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Buffie Carruth. 34-28 45! A buxom beauty resident in the cell blocks of many an incarcerated man, a video temptress to free men everywhere. Her image can be seen in stillness on the pages of KING and Black Mens Magazine, all the way to your personal computer on YouTube.

Coming into the game through an appearance on Tony Yayos So Seductive video, Ms. Carruth became highly sought out for her assets that she provided to the industry. A true Georgia native, this former Body Tap dancer pulled a Madonna and reinvented herself as Buffie the Body. Music videos and magazines aside, Ms. Carruth landed a cameo appearance in the Antwon Fisher penned-T.I. starring feature-length film, ATL that made most men green with envy. Buffie says that that part wasnt even supposed to happen in the flick.

But as Ms. Carruth talks exclusively to HHDX.com she talks about how shes taking her career to the next level, how she finds herself in 50 Cents shoes, why her and DJ Kay Slay just couldnt work, and why anyone can get knocked out if they come at her incorrectly.

HHDX: The public hasnt seen you in too many videos and fans can, again, see you in the DVD release of ATL. Whats currently going on with you?

Buffie: Im working on a hip-hop talk show. Its going to be based out of Atlanta. Also, I start rehearsing for this movie role. Well be shooting in Philly. Ill be a medical examiner in the film. Thats a pretty good role. We actually start filming in September. I just shot a new ad campaign for this denim company. I have a new venture where I will be coming out with exclusive ring tones and wallpapers for cell phones. Thats another thing thats poppin off. Plus, Im still hosting like seven to thirteen events every month. Im one of the newest columnists for Black Mens Magazine. Its called Sex, Love and Relationships. You should be able to see that around the October/November issue. Youll see me in there.

HHDX: Your first video was with Tony Yayo and since then youve been virtually everywhere. After all this time, do you believe that making the change from being an exotic dancer to being a video vixen was worth it?

Buffie: Yes, because by me doing that one video it put me in the limelight. The two main things that put me out there in the public was the video with Tony Yayo and KING Magazine. After that, everything was just like a snowball effect. I wasnt really trying to be in the videos or magazines. It just happened all on chance. How it happened was that I was in Baltimore and a photographer that I was working with took pictures of me and placed it on the Internet without my permission. We had got into an argument about it. I was having the pictures taken for my own personal use. Then it ended up being on every message board in the country, asking about who I was. He sent me a couple of links to the different sites where the pictures were featured at. From there on, Tony Yayo King Magazine people started to contact me and from that point on it has been crazy. Ive been in about sixteen to seventeen magazines in about a years time.

HHDX: Is there really much of a difference between the two professions?

Buffie: Theres lots of difference between the two. Oh, Lord, yeah!!! Its like night and day. If anyones ever been a dancer, you can relate to what Im saying. When I was a dancer, I didnt smoke, I never drank and I am not bi-sexual. It was strictly a job for me. I went to work and went home. So, thats why I never thought that it was a negative thing for me to dance. I didnt let the club make me. Its a lot different now because before when I was in the club, I was sweaty and when I left I came home with some good money. But now, I can just get up, look nice and get paid to just sit at a club for a party. Im getting anywhere from three to four thousand dollars just to sit at a party. The people that Ive met since Ive been in this industry have been beautiful. Theyre willing to help you out. Everyone wants to help. Ive met a lot of blessed people. Other girls come into the game and had to do some things just to be in videos. I havent had any problems to just get my foot in the door. So, I never saw the negative stuff that girls talked about in the videos. Ive never had to fuck to get in the industry.

HHDX: People have pretty harsh comments to say about you, what you do as a career, and about your whole aesthetic. Do you think the stereotypes that come along with being a video girl offend you?

Buffie: No, because I guess if you look at it in almost a two year period, I have only done three music videos. Its all about how the girl carries herself. People cant believe that two years ago I was a stripper and now Im talking to 50 Cent, Tony Yayo or Kanye West. Girls are kind of jealous. They respect my hustle. It just irks them that they cant be in my shoes. I havent been in any fights or nothing like that. But, I can sort of understand the hate from most females. If I was a model and I was trying to do what Buffies doing, but Im not getting those parts then Id be upset. If I was mixed or light-skinned and saw this dark woman getting these types of gigs, it would have to hurt. I feel that the hate comes from because theyre not Buffie. Thats the only thing that I can narrow it down to. Im taking my opportunity and using it to make the money. You dont ever have to put me in another video or magazine, I dont care about the fame. I care about the money. How I look at it is that no one stays in the spotlight forever and Im trying to make sure that my personal life is taken care of. Im trying to get my credit score right. I just bought my first home awhile back and Im about to start investing in real estate. So when all that shuts down, Ill be taken care of.

HHDX: With BET: UnCut no longer on the air, do you think that there is anything that you can do to change the outlook of black women in videos?

Buffie: Ive spoken with directors and theyve shared stories with me about what girls do to get into music videos and into magazines. I feel like if they want you, youll be down, regardless. You dont have to sleep with anyone to make it. If you know that you feel great about yourself, then you dont have to do it. Most girls feel like sleeping and fucking around is the way to make it. Ive never had to do that to make it in this business. They still dont believe me. Because of the stereotypes that are already out there. Ive told women in the past that you dont have to do that, but once you start sleeping around its a wrap.

