.

How long have you been working with Game?

DJ Skee: It's been about four years. Way before G-Unit and Aftermath. Before anybody knew who he was. We chopped it up and it's been popping ever since.

How long did it take for you to build up the show chemistry with Game?

DJ Skee: It really came together with Game. I just change the beats and he rocks me.

'300 Bars and Running' is a legendary track. Did you two go in there with the intentions of making that record or did something spontaneous just happen?

DJ Skee: Game had already recorded it and everything, but, he came to me and it was over one beat. I was like, 'We gotta change that shit up, it's too long.' He didn't want to so I did a quick little mix and gave it to him.

You working with Game on the new album as well?

DJ Skee: Yeah, just helping him make a classic. He go does his thing and I go sit on the side and do me.

What do you do exactly when it comes to working on the album?

DJ Skee: I do a little bit of everything. We go through beats and shit. Do little segments on the record (and) help with the song concepts and all that. We work on the vibe and go with the chemistry.

Will your presence on his album be similar to DJ Drama's on T.I.s album?

DJ Skee: Nah, not really. We just focused on the music and shit like that. If something like me being vocal comes up and it works, we'll keep it. But we ain't trying to force nothing like that.

How has Game's situation changed since he split-up with G-Unit?

DJ Skee: Honestly, it's been better because now he can fuck with Nas, Fat Joe, Jada, and all of them. Being in G-Unit he couldn't mess with certain people because they had beef with them. Now all he gotta do worry about the people he got beef with, which ain't that many people.

You were around G-Unit when he was a member; what is it like on the outside looking in?

DJ Skee: It was like any other shit. They did their thing. They were getting money and they had one of the best runs in Hip-Hop. There's no taking that away.

The current mixtape you have out right now; how long did it take to get it done?

DJ Skee: It took about a good week of recording. I'm always looking for beats and whatever; I just threw some old stuff up there and Game did his thing. Game work ethic is retarded.

How many songs can he knockout on a good day?

DJ Skee: Shitttttt... realistically, he can do about 3 or 4 songs.

The feedback from the mixtape has been that it plays like an actual album LP.

DJ Skee: A lot of dudes are quantity over quality. I'm more quality. That's how I do all my mixtapes with Game and all those are classic. Everytime we drop something it shuts other things down. We (are) getting airplay off mixtape tracks. 'One Blood' was just a mixtape track. Now it may be the lead-off single for the album. That's what sets my shit apart from other DJs.

It sounds like some of the joints were songs that didn't make the album. Was that the case? You just put some throwaways on the mixtape?

DJ Skee: Yeah, it's like this one joint we did. We had this beat and Game had already laid a hook for it and everything. He just didn't fuck with it for like a year. We were going through old beats and it popped up and we were feeling it. We went to Aftermath and they were like, 'That's already on Tony Yayo's album.' We didn't even hear Yayo's album (little chuckle) so we didn't know if they were for real or not. We bought the album and sure enough it was on there.

It just so happened to be on a G-Unit album?

DJ Skee: Yeah, it was the 'So High' joint.

What about the joint with Mary J. Blige singing on it?

DJ Skee: Actually we stole that. That's Hot Rod's shit (50 Cent's newest artist). We kept the hook, kept Game's part and cut (Hot Rod's) shit and put another motherfucker on there. That was supposed to be Hot Rod's single, but we rocked over it before anyone heard it.

What people don't seem to realize is that 50 Cent don't beef with niggas so much lyrically. He just fucks up their business and stops the money from coming. Albums are getting pushed back and guys are getting dropped from labels.

DJ Skee: Yeah, the beef is personal. But, at the same time, rapping is a business. If 50 or Game go out and shoot each other, one person dies and the other is going to jail for the rest of their life. It's too much money at stake. Game came back so strong because he didn't wanna get put out the game like Ja Rule did. It's serious, but it ain't life or death (like street beef). These guys got families to feed and people to look after.

Besides the G-Unit beef and the industry bullshit, what are the plans for the album?

DJ Skee: It's crazy because we keep going back and recording and we keep getting better shit. The 'One Blood' joint was just going to be a mixtape song. But the streets made it so hot we shot a video for it and it might become the single for the major album. It's getting so much airplay it's almost like we can't turn it down as a single. We're going day-by-day, but the plan is to drop to album, get some Black Wall Street guys popping, and the third album.

I know Game got a lot of songs in the tank. Are you guys going to take the slow approach with the album after this one drops or will you continue to keep banging em' out?

DJ Skee: I think we're going to try and take Game and sit him down for a minute. People in the industry always tend to oversaturated themselves in the market. After this album drops he'll have two albums out and no one can take credit for this one (50 Cent). So the time will be right for him to sit for a minute. The album is going to blast for a minute; we're going to have a bunch of singles off of it and it's going to last for a while. There's no need to rush.

How do you decide on singles for the people to hear?

DJ Skee: That's the talks between Interscope, Czar Entertainment, and Black Wall Street. We can agree on singles, but sometimes great songs are great songs. Like 'Put You On the Game' was a record that was getting crazy spins because the streets made it hot. Interscope didn't even work that record because of all the beef shit going on at the time between Game and 50. The label cut themselves off so Jimmy Henchman and Game put that shit through Koch and you see how many spins it got! That shit was crazy to do at radio because you get spins with radio promoters and we didn't have any. Imagine if the would have been behind it; that shit would've been HUGE! But now we got all our business straight and that shouldn't happen again.

50 just dropped a mixtape with Game on the cover in a thong. How is Game going to respond to these blatant shots at his image?

DJ Skee: The thing is with that is that it's a Photoshop image. I don't even think he needs to address it. It's over if you ask me. Game made his point. Nothing topped '300 Bars!' '300 Shots' was nowhere near to fucking with Game's shit. Game won and now it's time for him to drop this album.

You hear Game's album and you know what he's saying, give me something, a sample of the album.

DJ Skee: It's just incredible. Like....we ran into Kanye West and Common last night and they were just bugging out on the shit! They heard the one joint with the live instruments, the shit is crazy. It's one of those inspirational joints and we played it back like 30 times in a row! Common and Kanye flipped out.

Is Yukmouth going to be on the album or did they record anything?

DJ Skee: Nah, I don't think so. They haven't recorded, but the beef is dead.

Game got a line in 'One Blood' that's addressing the "Snap Rap." What else is he going to talk on?

DJ Skee
: He's going to talk about a lot. He's been through a lot. It's like another debut album so he has a lot to say. He's been through some things, the shit with his family, the crew splitting up....It's all broken down in a few lines. We got a joint with a choir and it's going to touch your heart. What people don't know about this album is that it's very musical.

What about Dr. Dre? The talk has been if he does work with Game, 50 is going to beef with Dr. Dre. Put it out there for the people if Dr. Dre is going to be involved with the album.

DJ Skee: (5 second delay) Man, you gotta buy the album and see. I can't say that, man.

Is the album date going to stick this time? It seems to keep getting pushed back and pushed back.

DJ Skee: Yeah. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed up from November 7th. It's not getting pushed back anymore though.

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