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One word that describes Katt Williams, a.k.a. Money Mike, is fly. The colorful, iridescent individual stands in a class of his own. Ive always been weird. We live in a time now where its starting to be a good thing. My I.Q. was 141 at eight. I was smart but I didnt like school. It puts you in a difficult position if you have the intelligence, but not the desire. I always dressed and acted different and my goal and intentions were always different.

Born in Ohio, Katt was the child of an ex-Black Panther member. As a result educational achievement was a must. Katt was reading at the age of three. Information turns me on. I probably read 7 nonfiction books a week. I like seeing new and different things. I am turned off by people who are content with what they have. With people that are satisfied with knowing the same things at 36 that they knew at 19.

Katt knew at an early age, 9, to be exact, that he wanted to do comedydespite his extraordinary intelligence. As a teenage he made his way down to Florida where he snuck into a night club and ended up on stage doing comedy. When people started laughing, I stopped to smell the roses.

Katt Williams is a blend of comedic talent. I kinda fashioned myself after Don Knotts because he never acknowledged the fact that he was being as funny as he was. Also, several Jewish comics they have the will and passion to do jokes and white comics that usually focus on the writing as well as the jokes.

In 2001, Katt landed the part of Money Mike in Friday After Next. This began a transformation as he was assimilated into the role of an arrogant, flashy pimp that looked to be plucked from 1970s.

HHDX: Since youve played the role of Money Mike people relate you with him. Are there a lot of similarities between you and the character?

KW: Yes, we have similarities. People always say they dont want to take certain roles because they dont want to be stereotype. What they fail to realize is that youre destined to be stereotyped. I happen to be blessed with being a fly individual on and off screen, so I bring a portion of that to what Im doing to the character. My initial goal when I see a role is how do I make this character fly? What people dont understand is that I was able to do the Money Mike character which is a pimp, the most played part in African American history, although he was a pimp we were able to sell him without him calling her a bitch or put her out on the street, or slap a women. He owns a clothing store. Thats important.

HHDX: Okay, after Friday After Nextyou did NYPD, Nick Cannons Gigolo, Ludacris Stand-up Lil Kims Shut Up as well as a host of others. But, what many people dont know is that you have an investment company, Katt Patt Investment. Tell me about that.

KW: Well, we own about 20 real estate properties as well as other investment companies that do different television shows and a few comedians.

HHDX: You pretty much do it all, acting, comedy, business and youre a single father. Hows that going for you?

KW: If you can be a single father broke, than being a single father rich is easy. Me and my son never had problems. There were things we wanted to do, but we were okay.

HHDX: Understandable. I understand you got your start at white comedy clubs. How are white audiences different from black audiences?

KW: A white audience is aware of comedy as an art form. They will allow you to take the time to paint the picture. A black audience wants you to get to the punch line. Its a time and a speed issue that is the difference. Whats funny to white people is funny to black; its just a timing issue.

HHDX: Do you prefer either audience?

KW: No.

HHDX: When it comes to your routine, do you use improv or are your routines prepared?

KW: Im always prepared. Im prepared for the improv. Less than 4% of my routine is improv. People think they want improv, but they dont. People pay good money to see a show and improv is not guaranteed. Its not guaranteeable.

HHDX: Are there any disadvantages to being a comedian.

KW: Not really except being broke.

HHDX: Do people usually get upset with you when you talk about them? For example, I heard the joke about Professor Ogalve kissing another man.

KW: People get offended by jokes. Generally they wanna fight or their feelings get hurt. Its all in fun, but its also true.

HHDX: Speaking of fights, I know you use to use sarcasm as a way of not getting into fights and people thought you were being funny. Do you get the Napoleon Complex thing a lot?

KW: I still get it now. People forget who Napoleon was. Napoleon was a guy who despite his physical stature was able to take over most of the world. I dont have a problem with having that complex.

Katt is currently touring and working on future projects. Its Pimpin, Pimpin, his new album is in the works and is slated to feature, Da Brat, Luda, Lyfe Jennings and other national artists.

If youre looking for those hot ring tones, he also has those too with two of Money Mikes ring tones being ranked in Jamster.

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