Omillio Sparks: Brotherly Love?

posted May 31, 2006 12:00:00 AM CDT | 9 comments

HHDX: Now that roc-a-fella is all split-up and everything, what has Omillio Sparks been up to lately?

Sparks: I got a lot of stuff going on, getting my company ready to run, I got the movies going on, a movie done with Freeway, I just put the mixtape out The Inauguration, got the website out , got the myspace page thats hot now, so right now its just promoting and marketing and Im tryna do my thing right now.

HHDX: So as a artists are you signed to an major or independent label?

Sparks: Me and me partners got our own independent situation right now and we looking for distribution, so we have meetings about that so we can go put out records on shelf for a while you know what Im sayin.

HHDX: So you got a new mixtape out now whats the name of that?

Sparks: Its called The Inauguration, if you go the web the music there too, but its in the streets right now and that thing is mean man I aint gonna hold you.

HHDX: Why did you name it The Inauguration?

Sparks: Cuz its a campaign right now, my campaign is to bury hate. Like you said its a bunch of situations going on with the Roc and State Property so the campaign is to bury hate and its just a movement I got going on right now. Im in a position where Im runnin things, its like where Peedi Crakk said he runnin for President, just a campaign to bury hate. I feel good while Im doing and Im having fun, so I just hope people would get the record and feel the same way I feel about it.

HHDX: How you feel about State Property splitting up and everybody doing they own shit?

Sparks: I feel like us when we were together we were the mean dream team and Im kind of disappointed, but what can you do, you know what Im saying. All you can do is fall back get ya self situated and get things worked out. Folks still stay in contact with each other, but other folks got other situations and issues that gotta be resolved. Hopefully everybody put things behind them and get things moving you know what Im sayin, cuz on a business aspect we was worth a lot of change together, but we was worth change on doing our own thing too. I just hope everybody get they mind right you know, when we was in there we was young so everybody grown and mature now so eventually it will grow over you know what Im saying, but I wouldnt let the whole Roc situation break the whole State Property up that was a bad move.

HHDX: What you miss most about yall being together?

Sparks: I miss the fact that it was a bunch of raw talent in one room all the time you know what Im saying and we had a lot of good times, we spent a lot of time together from 99 until the situation happen with the Roc so we got good memories, so when we around each other we become like brothers you know what Im saying, we had some good times we made history together, we all come from the streets and before you know it we was doing movies, we put records out. The way we was doing it was crazy, it was incredible we mashin on dudes on Hot 97 it was a camp come at us, nobody came at State Prop, cuz if they did they knew they had a problem from all of us.

HHDX: So do you still keep a close relationship with everybody such as Freeway, Young Gunz, Peddi Crakk etc?

Sparks: Yeah I keep a relationship with Crakk, I see the Gunnerz, I see Mac, Oschino I see him, I dont see Freeway much, but Free was always like that you know what Im sayin? Last time I seen him was when we did a movie and thats the joint What we do is wrong, and it was brief and we aint talk much then.

HHDX: What about Beans, how the relationship been since he been out of jail?

Sparks: When he came home I seen him, you know Im from the city so you know we gonna bump heads, the city aint but so big, he showed love I just seem him before I went to Miami at a club he showed me some love we kicked it, it aint like its bad-blood I dont feel no tension you know what Im saying? But its business at the end of the day, but you know when you trying to talk business you cant get no business done in the club, so when you see me its holla show some love and then you hollerin at the girls you know what Im sayin? You break out, but Im waiting for the phone call that come through and say meet me at the round table, but until then I got my situation going on, my independent situation, got my business license together, my L.L.C. now Im official and Im running a company, doing my movie thing and taken care of the family.

HHDX: I would like to know is Oschino and Sparks still together as a group?

Sparks: Well Oschino is about to do a solo project, Im bout to do a solo project. We got a project in the making, but with that we wanna take it to the table and see what we can get for it, cuz at the end of the day its business. But we definitely gotta get something done cuz people wanna see that. I think me and him compliment each other on the rap side of things so I definitely look forward to getting something like that done.

HHDX: Yeah I just saw Oschino and I interviewed the Gunnerz last week, so I just wanted to know thats all.

Sparks: Yeah Oschino a real nigga, he out doing his thing thats how he living, I see the Young Gunz doin they thing with the mixtapes they doing I give them a verse or some stuff and it makes sense to do that. I think everything they fell about was some petty shit, you ask any of these motherfuckas, just ask em, What was the problem?, cant nobody give you a real solid answer, but saying this that and the third, but even if it was bad business going on its something that can get fixed you know what Im saying? But I dont like getting into detail with this shit, cuz its bullshit, I rather deal with the niggas one on one you know what Im mean.

HHDX: Being from Philly and all why you think its so much it in our so called City of Brotherly Love?

