50 Cent VS Game: Truth & Reconciliation

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Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent came from a lifestyle that few REALLY know and live...Perhaps say maybe Jayceon Taylor aka Game.

Jackson, the classic hustler raised in the streets of New York and who nearly died from 9 gunshots in those same streets. A hard nosed thug who found salvation and fortune in rapTaylor, the touted Compton Blood who didn't have to be. A good kid turned gangbanger with nothing to lose and 5 well targeted bullets to his body...a kid who found strength and hope in the words of the trinity of Hip Hop; Biggie, Tupacand Eazy-E.

Both of these young men could and in a way should be cut from the same clothTheir stories are similar, but different in more ways than coastal geographyBoth if you believe their press were raised with a mentality that life itself doesnt have much worthBut, Loyalty To Your Crew is Everything.

So, after Games album dropped and his claim to take on all beefs G-Unit and represent for Gorilla Unit West, many were puzzled after the drop of 50 Cents new album The Massacre and in particular the single Piggy Bank as to why Game began backin off his support and according to 50, his loyalty to G-Unit.

When Dr Dre recruited Game it was mutually agreed that 50 and the rest of G-Unit would drop some bars and assist in the production of Games albumBut, soon according to 50 he realized that his album and production time was beginning to suffer in order to get Games album completed and promoted.

I started feeling that my shit was being left by the wayside with everybodys concentration on Games album, states 50 I mean, I know my shit is THE shit, you feel me!?! But, just because Im 50 Cent and I can make hits dont mean that my shit should suffer just so he (Game) can get some hits. I got mineget yours nigga! I mean really look at his hits.Im all over that albumwriting AND production. The current two singles, How We Do and Hate It Or Love It are getting mad play because they feature me! That whole album has my touch on it. Thats why he's not on the new pressings of Hate It Or Love It. The REAL G-Unit is on that there!

How in such a short time did the relationship between Game and 50 dissolve? There really wasnt a relationship continued 50 I mean we kicked it once in while on tour and in the studio, but, we never really clicked. Then this nigga gets back off tour from Australia after his album is released and he started smelling his own pissHe started being disrespectful. Mind you families have beefs and problemsby rights you keep that shit in the family. But, Game aint family, I feel he used us (G-Unit). But, it makes no difference because Im gonna make more off his album than he will. Hell make a little paper and think people are feelin himbut, in reality they feelin me and that nigga just ridin on my work.

The Beef's Origin

Before Games debut there had been rumors that 50 and Game were beefing, But, 50 cleared that up in an early January interview that everything was cool between them.

"Nah, I'm cool with him," stated 50. "We cool, we work, we made the records that they hear in my house. If I didn't like him, they would know. Ultimately, the papers is signed, so whether I liked him or not I would still be paid."

After the video for How We Do debuted G-Unit R&B singer Olivia was the first to have a "Freudian-Slip" when talking about a possible problem between the two rappers. In an interview regarding the production of "How We Do" the songstress began by saying This Is How We Do by 50 Cent featuring Game... The song is a main track on Games album and titled on that album as This Is How We Do by Game featuring 50 Cent.

While interviewing with Funkmaster Flex, 50 took things one step further when he announced to the world that Game was out of G-Unit. During the interview on February 28, 2005, 50 noted how he felt that about Game as a person. He noted that he wasnt pleased with Games loyalty and the fact that Game was staying out of the controversy regarding "Piggy Bank". He even voiced his displeasure with Game possibly recording with Nas.

"He's gone," 50 later told Ed Lover on Power 105 NYC. "He might as well make the record."

50 even went as far to say that if Dre sides with Game that he will immediately drop a double disc to get out of his contract. What makes this even more outrageous was the fact that Game was interviewing across town at Hot 97!

Gunfire And A Message?

Right after his interview on Hot97 one of Games crew, Kevin Reed of Compton CA was shot during an altercation outside of Hot 97s New York offices and studio. Reed was also identified as part of a group that went to confront 50 Cent at Power 105 after he announced that Game was out of G-Unit.

Many sources have reported that the currently unknown assailant who fired the shots was part of 50 Cents entourage but other sources close to the G-Unit camp deny any affiliation. Reed remains in custody after being hospitalized and authorities say that he violated parole by leaving the state. Reed could now spend two years behind bars for a marijuana arrest. But now authorities have are looking to cut a deal with the aspiring rapper for information regarding the motivations behind the shooting and other suspect.

Surveillance pictures have given no leads to the another shooting outside of the Violator Records which houses the offices of 50s management. The shooting happened shortly after the shooting outside of Hot 97s. The incident has since been described as a warning to 50.

Since the release of Piggy Bank it has been known that Game had made several comments regarding 50s verbal assaults on artists like Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Nas on the track. I got nothing to do with all that, Game told Hot97 before the shooting Ive worked with Jada and Joe and they good peopleIm doing me and Im gonna let that man (50) do what he do.

A few days after the word was out that Game was no longer in G-Unit, Game lifted his silence and stopped biting his tongue regarding 50 Cent. During a concert in Long Beach after his on air dismissal, Game let the audience know exactly how he felt about 50 and the G-Unit.

Game reportedly removed his bulletproof vest and challenged the 50 Cent to come after him and stating that he aint scared. Game soon began making claims that it was him outside the studio trying to confront 50 in NYC and building security wouldnt let him in.

As far as Jadakiss is concerned he sees the PiggyBank diss track as good thing for him and there's no way he would try to hurt a money maker.

