Ying Yang: How to Yell in a Girls Ear!

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The zany pair explain the meaning behind their latest album title, the reasons why everyone loves em and how theyre headed for MTV.

Hanging out with the Ying Yang Twins is an experience like no other. Especially when theyre taking you on a tour of their hometown of Atlanta. While the tour bus jumps from aunties porch to the projects to Big Daddys Restaurant, D-Roc and Kaine share their world with us.

Why did you name this album United State Of Atlanta?
D-Roc: It means Atlanta as a whole. Were trying to show everyone how Atlanta is a united state because we have a lot of unity in Atlanta. As you can see within the music scene, Atlanta artists are with each other all the time. It aint no beef. We want to show them what we showed yall. Theres a whole lot other than strip clubs in Atlanta. Were raised in the streets. You got to go to church, go to work. And we wanted to get that across on this album.

Kaine: This album will let people know that we are not only representers of the strip clubs. We address politics, pain. D-Roc and myself are grown. Now we got to be adults. They get mad at us because we have a big following and we act like teenagers. But we are a long way from being teenagers. Were acting our age and this new album is going to show that a lot.

Why do you think people love the Ying Yang Twins?
Kaine: When we rock shows, people dont get into fights when we and my brother be rocking. Whereas if you go to a Lil Jon concert people might get into a fight. We have people feel like they can be theyself. We aint nobody to prove nothing to. We aint superstars either. We just ordinary people.
D-Roc: A lot of people relate to Ying Yang and they know how we act. They see us vibing to our own music. Because we do. We love to vibe to our music because if I dont like it, aint nobody else going to like it. Thats what people love about us. We unique. We original. We creative. Theres a whole lot that comes along with Ying Yang. We up for a party. If Ying Yang comes in the room, its going to be fun. Because life is too hard for you to walk around with your head down. Thats what Ying Yang brings the party back to life.

D-Roc, have you always been so outgoing?
D-Roc: Ive always been like that. I just love life. Everybody looks for a party. I bring the party with me. Thats my whole driving theory. Always bring the life. I dont like going around and everybodys looking sad. I got to go. Just getting up is my inspiration. I love being crunk. I love to stay crunk.

You and Kaine seem like opposites?
D-Roc: Yea. But see you probably catch me on a day and I be acing like Kaine and Kaine acting like me.

D-Roc, are you usually the peacemaker?
D-Roc: Yeah. I conversate and do the negotiating. Kaine aint. I hear what you got to say and then decide whether I want to listen to you or not. Kaine aint going to listen to you at all.

What producers did you work with on this album?
D-Roc: Beat-In-Azz, Mr. Collipark. Midnight Black, Lil Jon. DJ Smurf did Wait (The Whisper song).

Howd you come up with the idea for Wait (The Whisper Song)?
D-Roc: When you in the club, its impolite and unattractive to yell in a girls face but you whisper in her ear, its attractive and it turns her on and she want to know what you said. It catch her attention. So we whisper and we catch everybodys attention.

How did you end up on TVT Records?
D-Roc: We got over there on our own. When you looking for a job, you going to find one. So we went out a found one.

You were signed to Universal for a minute?
D-Roc: Yeah, for a hot second. Wasnt no minute. That was a second. We did an album. They just didnt promote it. They said it wasnt nothing. So we got the hell on.

What have you learned over the years about this business?
Kaine: Dont none of this shit love you. The industry dont love you. You gotta love yourself. You and whatever your squad is. The industry dont care. Its about turning over the value of a dollar. So putting your emotions in it is the wrong move. Im glad D-Roc and myself learned that early.

Do you do a lot of your own promotion?
D-Roc: Yea, we always promoting. Im a self-promoter. Im promoting now. I promote when I go out everyday. We always have someone with us. We have street team workers out there. But a good promoter always promotes for himself. I got to radio stations. You got to stay in the street. But you dont stay so far in the street that you get lost. Just mediocre.

Weve seen where you grew up and now how successful you are. How does it feel?
D-Roc: I feel good cause I made it and I aint still there. You see how some folks are still there. You see how I can open the door and see the same folks. Thats fucked up.

How do you feel about the Southern Explosion in hip-hop?
D-Roc: The South has worked hard to get accepted. So now that were getting accepted its like were messing up a lot of other coasts. Its not like were messing up their sales. Their vibe is just off. You got to change with times and a lot of people dont want to change with the times. Its like everybody look at New York supposed to be the spot where hip-hop was born. But the South is the bottom. And to build a house you got to start from the bottom up. Weve just been down here marinating. We trying to make our way up, and we have. So the South right now is off the chain. But its the unity what the South has. Thats whats different than every other state.

Are you two looking to be on TV some day?
D-Roc: It was time for it. Everybody was loving it and they was always wanting us on TV. I said one day Im going to be on television. Were going to do a TV show in a minute. Well be in your face every day. We want to do movies. I want to get into real estate. Thats the only thing that I can see that you can buy that man cant make and thats land. It dont matter where, cause land is everywhere.

Talk about your own company.
D-Roc: Punnnn Entertainment. People United Never Negotiate Negatively. We move to fast for you. We got the Musicians, me and my little brother. The Hard Boys. Thats the group, they was out before OutKast. They were our mentors. They told us about each other and then we met on our own. We bringing them back. And other than that, we open for options.

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