HHDX: You have a pretty busy schedule. That doesnt leave much time to engage in any relationships, does it?

Buffie: Ive had a friend for the last four years. So, you know I try to keep it the same way before the hype. Im not Hollywood. I treat people the way I like to be treated. I still like to bake cakes, cookies, and pies. I still like to ride my motorcycle. I still like to go to Wal-Mart. Even if the things that I do make it hard for me to go around. I cant go to very many places by myself. If I really want to shop, I have to go to a white mall. I cant go to the black mall. I went to the Caribana, I couldnt walk around there because its like everyone knows who I am and it doesnt make things normal. I am constantly wearing sunglasses and hats now to hide out who I am. Ive never been that type of person. I try to make time for my fans. I give out autographs and what not. 98% of the time, people want pictures. I know my fans are the reason why Ive been on covers and music videos. Its not because of me pushing it. Its because of the fans they want to see me.

HHDX: In other publications, you have been linked to the people whose videos youve appeared in even New York DJ, Kay Slay. Would you rather date someone whos in the industry or does someone who isnt a known face do it for you?

Buffie: The only guy that I dated was Kay Slay. Thats the only dude that I dated while being in the industry. All the other guys, like 50 and the rest is all rumor. I would rather date someone who is not in the industry because someone who is in the same industry with you wouldnt have the time to be together. Lack of time creates a strain in a relationship. Thats why Kay Slay and I ended up not working out. We just didnt have time. Were busy people. Until one of us slows down, it just wouldnt work.

HHDX: In some peoples opinions, your assets are what make it hard for anyone to keep some handcuffs on you.

Buffie: You know what?! Thats probably why a lot of guys are intimidated to say anything to me. Theyll stand in the corner and push the other to try and say something to me. I dont know why they at like that. Damn, you can come over and say something to me. Im like, Lets chill lets talk. There is nothing Hollywood about me. You can approach me. But my big ass scared people away before, but now Im Buffie the Body and I have a big ass so that really scares people away.

HHDX: Can you talk a little more about the upcoming movie that youre rehearsing for?

Buffie: The movie is supposed to be a dramatic-thriller. We begin filming in September. I begin training for it in August. Itll be shot in Philly. It should take thirty-five days to shoot. It should be in theaters around February. It hits the film festivals in January and the pre-screening will be in December. Its supposed to be about a serial killer who goes around killing people but I cant even go too deep into what its all about.

HHDX: The movie is a good look. With your brief feature in ATL, I guess its true that success can sometimes be a sweet revenge. People tend to have plenty of things to say about others, especially when they become successful seemingly solely because of their body. Comments have ranged from saying that you have butt implants to where they question your sexuality. Where do you think the hate comes from?

Buffie: Thats new to me. Theyre questioning my sexuality!?! They focus on me because Im the it girl right now. Im doing everything. I won Eye Candy of the Year award. I feel like 50 Cent right now. He was on the cover of that issue [in XXL] that I won. Everyone that wrote into XXL, said everything negative about 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. So I figured that if theyre going to hate on him, it makes me feel good that mafuckas hate on me. Out all of the people who hated, only one or two people had decided to write something positive about them. It made me think that they had something against him. 50 is a rich man. I look at it like the same way. Im not doing all this stuff because people dont like me [in this industry]. Im loved out there. Every time that someone becomes the head honcho they end up becoming the main target. When people take the time to e-mail me or hit up these message boards, just think about what they got to do. They have to go online, find out my information or go to my website just to hate on me. It just seems that a lot of people cant take it. All that unnecessary talk isnt really phasing me. So, what does that say about them? Theyre e-mailing me a person who doesnt even know their name saying a whole lot of garbage.

HHDX: But as a woman, some of the comments are from women who say that how you are portraying yourself isnt a healthy role model for young women growing up how can you say that theyre wrong?

Buffie: Im not trying to be a role model. Im only trying to be Buffie. You dont hear me out there preaching about the ills of drinking, smoking, or sex dont do this or whatever. I dont do campaigns. Im Buffie the Body and Im a hustler. Im trying to get my money. If a female walks up to me and wants advice, I give it. There are a lot of females who support me more than there are those that hate. I save all the e-mails that I get from females. I could show you over 300 e-mails. Talking about how much they love me, what kind of exercises they can do, and stuff like that I have all of them.

HHDX: But I mean, can you blame them? When you become a celebrity especially in the times that we live in you become a mother, an older sister to these women who look up to you? So, saying that youre not a role model would fuel that hate, dont you think?

Buffie: I can be a role model to these women by showing them how to be business smart, by telling women how not to act when you come into this game, and to never lower your standards. I can tell them the right way on how you do this, by following what I did. I went out and I printed out cards, I put up a website, I started a Yahoo group, I started a MySpace page. I didnt shoot with every photographer who wanted to take pictures of me. I can do that as far as a role model is concerned. I do the right thing with my money. Dont think that anyone can come into this business and be a video girl for the rest of their life! It doesnt pay that much. I say to anyone always be prepared to do something else. Thats why Im trying to venture into other things because this is not forever.