"I don't know what's wrong with 50. But I thank him for the opportunity to let me air his ass out, Jadakiss told MTV. As long as we do it right, we can't go wrong from this. When I heard 'Piggy Bank', I was happy. I felt way worse when I heard Beanie Sigel's dis record a few years back. 'Piggy Bank' was funny to me. He's gotta have something else. That can't be it, it's garbage! I guess it was just a jab. But the power punch I'm gonna give him, that wasn't the right arsenal to start off the fight with."

Jadakiss sees the Piggy Bank song as a way to make extra sales for his next album as well as his crew. "I just want to benefit off it," Jada said. "I need Styles' album to benefit off it. That's where the real response is gonna be, but until then, I'mma give you a whole plate of hors d'oeuvres to live with until it comes. This is right up our alley, and I got nothing to lose. I'm still gonna sell 900,000 records, I still can go in any 'hood and I still get love from the people. This is just helping me out."

The Peace Talks and Reconciliation

How had the turn of events of a simple radio interview affected Dr. Dre, Eminem and Interscope prez, Jimmy Iovine? According to Mel Man, Dres production partnerDre and Em wish that this could have been handled in house...everyone knew it was coming but, they wanted it to be more business like instead of aired in the media. They have told 50 to stop making comments in news regarding Game and their problems and are again looking to solve this as calmly and as businesslike as possible.

Mel Man went on to state on a voluntary online posting that he felt that 50 had a problem with all that was being put into Games album as he was prepping The Massacre and that 50 felt Dre hadnt put enough time into his project. That problem developed further as Dre and Jimmy Iovine successfully pushed 50s album to a March drop date instead of the February 14th date that 50 had plannedhis original title for his album had been The St. Valentines Day Massacre.

In a January interview 50 had stated that he had learned to be more patient under the tutelage of Dre, Em and Jimmy...he pointed out that I always want to do as much as I can. Theyre more perfectionists. Sometimes over-perfectionists. When you get like that, out of habit you start to second, third and fourth guess what you thinking. For me, its like I get it and I go, this is right. Thats it. Lets go. Ive been able to have success doing that. When I start second guessing myself I think Im ruining it. Its not organic anymore, not natural. I cant say lines like, I love you like a fat kid loves cake when Im dead serious. Ive got to be enjoying myself or I wont come up with it, creatively. People have disliked me since I can remember. Its just more people like me now than people who dislike me. More people know of me. Everyones a judgeeveryones a critic. Everybody who bought a CD can criticize me. Now when people say I dont like 50 Cent they dont know me enough to not like me. Say you dont like the music. Say its too aggressive. I break it down for them the way it is, the way I came up. When I make a record and I think I cant make a better record, Ill stop.

Hitmakers or Publicity Gangstas

As far as the general "pop"ulance is concerned 50 Cent is on the right track as the debut of "The Massacre" has so far proven...with 3 tracks from the very same album charting #1 with "Candy Shop" #4 with "How We Do" and #5 with "Disco Inferno" during the albums debut week. So, perhap 50 does feel he has the ability to continue to "go it alone" within a mulititude of humanity.

Though 50 may have "felt" Game had betrayed him and his cause and Dr Dre may have neglected him and his album....there was not a peep from 50 regarding Eminem's appearance on the Fat Joe remix of "Lean Back" though "New York, New York" had not been releases yet.

Let's do the math...G-Unit, Shady, Aftermath, Ruff Ryder, Murder Inc., Island Def Jam all fall under the auspices of the international music juggernaut of Universal/Vivendi...to make a long story short...the checks come from the same account in the end no matter the beef.

50 Cent is an acknowledged genius when it comes to mixtapes, clubbangers and runnin his shit...he has stated in early interviews that "street" loyalty and "street" integrity is very important to him...not to be confused with "street" respect. 50 adheres to an ethics of the hood...which many cannot understand...

Peace Treaties

On March 9, 2005 on a stage at the Schomberg Center for the Research of Black History, Curtis Jackson and Jayceon Taylor stood together though never really making eye contact with each other...awaiting their turn on the mike...like in the days before all their fans and haters alike knew who the hell they were. March 9, 2005...the anniversary of a Hip Hop legend, Christopher "Notorious B.I.G. Wallaces death...two 21st Century rappers called a truce to a beef that had all of Hip Hop talking...whether you cared or not.

In a phone call to Angie Martinez of NYC's Hot97, Game made the announcement that the two rappers will be holding a press conference to announce the end of hostilities...and the ironic significance of the March 9th date of the announcement, the anniversary of the death of The Notorious B.I.G., was apparent as he spoke; "Its going to be a positive thing for both sides, I think its so much bigger being that the date is March 9 ...Im def going to do what I got to do...to be on a positive note.

Both artists have pledged personal donations to the Boys Choir of Harlem, who received $150,000 from 50 Cent and the Compton Unified School District Music Program, which received $103,500 from Game. 50 also will announce the forming of the G-Unity Foundation, whose goal according to 50 will be to "help people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives."

It appears that the potential problem for G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath has been averted. Since 50's announcement that Game was out of G-Unit their have been whispers and rumors that Dr. Dre, Eminem and Jimmy Iovine were circling the wagons and setting up peace talks between the two artists.

In the last weeks of February it was reported that federal investigators are digging into a playlist of crimes in regards to rap artists such as 50, Game and producers and label owners like Murder Incs Irv Gotti. The investigations range from extortion and robbery to the industry's persistent violence and mounting casualtiesincluding the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

Shakur killed in Vegas in 1996 and Wallace in LA in 1997, the pinnacle year of the mythical East Coast/West Coast fued that spilled over into violence. The killings remain unsolved, as does the 2002 slaying of Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC, whose death some still say involved 50 Cent, who was a protge of Jay before his signing with Dr Dre and Eminem.

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