Scarface & The Product: 100 Proof

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With the South flooding the airwaves, its inconceivable to think that that trend may change soon. Snap, Trap, and Crunk music have all gone pop. But deep in the trenches, hidden beneath the glitz and glamour of multi-platinum sales and numerous appearances on Direct Effect and 106 & Park lies an awakening; a revelation of sorts.

The mixture of these three emcees from different regions across these United States has developed into a statement a movement a product of the streets environment. The Product consists of the Bay Areas -- Willie Hen and Jacksonville, Mississippis -- Young Malice, and under the tutelage of one Brad Jordan a.k.a. Scarface the rap industry doesnt know what to expect.

Why should it? Face prides himself on being a free man via his new label, The Underground Railroad Movement and in this interview with, the H-Town legend himself discusses why he wants himself and others to get free, why beefing in Hip-Hop is a gimmick, and why Gibson makes the best guitars.

The Product is here to produce results not through Soundscan but from the streets. Willie Hen and Young Malice have a lot of respect for the mentor and go into detail about it for the readers here at

My first question for yall is -- how did The Product come to be?

Hen: Man Face remembered me from the pool hall! [Laughs] Nah, what it was was Divine intervention and that is how the product came to be first and foremost.

Malice: The Product wasnt anything that we planned on coming together. In the beginning, I was just working with Brad [Scarface] and we was just good at that. Our chemistry was visible through the music. Then Hen came and it was a wrap.

I read that there was an elimination process for this group. What did that consist of?

Malice: It was about certain ------ that was down, but didnt want to work hard. Everyone was just evaluated in the studio. Sometimes we were up till 6 7 oclock at night, up at Brads house just working. ------ was sleeping in the studio. You know that they werent for the grind. Then you had those who were up putting in the work.

There were no MC battles or nothing like that?!

Scarface: The homies in NY be talking that battling shit. The people in NY are so serious about this Hip-Hop game that it doesnt really faze them. They can get on the radio and say whatever they want and it doesnt move them. The MCs here, down south outside of that NY shit, be taking it personal. The beef between cats in NY, they can talk about it on records and DVDs. Other ------ dont be saying shit. A mafucka aint going to be saying shit like that. Because when the shit goes down, no one wants to be in that shit. Ive seen it! Like that Mystikal and Yella Boi [of UNLV], hes dead! I dont know if thats the way or the reason behind that shit, but that shit went down.

Hen: Everyone is right there in NY. Down South, you got different states, neighborhoods, and ------ that could be implemented. You never know whats waiting on you. You never know whos waiting on you. Its really a personal thing down here. It could get real vicious. You got anyone from New Orleans, Houston, Florida -- everywhere.

Malice: Hip-Hops been around NY for so long that cats feel comfortable to start snapping on folks.

Scarface: To me that stuff is like a gimmick. Not to talk about what other ------ do, but I think that shits a gimmick.

Face, Ludacris was the first artist you put out through Def Jam South, kind of giving him his shot in the mainstream game. What do you think The Products impact will be on the game?

Scarface: Luda gave himself his own shot. Ive been in the studio twice with Luda. He does his shit. He did some mainstream shit. But hes really lyrically inclined. Hes dope. Hes dope than a mafucka. So he gave himself his shot. Im honored to be able to be in the presence of someone whos cold like that and dont need no help. The Product is just like that, but theyre not mainstream ------. Theyre just like what it is. Them ------ is just raw, unpolished piece of coal that you can mold into a diamond.

Willie Hen, youre from the Bay and Malice, youre from Mississippi what is the vibe that you two have?

Hen: We got that street ----- vibe that real recognizes real vibe. He [Malice] done came out to the Bay and hung out with me and Ive done the same with him. Theres a whole gang of dread-headed, gold teeth thugs with guns out in the Bay; and its the same out there in Mississippi. Im going to be representing the playas, pimps, and hustlers that have been seeing me out there in the streets. Malice is going to be representing the people that seen him in the streets. The ------ thats going to understand us are the people who have sold drugs, pop guns, who need to hear this shit the most.

Collectively, what are the favorite joints from this album entitled, One Hunnid?

Malice: I love all of em.

Scarface: My favorite song is called Pride. I was watching Hawaii Five-O and I made a hard ass beat. They wrote some hard ass shit to it.

Malice: I remember when he played that beat for me and I was like it was an instant classic. When we laid it all down, it was just what it was. We werent even writing off each other. The song as a whole was live. Face is a workaholic. He stays in the studio, grinding, just putting in work.

In media-savvy Hip-Hop, how do you plan to set yourselves apart from the other groups that are flooding the airwaves?

