JR Writer: Million Dollar Dipset

posted January 11, 2006 12:00:00 AM CST | 20 comments

The newest member of Harlems Dipset crew is ready to make his mark on the hip hop world. With his Uptown movement behind him and a new album set for release in January (ed note: which has reportedly been pushed back since this interview took place last month) on KOCH Records, 20-year-old Writer has a game plan and is set to execute it. HHDX sat down with the future of Harlem to find out how he got his start, and where he plans to be in 10 years.

Battle Zone

I didnt necessarily come up as a battle MC, but thats how I got my recognition, by battling and being on Public Access shows and DVDs. I think it helps me with the things that I could talk about, and expands my options.

I can rap about my battling days, where I was just grindin and doin what I had to do, going through what I had to go through as far as on the streets, to get my recognition. I can go back in the studio and put that on wax and tell people what I had to go through. I just had to perfect my own style just write and write every day.

I was in a two bedroom apartment with my moms and I got two little brothers and an older sister, so there was always a lot of fighting in the house and screaming and someone wanna listen to the radio in one room and watch TV in another room. So I always had to go lock myself in the bathroom and just write. And everyone would always be like, what you doin in there?! Nobody understood. But you just gotta go hard, man. Know what you wanna do and focus on that and just keep on going. Dont let nobody stop you. Its hard even when you get there.

Its still hard to get over that hump. Its always gonna be hard, even when you get signed.

Harlem Love

We got that swagger! As far as the Diplomats, were not just a rap label. When we move, other people want to move with us. We got this affect on Harlem. Harlem got our back 100%. Some of the biggest rappers come from there: Camron, Big L. We got that swag, we fly, we look good, and we nice.

Were a movement. Weve been a movement, and were just getting bigger and stronger by the day. Every time we move, its like the million man march, and by the time were done, itll be like the million man march. I just came back from Canada and it was crazy. I got a lot of love. It was the first time I been out there. I hosted a Much Music countdown [Canadas version of MTV] of my favorite videos and had people following me with cameras. They love me out there, and I dont even have a single out yet.

My first album is done. I already turned it in and its gonna come out on KOCH/Diplomats. It comes out in January and Im trying to put out the second album in May. Im about to get my second deal in a couple days. Its over at Asylum for a million dollars. So, its about to be crazy. The May album is gonna be on Asylum.

Bright Lights, Big City

Sometimes its not glamorous at all and other times it is. Like Fashion Week was everything I was dreaming it was. They took me to Fashion Week, red carpets and VH1, MTV and all that.

As far as going on the road and being in the studio everyday, doing this rap thing, its not as glamorous as that. Its not all peaches and cream. Its hard work. But at the end of the day, itll pay off. Itll be glamorous for you if you just work hard enough. Ive met a lot of people and been to a lot of places, and Im just waiting on whats next.

I still want the glamour. I want to have my own label, just like Cam, my own clothing line, cologne, my own business period. Ill still be putting out albums, because, and no disrespect to people who are selling records and doin good as far as 50 Cent and Jay-Z and them, but you gotta look at them, and all the vets and all the people that are selling records in their 30s. Eminem, 50, Jay-Z no disrespect to them but Im 20 years old. 10 years from now, Ill be their age and still be selling records. Thats a decade from now, and Ima still be sellin records and still doin what I do. Ill just have a lot more experience and Ill have a label. Thats where I wanna be at 10 years from now.

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