Remy Ma: Remy On The Rocks

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The year 2005 marked Remy Mas breakout to the mainstream, but Remys been around longer than Lean Back. The lone lady of the Terror Squad has been holding it down since the mid-90s alongside Fat Joe and the late Big Pun, earning her stripes by spewing vicious metaphors and punchlines (if you dont know, ask Lady Luck). With her Terror Squad clique finally getting the commercial success they deserve, its only right that drop her solo debut, Theres Something About Remy. In this interview, Remy Ma talks about the new album, getting mushy on wax, and male groupies.

HipHopDX: What was it like recording a whole album, as opposed to just working with Fat Joe or Terror Squad before?

Remy Ma: Theres really no difference. Most of the time, when I was working on the Terror Squad and cameos, I was doing the same amount of work Im doing now. Its just that it wasnt my album, so it doesnt seem like I was doing that much. But Ive been doing this for the longest; this was just the first time that it was only my name on it, and nobody else taking credit or whatever the case may be.

HipHopDX: What kind of expectations do you think people have of you?

Remy Ma: I think I set my expectations for my album higher than anybody else. A lot of people probably dont expect much, being that Im a girl and Im a rapper. I really know how people think of girl rappers. I dont really think of myself of a girl rapper, or as a femcee, as they say nowadays. I know a lot of people arent going to expect nothing too crazy, thats why when they do hear it, its going to be such a shock, and way bigger than I probably even expect because people have such low expectations. Theres a few people out there that know (Im talented), but the majority (of people think) just being a female and being a rapper, youre supposed to be wack. But when theyre starving, and they find out that my album is that eight-course meal, when they realize that they were ignorant and that theyre stupid, and they realize that my album is the wisdom they never had, and that my album is the map for wherever theyre trying to go, everythings going to change.

HipHopDX: Your rap style is pretty gully, but youre still an attractive woman. Do you feel any pressure to make certain songs? Like the Ne-Yo song, you said its difficult for you to be gushy on a record

Remy Ma: Thats just me talking. At the end of the day, I can make any type of record. Any topic you give me, Ive got it. Any beat you give me, Ive got it. Its just that me being me, I enjoy more talking shit, talking about how I smash this, the crazy metaphors, thats fun to me. The this is my man, I love him, I want to marry him and have his kids, ahh! I can do it, but at the end of the day, its like, for what? I dont want to do that! Its not my favorite song. But when I do it, Im going to do it so I like it. The song with me and Ne-Yo, its gushy or whatever you want to call it, but its not so soft that you cant see me doing the video, or you cant see me doing the song. I did it how I am, from my own perspective, not how people would want me to do it. I did it Rem style, so Im happy with it.

HipHopDX: Yeah, I think your gully shit is your best too. Ive got to give you props for the joint with Papoose, where you were like, niggas throw they meat in you, youre burnin like a frying pan.

Remy Ma: [laughs] Thats my nigga. Were about to do a mixtape together, were working on it now, its going to be like an album. Its going to be a wrap, niggas aint going to be able to put out mixtapes after that.

HipHopDX: What was it like working with Swizz Beats?

Remy Ma: Swizz is dope. Whats so crazy is that I worked with him before when I was recording what was supposed to be my first album, Remy On The Rocks, when I was signed to Loud. We had done a joint called Monster, he had sampled Jadas voice in the beat, it was crazy. This wasnt my first time working with Swizz, so we were like, Weve got to do some crazy shit. I went to the studio with him, we went through a few things, came up with the Whatever joint, he left me in the studio, came back the next day and I left the song there for him. Hes cool, I fucks with Swizz. I like his whole work process, hes hella creative. Sometimes you have to stop him, like, Yo, youre wildin. [laughs] But Im not saying that. For the most part, hell make some shit, lay it down, and lay the tracks on top of each other and its just crazy.

HipHopDX: So how do you think youve grown since the work that youve done before?

Remy Ma: As an artist in general, to me, all the great ones get better as they go on. Its very rare that a great one starts getting wack; it happens, but its very rare. I just feel like whatever your craft is, the more you do it, you just automatically get better, as long as you keep at it and thats your passion. But there are some other people, like Joe and my older brother, who swear, When you were 17, thats when you were dumb nice. Im like, nigga Im still dumb nice, I just seemed way better then because they didnt know I was as nice as I was. The first time they were hearing me, nothings like the first impression. Youre used to hearing me spit fire every day, it takes away the edge. But lets stay on topic, I think Im better now, they think I was better then. As long as everybody thinks Im the best, I really dont care.

HipHopDX: The new album has very few guest appearances. With this being your first album released, other people usually have three or four notable cameos. Did you do this on purpose, or was this just the way that it worked out?

Remy Ma: I feel like this is Theres Something About Remy, so the album should be about me. A lot of artists, new and old, they have so many musical guests and features on their album, it sounds like a mixtape when youre finished. If I want to hear the artist, thats who I want to hear.

I feel like Ive been underestimated. Its a lot of people to this day, as much as Ive been around and as many songs as Ive been on, they dont know who Remy Ma is as an artist herself, or how she puts together a song on an album. I just didnt want to flood my album with mad collaborations.

The song that Ive got with Pun, we recorded when he was still alive, original beat and everything, Ive been holding onto that for years. The song with me and Ne-Yo, we recorded right before his first single. Everybody was like, Whos Ne-Yo? Why dont we get Mario on there? I was telling them, This kid is dumb nice, and when he pops, I dont want to hear nothing from nobody. Its the same thing with Keyshia Cole, we clicked when I first met her, thats like my people. We call each other all the time, make sure each other is all right. Its love, its only right that we get together and do something crazy. I have Ivy Queen on my album, a lot of people dont really know who she is, shes big in reggaeton. At the time everybody was jumping on the reggaeton bandwagon, I was like, Youve got to do something with me. But I dont even want it to sound like a reggaeton song, youve got to get gully on it. And thats how it came out. Ive also got Fat Joe on a chorus, he didnt rhymeI knew everybody would expect that, so I put him on a chorus.

HipHopDX: You built your reputation with Fight Klub and battling. Do you plan on ever going back to Fight Klub?

Remy Ma: I mean, I guess anythings possible. I feel like, not like Im bigger than that, but Im past it. That was a stepping stone in what Im trying to do right now. I dont feel like Ive got nothing else to prove. The whole Lady Luck thing was worth getting into because people thought she was going to win, I was upset. So at the end of the day, it makes me bitter. I hold grudges, and I feel certain ways after things, whether I win or lose. I won, but I still dont like some of the things that she said, period. We can never be cool again. So I dont want to make extra hate for people.

HipHopDX: Youre in KING magazine talking about male groupies. What has that been like recently? Has anything gone down on this tour yet?

Remy Ma: I hate male groupies, theyre the worst. People read it and I think they get it confused, they think I like male groupies. We only like them because we humiliate them to the highest level. Its like, have you any pride, any dignity? What would your father think of your actions, or your mother? But so far, the tour just started, so theres nothing crazy yet. Call me in another week, I can probably give you two crazy stories. Nothing yet though.

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