HHDX: Would you ever come out with a book to continue to spread your message to other interested ladies who are trying to come up on some game?

Buffie: Yeah, I would come out with a book. People would have to be interested in what I have to say because I dont have any of the juicy stuff about who is fuckin with who. Ive run into nothing but good folks. Its all about how you carry yourself. When you put your foot down, they respect that. When I first talked to Yayo, I told him about how Im a dancer but Im not going to dance in any type of way, the outfit that I wear is going to be respectable. Anything else Im not going to do that. You dont see me wearing anything like that. I stay classy. You dont see me on the internet with my p---- and titties out. I havent had to do it. Ive gotten this far and havent had to do that at all.

HHDX: I mean, obviously, men dont seem to have any problems with your, ahem assets. But I would assume that they can be a little grab-happy, too. Has anyone ever overstepped their boundaries? What did you do to put em in their place?

Buffie: I hear dudes say some lewd comments. Anything from will you marry me to can we have fifteen kids to can we fuck all night long. So that comes along with the territory. You almost expect that. Its like walking into a strip club and a guy touches me, its like you understand. I was in a city, one time, hosting at a club, and a dude touched my ass. Id walk with security and when that happened, I knocked dude out. Last month, when I was in Detroit, a female tried to touch me in a club. I was hosting a party with Morris Chestnut and Vivica Fox. She walked up to me and squeezed my ass. I knocked her the hell out. I feel like if you touch me, then I can touch you. Anything in my hand, I will use. I know I need to stop that, because Vivica told me that I really need to just calm down. I dont need to be hitting people when they touch me because I could get lawsuit.

HHDX: Well, Buffie Tyson [laughs] -- with doing all these shows across the U.S., I would assume that its all smiles. But on your MySpace page, you talk about the worst day of your life what happened?

Buffie: My sister passed away around November of 2005. She had cancer. There was seven of us, together, but I never thought of a day that that wouldve happen. Im not prepared for something like that. Sometimes I try to its hard. I really dont live in Georgia anymore. I cant spend time with them. It sort of helps a little bit, but it never takes the place of having my sister there. I still have her cell phone number in my phone. I wont erase it. Its like shes never going to call, shes never going to receive my call or hear my voice. I miss her. My sister was really happy when I first made it. She would call me every five minutes and record the video every time it came on. She was my biggest fan.

HHDX: How has losing your sister affected you? How has the family recuperated from such a lost?

Buffie: I think my mother is having a hard time. All of my family lives where my sister lived at. They would see her every day. They saw her deteriorating. I was on the road a lot. Matter of fact, I was in Cincinnati the last time I talked to her. She asked me if I was coming home for Thanksgiving. I told her that I may had been hosting a show, but she said that she had wanted me to come home. So, I made the plans to do that and the next day she passed.

HHDX: Did you go home as soon as you heard?

Buffie: I had a party to host that was right before the funeral. A week afterwards, I had hosted another party. It was a bad thing, I know, but they dont care about that. They dont care about my situation. They have their own things to worry about. It was hard. Im really close with the rest of the family. In fact, when I bought my house, my mom came up here to help me plant flowers and get furniture. Ive never had a house before. She came to teach me how to maintain my yard. Im more of a hands-on person. I dont want to pay anyone to do my work for me. It was nice. Shes been a lot of help.

HHDX: Its good to see that that hasnt stopped you from working. Even though youve been in the videos, what are you currently listening to?

Buffie: I listen to a lot of 70s music. I love the OJays, the Spinners, the Stylistics, and the Bee Gees -- just to name a few. Thats what I listen to when Im in home, in my office. I rarely watch television. I havent even seen Kay Slays new video with Shaq and Papoose. I think they just now started playing it. The only time I would watch [television] is before I go to sleep and I have to have the television on. But I watch Forensic Files, CSI or something like that. Im always on the computer. Im trying to put my DVD in the stores. I dont have a manager, so a lot of stuff falls on me. So, I have to continually work to keep the money rolling in. Im always working. I hate the weekends because everything shuts down. At Friday after five, you can get any money deposited into your account or nothing [laughs]. I hate the weekends! I dont want to see the weekends until Im rich.

HHDX: Before I let you go, is there anything that you want to say to the readers of HipHopDX.com?

Buffie: Thanks to all my fans, I really appreciate the support. Without you guys I wouldnt be in the position that Im in. Keep tuning in. Keep requesting me. Keep showing love because Im never going to forget about you. Also, Im glad to have an opportunity to move away from things that I have been doing. Im not going to change whom it is, I am, though. Im not going to lose weight the ass is still there. But there is a new phase of Buffie. Im making big moves now. Its a business thing. For all the haters who all said that Im nothing but a big ass and no talent, just wait and I see I got big plans in store.

You can check out more from Ms. Buffie the Body Carruth on her MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/buffiethebodydotcom. Or you can head to her official page at


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