Sparks: Aw mean, its like the situation with the crabs in the basket that shit is real, a nigga start shinin and niggas get mad and dont know body wanna see each other blow, a motherfucker would smile in ya face act like he want you to blow, but in the back of his mind he sayin Fuck that Nigga! I look at down south and they play right off of each other, I look at down south, I see how west coast did it, I see how New Yorkers do it and then you get to Philly it be bullshit you know what Im sayin? At the end of the day if we can all get in there and make this fuckin change and feed the family thats what its about at the end of the day, I never could understand it and I probably wont understand, cuz I aint no fuckin hater, even when I was fucked up I never hated on my niggas I grew up with. Thats just how we live, with my camp all the boys around me everybody got something we aint gonna let each other fall like that, we gonna make sure everybody up.

HHDX: Do you think hate got a big part in Phillys murder rate being so fuckin high?

Sparks: Nah, Fuck no! Bush got that motherfucking murder rate high, because the economy fucked up, in debt like 10 trillion dollars. Cant nobody make no fucking money! Nobodys hiring, gas prices like 3 dollars a fucking gallon, do what you able to do. Even a motherfucker with education right now they cant even supply all them with jobs, even them motherfuckers trying to get a extra buck on the side, the gun play gonna go on. It aint gonna be from hate, its gonna be 9 times out of ten mothefuckers is hungry!

HHDX: Now ya role as Baby boy in the last two State Properties you was wildin, people wanna know did you do some of that shit for real?

Sparks: What you think, my track record speaks for itself, I got almost ten years parole Im walkin on right now as we speak. I dont like getting into that. I aint gonna act like I did all that shit because if I did all that shit I dont even know what me and you be talking right now. But I come from a hell of a path you know what Im sayin?

HHDX: So you got any upcoming roles in any other hood films?

Sparks: I got the joint I did with Freeway, What we do is wrong, I got this other joint called Soulful thats focused on this chick where her parents is cracked-out, and Im working on this other joint the role is serious. They hard on a nigga in Hollywood.

HHDX: What you like most about acting anyway?

Sparks: First is they cut ya check right up front and it dont be no bullshit at the end of the day, its different, the videos is cool, but the first time seeing ya face on the big screen that was a helluva feelin. Im in a movie theatre in Philly going to 69th street and they got State property playing in the theatre thats a good feeling you know. Plus with the acting, you know how rap is so funny a motherfucka would fuck with you then he not. With the acting long as you get the right role and play your part you can do that shit until you forty something.

HHDX: So what you hate the most about acting?

Sparks: To be totally honest, its the bullshit people in that business, they be bullshit. You take a guy like me where my tolerance level is kind of crazy, you know when people put a front on and act like something you not so you fuck up, so if you be you too much they think you bein too real and they stereotype you. So you might not get the role.

HHDX: So you ever thought about acting as a career?

Sparks: I thought about it a few times, but you know Im focused on the music right now, but they both play off of each other so if I think I can balance them out Ill attack both.

HHDX: Whats good with your label Colossal Entertainment, how made you get that started?

Sparks: Well, first of all I got more control of things and the money come back home, a lot of people think the only way you can make money is going with the majors and I thought that too, but then with the majors they spend they money so they can make it back and by the time you see ya money they gotta make sure they recruit. With your business all you doing is pumping money into you and once you start doing what you supposed to be doing and it takeoff the money you pump into you comeback to you. All it is is makin money comeback to you and putting it back into yourself and becoming a better businessman. I feel more comfortable the people, I could fire and hire who I want you know what I mean.

HHDX: Why you name it Colossal Entertainment?

Sparks: Well, Colossal is my partners and Im Omillio Sparks Entertainment, so its a joint venture, but it was all something we collectively came up with. Its big, its a big thing for us, so thats how we came up with that. But it all goes together Omillio Sparks Entertainment and Colossal Entertainment both ways its joint venture and its going down.

HHDX: How far you wanna take Colossal Entertainment?

Sparks: I wanna take it as far as I can man. I seen Master P do it, we just see Jay-Z do it ya feel me? This is my goal if I can get my buzz where it need to get, shoot the right video, put it out and get the public on my side and I get that distribution deal or something and get enough money so we can function like a major Id be good. Thats how far I wanna take it or whateva it takes me, cuz I aint no quitter. I believe in me, I believe in my team and we should be good, I think I got enough brain-power and enough talent to make it happen.

HHDX: Anything you wanna say to the readers of and where fans can hit you up and look up Colossal Entertainment?

Sparks: Tell the fans check me out on the website, Hit me up on, check for the music, requests a song on the radio, look-out for ya boy and support em, hold me down I need the fans on my side, I need ya support I need everybody support right now ride wit me.

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