Dogg Pound: Guess Who's Bizzack?

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Its time to ride! Tha Dogg Pound reunited after a series of beefs, disses, going separate ways and new affiliations with adversaries, the original Doggfather Snoop Doggy Dogg, lyrical assassin Kurupt a.k.a. Young Gotti and the multi-talented beatsmith/verbalizer Daz Dillinger are ready to shake up the industry once again. Ever since the infamous New York, New York video back in 95, had to get an exclusive interview and see what buildings Tha Dogg Pound are going to kick down next with their new album Cali Iz Active," that drops June 27 on Snoops label, Doggy Style Records and distributor Koch. With one of the craziest line-ups in a long time, including Busta Rhymes, RBX, Soopafly, Bad Azz, B-Real, David Banner, and Paul Wall along with producers Battlecat, Fredwreck, The Alchemist, Jazzy Fay, Diddy and Swizz Beats, the Dogg Pounds not playing.

Catching up with the original duo that created the classic debut album Dogg Food before going solo and recording numerous independent projects, Daz and Kurupt mutually sounded ecstatic about banging out Dogg Pound heat once again and reestablishing their West Coast reign.

HHDX: Off the bat, I want to thank you both for contributing to my future hearing loss from my constant blasting of especially Dogg Food (Tha Dogg Pound, 1995), Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back (Daz, 1998) and Streetz Iz a Mutha (Kurupt, 1999).

Daz: Ha! Fa sho, man. I appreciate it.

Kurupt: Ya know! Whats crackalakin?

HHDX: After all the beef and everything that went down throughout the years, Kurupts affiliation with Suge, etc., I heard you both squashed everything at an amusement park by fate?

Daz: Yeah. I was taking my daughter out on her birthday and Kurupt was up there. We had talked a few days before but we didnt know we were going to be up there. We were like, lets cut the bullshit and lay it down. Its moving forward with DPG. What we had back then is what we can have greater this time.

HHDX: Talk about getting back with Snoop.

Kurupt: Snoop is the forefather. Hes the one that made it all happen for everybody. Being back with Snoop is like being back with your commander-in-chief. The commander-in-chief is going to set the pace for everybody and put you into position. Everyone gets their position and does their part and the focus is in everybodys benefit. Its great to be back under that leadership because it brings positivity, growth for the families, the children - the whole bowl of wax.

HHDX: Being that you are both family men and the whole nine, are the hard lyrics going to be toned down or?

Daz: Im going hard on every album I do! I got kids to teach. I cant let them be soft.

HHDX: What are you teaching?

Daz: To stand your ground. He stay his ground, you stay your ground. Im gonna stand my ground in this rap business.

Kurupt: There is definitely some growth. Im more mature. Im a father. Life is looking better in a different light. Then, like, being back with the homies is just like a whole void thats being filled. We are at our peaks right now. We are at our best right now in our positions, in our organizations, and I think we all respect each other, and we love each other as brothers and family members so its a great thing.

HHDX: Kurupt, how are you coming on this album?

Kurupt: I spill that magma, you know. Its that stuff that incinerates once you touch it, you know. Like I said, with that void filled in, itll bring out the best in all of us actually. I am spilling that volcanic (laughing). I keeps it fresh.

HHDX: Specifically, whats some album bangers off the bat you want to tell

HipHopDX about?

Kurupt: The Busta track is sick. The joint with David Banner is outta here. Outta here! He produced it, too. Also , Heavyweights (featuring producer Ryan Leslie). All of em.

HHDX: Daz, how many beats did you do on the album?

Daz: I didnt put down any beats, I just rapped.

HHDX: None? Not one?! You didnt find that weird? Why no Daz tracks?

Daz: Mmmmmm I dunno. Cheese. Pride. I dunno. On the next Dogg Pound album, I got that but this is Snoops album so its like whatever way he wanted to put it together. We still made great songs putting ideas down. Its like tap dancing with the beat.

HHDX: Okay, so Snoop got everybody linked up?

Daz: We all put each other back in the light. We got put in the position and Snoop quarterbacked the deal. [Initially], I was over Snoops house and I was asleep and he woke me up like, Man, I got this West Coast compilation thing I want to put together and everybody I talked to has your names keep poppin up. So I want you try and get with Kurupt and make this thing happen, man.

HHDX: How did Kurupt receive the idea when you called him?

Daz: Aww, he was like cool, lets make it happen and we went into the studio that night. It was the same chemistry.

HHDX: Kurupt, you know about ill lyrics. Who is doing their thing right now?

Kurupt: T.I., man. Hes not playin right now. Umm, Young Jeezys fire, ya know. Oh, and Paul Wall. This guy, I am just lovin his shit. Hes so ready.

HHDX: You got an album coming out, right? Daz is producing the whole thing?

Kurupt: Yeah! Underground, Volume I-Young Gotti. Same Day, Different Shit, ya know! I got the full album I am doing with Snoop, my major release, you know what I mean, that Snoop is overseeing, so My solo one with Snoop is so sssssssick.

HHDX: Suge has nothing to do with your products now?

Kurupt: Naw. Hes doing his thing and we doing ours.

HHDX: Hows Atlanta and Jermaine Dupri treating you, Daz?

Daz: I got my solo album dropping July 18th, SoSo Def. Then we got the June 27th date with Tha Dogg Pound. Then we got Kurupts solo album. I produced the whole album. I got the South and L.A., you know what Im saying? Its all about being versatile. I got the bounce, go hard, all that shit.
This summers going to be nuts for Dogg Pound aficionados. Besides the onslaught of albums from Snoop, Kurupt and Daz, the clique is also opening for Ice Cube this summer on a national tour which is set to kick off on April 20th in Anaheim, CA., through June. Nobodys safe.

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