Scarface: I aint tripping, man. This isnt any type of disrespect to no one but I aint got no gimmicks. I aint (about) to go out there and do a mafuckin thing that dont need to be done to get some attention on me! This is really hood! This is really hood! I dont have no problems with making sure ------ getting what they need to get; the less attention on me, the better. Im really, really, real with that shit. If I got a problem with someone I aint going to say shit. But I will say this Im everywhere.

Face, youve been in the game in the middle and although Hen and Malice arent relative newcomers was there anything that they didnt know that you had to get them acclimated to?

Malice: Dude just gave me guidance and calmed me down, you know what Im saying?! You need a cat like Face to calm me down so that we could see the bigger picture. Hen and I are seeing things bigger. Its much more bigger than just the music. I mean you can get a group that dont like no one in it and the music will go to shit. The love that we have can definitely be found within the music.

Hen: He [Face] gave me advice about being on the road. About getting home safe. I wanted to kick it tough when I with Malice in Mississippi, but I had to get home and be with my family. That was important right there.

Scarface: I mean whats the point of staying out if you already got what you came for? You do your show and make your money and be out. Aint no use in kickin it with a -----. For what?! Get your money, man, and get home safe to your family.

The company is called The Underground Railroad Movement can you give a little back story as to how that came to be and what yall represent?

Scarface: I cant speak for the others, but, what I represent is that I am a runaway slave. Ive been under the slave masters whip. I consider the big major companies the slave master and the people that work for them are slaves. I feel that 90% of the artists in this game are slaves. You go to these plantations and you serve 8, 9, 10 years of your career for this mafucka and he got 30 times more than you do and own all your shit. The same story when they took people from Africa; have the slave do everything and not pay anything. The record company gets all they can from the jump and then drop you for nothing. With me Im freeing the slaves. Lets do an album together, lets get some money. And at the end of the day if you want to do it again, we can do that. If not, we can just move forward. All I want to do really is just make some great music and build some careers. I aint trying to take all they shit. I had got a dumb ass offer from a major record label and I looked at them like they were out of they minds. I aint trying to enslave myself no more! With the Def Jam situation, I make money with them, but theyre some slave masters too! Kevin Lyles is a bitch! Hes a big fat pussy! You can print this. You can see where all that power is coming from now with Tina Davis. Shes a bad bitch. Shes the woman behind Chris Brown and hes the next Michael Jackson.

So, then with these record companies doing the artist grimy is there anything that the Hip-Hop community can do to enforce a real live movement?

Scarface: Theres nothing that nobody can do until we all can get into the position to start governing ourselves to the point where we have our own shit. All that talking and marching, shit I aint going to hold no rallies or nothing. If a mafucka wants to crack this shit open, then Im ready to die. Id be willing to go that far just to know that my childrens children wont be no slave.

A longstanding thought has been that the corporations run Hip-Hop. From commercials to plugging products in songs, the white-owned companies seemingly have a stranglehold around the necks of a lot of emcees. My question is Is there anything that can be done to change that? Or are we lost as a Hip-Hop community and generation?

Scarface: Shit hit The Underground Railroad. Definitely, align yourself with a no-nonsense -----. Go independent. I aint going to let nobody around me or myself to get fucked. And thats real.

Is there anything next after this album drops?

Scarface: Hopefully, The Product will be able to go out on tour soon. The album comes out on February 21st, 2006. Im working on the new album called Made. That should be out sometime in June. Also, Im traveling with my band [laughs]. We cover the majority of the songs that Ive done.

Malice: It dont sound like anything else that Ive ever heard.

Scarface: I play guitar. It really fucks the crowd up. No one really knows that.

Why is Gibson the best guitar?

Scarface: Man, Gibson is the best guitar because they got that thick, thick wood.

Malice: They [Gibson] is gonna give you an endorsement deal for saying that. [Laughs]

Lastly, is there anything that you want to say to your fans and the community?

Scarface: I appreciate all yall reading. You know they say the best way to keep anything from a ----- is to put it in writing. I consider the fans, more than that. I consider them my partners, my homies, and I appreciate them for being down with me. To let everyone know I stand behind The Product 100%. Im your favorite rappers, favorite rapper [laughs]. I aint a great ass rapper, but Im a real ass -----.

Malice: I appreciate what Face did because he didnt have to do it. He didnt have to take the time out and help us put together what we put together. I thank dude first and foremost. I thank Hen for being a patient brother and helped make this thing possible. This is like an accumulation of all the shit that weve been going through and this [the record] is our chance to talk about. This is going to be an album that is relevant to your life.

Hen: The Product is what the worlds been missing. If yall like the two singles that are out now, youre going to enjoy the whole album straight through. Shouts out to the whole Bay area, H-Town, Jacksonville... keep holding it down. Support the whole movement we on our way.

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