J-Zone Loves Them Hos

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Jamaica, Queens native J-Zone may talk crazy ignant on wax, but the brilliant producer is far from unaware when it comes to this dirty game.

What is the average day of a Bo$$ Hog Barbarian?

Rest and dress, talk shit and swallow spit. Keep dead animals on the coat and on the Foreman Grill. Cuss loud and hog proud.

You can pick any artist dead/alive or in jail to drop a verse on the album, who would it be?
Suga Free Are you and Celph gonna do this again?
Naah, it was a one off. Celph has a lot on his plate in other avenues and I'm focusing on production and some touring in the immediate future. We had a ton of fun doin this record, but we didn't intend to hog for more than one album. If it happens, it'll be naturally, we ain't gonna do an album out of convenience.

I know you're a big fan of the Bay area, you ever ghostride the protege in Queens?
Sideshows on Rockaway Freeway all day!!

Whats on deck for the rest of 06?
I have some instrumental shit dropping. The main project is a soundtrack I did for a movie treatment I was working on, called "To Love A Hooker". I never finished the movie, but I finished the soundtrack. It has characters, "film clips" from the "movie", all the beats are scenes in the "movie", but the "movie" hasnt been made. The main character never speaks or raps, but all of the necessary elements for a concept album are there. It's like some make your own album shit, so MC's can do their own versions of the album if they choose. The beats are wild. I thought that would be different, fun and a way to show my range as a producer. Everybody is doin instrumental albums now. I always wanted to do one cause I got my start studying those old 45 King beat albums, but I wanted to do one that was more than just a compilation of beats. "To Love A Hooker" drops late summer on my label, Old Maid Ent. I also have some mp3 only and limited edition side shit I did for fun, all instrumental. Keep your ears peeled for that. No rapping for now, except at shows.

Producing for anyone in particular?

Sadat X, Tha Alkaholiks, Del, A Plus, Vakill, Vast Aire, Outerspace, Apathy, Akrobatik and some others.

What exactly is it like to love a hooker?

I dunno, I don't love them hoes! Its just a concept/movie idea i had that i did a soundtrack for but never made the movie

So did you actually write a screenplay for it?

Sorta. I had characters and scenes mapped out, but I never got around to scripting it, I just scripted certain scenes that wound up on the "film clips" on the album and I had a few friends play characters.

So you basically just skipped ahead to the score, any plans to go back and write it?

If the album is successful, I will definitely. Otherwise, Ill do it in my spare time, when it permits. I would like to do movies, both scoring and acting. I already scored a porno earlier in the year called "Asian Bang" and I recently tried out for a drug dealer role in an indie horror movie (even I can't make that shit up) and the people liked me, I may get a callback.

Thats dope. How different was it to work on this album, knowing it was purely instrumental?
It was the same but different. Most of my beats are conceptual normally, and I do a lot of concept songs. But I don't do many concept albums, its been a while. Music For Tu Madre and to an extent, $ick Of Bein Rich, were kinda like concept albums. But to do a whole story, I've never done that. It's also different because it doesn't have my usual shit talking and antics. It's just going back to beats and ideas, which I wanted to do since day one, but I got caught up in the rapper part. It still has my wit though, you can tell I did it

I was gonna say that, your personality is still all over it. After this experience you think you've got another instrumental album in you?

I can't say who yet, but I am working on an instrumental album with another producer (more known as a rapper) who is real ill. He's on a major as a rapper, so I can't really blurt his name out til we get the red tape straight. But we doin some crazy beat mixtape concept shit. I have another one Im working on alone as well, with a theme of course. But I have to see how this one does first. I dont know if the public will be receptive to me doin instrumental stuff cause they're used to my character on records and if I'm not crackin jokes, they may overlook it

When does zone the rapper come back?

I have no idea. No time soon, thats for sure. Not really tryin to rap like that

If I recall, you planned on giving up the mic a few albums ago right?
Yeah, but within a year i was back rappin again. I finished Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$ last August and havent done a rap song since, so this is my longest hiatus thus far. I'm beginning to think it's a wrap for rap. I always rapped for fun man, I never wanted to be a full time rapper, I always said that. I take my song witing seriously, but my approach to rhymes is silly and humorous. But when I would refuse to freestyle, refuse to rap on the radio and people said I was a one trick pony with subject matter, I was like, man y'all not feelin what I'm sayin! Rapping is therapy and entertainment for me, no more no less, although I take the art of makin records seriously. So with that in mind, it shouldn't be a shock I'm gonna fall back from it. Especially being humor has no place in rap anymore, everybody is a battle rapper, hood killer, hustler, space rapper, etc.

You mean County Check Pimpin wasn't serious? I model my relationships after that song
Hahaha, County Check was part serious Because I don't chase pussy, I chase money But it was obviously a joke as a song theme, like chargin girls money to date me. Although I should start chargin for my time. I really wish I could take it that far.

Haha, I hear that. You make an interesting point though...when do you think the funny emcee died in the industry?

Why 92?

No disrespect because I am the worlds biggest Onyx fan and Death Row Fan (I love that shit), but when it got on some grimy, don't smile, army gear shit in the east and on some gangsta all day shit on the west, that was the end. Clown princes like Biz didn't get the spotlight after that. Even King Tee out west he got love from the gangsta dudes, but he was also lighthearted and funny. But you didn't see kids in that "Bangn In Little Rock" HBO special pumpin "Diss You." With the exception of Redman, Luda and a few others, there's not many holdin up the humor. And even then, they balance it with street shit. I'm one of the only ones that came out on some straight comedy. Em has humor too, but he's not a funny guy rapper, he dont have that tag. I was on some crack jokes the whole album shit but i had a lotta topics. I would have Shid and Hug add balance, or later on I'd have guests. On A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work, I did the one serious song about my career cause Devin and Celph were my guests and they're both similar to me

So whats your take on gangsta rap being left out of the hip-hop museum in the Bronx?

Thats bullshit. Good music is good music and should be rewarded Amerikkkas Most Wanted is the best rap album ever made and Eazy Duz It, Mr. Scarface is Back and Niggaz 4 Life are all in the top 20 all time.

Right...and if you're documenting a culture or time period or whatever, you can't just ignore a huge part of it just because you don't like what it represents.
Exactly. Hip hop is so territorial and full of elitist snobbery, thats why I say I make rap music. Cause when it was called rap, there was no subdivisions and over analyzing At the end of the day, all I give a fuck about is the shit dope? That snobbery is why I'm raps biggest loner. Its gotta be boom bap, save hip hop shit all day, I'm sick of that. Of course that music has a place and I like a lot of it, but rap needs diversity to stay alive.

Eventually, all this is gonna fall apart, the bandwagon will slowly empty and this game with just eat itself up
I already see it. Thats why I say have fun and make the music you wanna make, regardless and dont give a fuck whatsoever, cause this is all one big circus. Major labels are a fuckin joke. This shit is retarted man.

So any last words for the readers? Advice? Words of wisdom?

Don't love no Hookers, and to anybody makin music, do what the fuck you feel cause this shit is bout to be a wrap! And oh yeah, the new slogan for 06 is DON'T HOLLA!!!! Peace! Thanks for doin this. Peace dawg.

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