Tamed One: The OG's Pullin' No Punches

posted April 15, 2005 12:00:00 AM CDT | 1 comments

Hes one of the original knotty-headed cats from the era of the knappy afro. Coming full force with no hold bars, Tame One, formerly of The Artifacts, is pulling no punches. A veteran to the mic Tame is no stranger to the industry. Being a true B-boy from the streets of Newark, Tame has once again hit the streets to promote his new album, OG Bobby Johnson, which is in stores now.

With lyrics that will have your mama gasping his sophomore album boosts good music which is from the heart. Fresh off of a Midwest mini-tour with artists, Brykon and Dusk to Dawn hes ready to let the world know hes still got what it takes.

You were on tour promoting your sophomore release, how long were you touring and do you plan on hitting the East coast?
Tame: I was on tour for 3 weeks. It was nine of us in a 12 passenger van with luggage. As far as an East coast tour, if it is offered yes, but right now I rather be in the studio.

I can understand that. Im curious, where did you get the name for your album.
Tame: The movie South Central. The main character, OG Bobby Johnson, went through trials and tribulations in the hood and made it out. He was a black hood role model.

Is that what you consider yourself, a black hood role model?
Tame: Yeah, in a social status; compared to the industry in a social status kind of way. Ive been through enough where I consider myself to be OG Bobby Johnson.

You said youve been through enough to consider yourself an OG. How do you feel about what youve bought to the game and what are you going to continue to bring?
Tame: When I first came in the game with The Artifacts I felt like I was viewed as a graffiti writer who was trying to rhyme, as opposed to being a straight MC. Im just trying to show some progress. I want people to notice a difference from the old material to the new material; like yo hes getting better.

Speaking of your new material, who did some of your production?
Tame: Lets see. Dusk to Dawn out of Jersey. My Boone Squad Crew, my personal crew from Jersey and a few other cats from Jersey.

Alright. How do you feel about the overall outcome of the album?
Tame: Considering I did it with next to no budget, enough to buy some shoe strings and a pack of gum, its a DAMN HOT album. I executive produced the hell out of it.

So working with next to nothing, what other projects do you have planned?
Tame: I got four or five albums recorded looking for other outlets. I got this album called The Spasmatic album working with some drum and base, rave type of music. Im working with Dusk to Dawn on an album called Suicide Stimulus. Im just trying to get the biggest catalogue of music ever. I wanna be like Prince.

I see youre doing different types of music, what would you say your sound is now compared to back then?
Tame: I think Im looser lyrically as opposed to just 1-2-3-1-2-3, A-B-C-A-B-C. Im more fluent and Im freakin it different.

So, whos been your musical influence?
Tame: Run, Redman, Cool Keith, Wu-Tang, Black Moon, Smith & Wesson, Plant Asia, theres so many. Everybody whoever said something fresh on the mic.

And what do you consider fresh?
Tame: Something that requires thought. Something other than the basic. Something you can tell someone took time to write.

Ok. Whats next?
Tame: Im trying to record as much as possible. If the shows come, thats great. Performing is hard, but Id rather record. Im happier in the studio.

Last but not least, is there anything you want the world to know that I havent asked you?
Tame: Buy my record, support good music. Im in it to win it. Im not just here to capitalize off Hip-Hop music. My music is from the heart.

Tame One is on the grind and hes bringing the Wetherland Crew with him. Keep your ears open because hes definitely going to keep them ringing!

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