Beanie Sigel: The B.Coming

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Beanie Sigel has had a an amazing career, beginning with his appearance on one of underground rapper/producer DJ Clue's mix tapes, to his cameos on Jay-Z's Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life, to a consequent solo deal with Roc-A-Fella Records. His distinctive, slightly drawling delivery and his clever but hard-hitting rhymes were showcased on his debut album, 2000's The Truth , which featured contributions from Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Eve, and Scarface, and production by the Ruff Ryders' Swizz Beatz and Suave House's Tony Draper. With the 2001 release of The Reason which was a great album that was overlooked by die-hard underground heads and backpackers. Beanie Sigel has proven that he's a stand-alone emcee and he deserves more credit than he's given

Over the last few years, Sigel has been better known for his legal woes then his music, films or State Propertyclothing line. He is currently serving out a one-year sentence for a Federal gun charge. In addition he still faces an attempted murder charge stemming from a 2003 incident.

Throughout the weapons trial Sigel kept an eye on his State Property line, tirelessly worked on The B.Coming, and acted in the upcoming film, State Property II. Nowhere was his typically Philadelphian/blue-collar work ethic more on display then when he shot 5 videos in 5 days, in the time leading up to his sentencing.

Back in Philly, before the fame and problemsthere were no worries. You got up, did yo' thang on Taylor street in south Philly. Commented Sigel before his sentencing When I started rockin' it it was about '84. Hustilin is a mothafucka. I didn't want to hustle...I got popped by the probation then started again.

According to Beanie that back in the day he wasn't trying to be a rapper...He rhymed for himself. His name came from his hood...Sigel St. where he used to sit on the stoop and write and try and think of some type of hustlewhere the next dice game was going to be. Soon he hooked up Rahiesse and Murder Mil... They kept saying we should do something with the tracks we hadShit, we had about six... Continues Sigel But we did the damn thang and started a street buzz...but my own people was telling me they didn't think I could rap...But, soon my manager Saddiq hollered at me and said he was rolling to the NY to meet with Rocafella and asked me if I wanted to, I rolled with 'em up to New York for the meet even though I really wasn't feeling it.

Beanie met up with Dame Dash and spat a few bars for him as they stood in the hallway outside of the studio where Jay-Z was recording. I was like fuck it and did my do...and Dame was like 'Say them shits again'...I started over and threw a few extras in and before I was finished Dame is walking into the studio and he pulls Jay out of the booth saying you gotta to hear this Jay sits down and I flow again, all the while this nigga's expression ain't changed...I gave that nigga the heat, mi know itBut he was keepin' a business face and I couldn't read the man. So, we was geting ready to leave and Jay stops me and says 'We gonna be hollin' at you....Shit next thing you now I'm sitting in front of Lyor Cohen with Jay-Z and Dame. I didn't even know who the fuck Lyor Cohen was...To me he was some white cat they had bough into to listen to meBut, I did my thang again for him. Jay looks at Lyor and says 'I told you.' Then he shook my hand and said 'Welcome to Rocafella.'

Less than a week later Jay hits up Sigel and says he wants him to come up to the studio to be on his album...I'm like 'Get the fuck outta here! But, it wasn't a joke. Then I'm up in the studio with Jay, Lox...Clue was preppin' a new mixtape I dropped a join with Bleek. I was trying to be on everybody album. Shit, I hadn't even had an album myself...but I was rollin' on the Hard Knock Tour and getting standing O's.

Soon Beanie was doing show with joints from his mixtape...That set it off for the hunger for an album. The best rappers don't make demos. Even more ironically, they don't look for record deals. Record deals look for them.

When Beanie Sigel proclaimed on the remix to Jay-Z's Money, Cash Hoes to have been put onto this music industry without Unsigned Hype or Battle of the Beats, he wasn't kidding. Beanie had built up a demand for his own solo project. Since he blessed Reservoir Dogs (Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life, 1998) with the Quiet town and tie it down quote, the Philly native has been one of the most sought after artists in Hip Hop.

As a guest rapper on so many collaborations, Beanie Sigel has almost always overpowered other emcees with two very distinct characteristics, his witty-meets-hardcore lyrics and unique vocal delivery.

I make mine the hard wayI work for itI slept in the fucking studio...gettin mine. When I did the first album...that was as about as truthful as I could be...that's why the title. Reflects Beanie I was innocent in the industry and being real. Because of the hype from The Truth ...I kinda started smellin myself and came up with The Reason...I liked the album but it wasn't me, I got caught up in trying to keep pace in what I thought the game was and trying to win that mothafucka... I was wrong.

After Beanie was signed to The Roc his manager, Saddiq got a label out of the deal; Yeah 'Black Friday' Records . We bought in Freeway, Young Gunz, Peedi Crakk, Oschino and Sparks into the game for Black Friday and when that didnt work out The Roc held onto em. Then we did the State Property movie and the name stuck. Says Beanie We used State Property to break artists, so we did the soundtrack and that was that. I worked to keep everybody together. Plus, I loved acting...then I did Paper Soldiers ...and State Property II coming out April 2005. Just another hustle you know...cause I'm gonna get paid, everybody got a hustle no matter who you is...making something out of nothing...I'm a make my paper...from the mixtapes, label, album, clothing, shoes...that's We got the cartoon too... The Play Pen's a ghetto South Park featuring all of State Property as characters. It's that next money I'm always looking for...cause like I said, I always gotta hustle.

Now with the development of the Damon Dash Music Group ...Beanie is feeling the love that he feels is his due with the release of The B.Coming.

All this work shines through on The B.Coming . According to Sigel's mother, Michelle Brown , who also serves as his manager, There was definitely a sense of urgency in the recording of the album. We just didnt know how long he would be away for. But even with that urgency, he still took his time to make the best album he could.

The album shows Sigel to be a far more dexterous MC then people might have previously believed. On the DJ Scratch-produced slow-burner, Purple Rain Sigel and Texas MC, Bun-B of U.G.K., spit that remarkable slow flow about the peaks and valleys inherent in drinking cough syrup recreationally. Beans drinks from his pimp chalise with the West Coast Don, Snoop Dogg, on the Neptunes track, Dont Stop This single is sure to be a summer breeze in the waning days of winter, with Sigel matching the Doggfathers iconic flow. It also goes to show that through all chaos, Sigel still knows how to smile.

I want people to wonder exactly what is The B. Coming. I want cats to know that life is a circle. I started out looking to get out of the hood be putting it out with The Truth...I was trying to hold it down and STAY out of the hood when I did The Reason...and now I'm coming back to the hood with The B. a way you can call it maturity. I'm doing it now to show that lil cat sitting on the stoop writing on Sigel St in Philly that he can do it matter what. I also want to show everybody that it's aiiight to come back and admit your mistakes. My becoming is motivation for the next generation. I ain't trying to be a role the end you learn for yourself. I sure as hell did.

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