Mr. Cheeks: Ladies & Ghettomen

posted October 18, 2004 12:00:00 AM CDT | 1 comments

So tell us about your new album Ladies And Ghettomen. Who did you work with this go around?

Ladies and Ghettomen....Ive been saying that for a minute so that became the name of the album. You know young cats in the hood and the ladies that are always around. So instead of saying the same old Ladies and Gentleman I say Ladies and Ghettomen so I can vibe with my peoples and all of that namean? I work on the album with a couple of in house producers. Unseen who made the first single I have out right now with Truth Hurts. I got Mr. Sexx, original LB fam member, who made Music Makes Me High," Renee and a few other LB joints from back in the days. Pete Rock helped me out with the album. DJ Sage, Babydoll from the Akynele days. Slum Lordz...its so in house right now because thats the way I wanted to do it.

How did you hook up with Pete Rock and Truth Hurts?

I knew Pete Rock for a minute. I met him back in the day and we kept a good friendship. I met Truth over the horn really. I wanted her to do this joint on the album. I met her in New York and from there she jumped on tour.

What are you looking to accomplish with this album?

Good music for the people really youknowhatimsayin? Im just out here trying to be heard and establish something. Put some good music out there, put my heart into it and make sure they get what they are paying me for. After that Ive got my label and Im doing this label. Things are just popping off you know? Im learning new things everyday so Im putting my knowledge out there you feel me?

What is your favorite joint on your upcoming album?

4 Walls is crazy but Id have to pick the last joint on the album. Its like for the people that have been through the rough times with us, the ups and downs, and continued to rock with us from the beginning to the end. From losing Freeky Tah this is just a salute to the team you know?

Now how did the new label happen? What happened with Universal?

Me and my little shorty came up with it. We moved to Miami about five years ago and at the time I was signed to Universal. We wanted to start our own label and cats was looking at us like we cant do it. With Universal, it didnt look like I was in their plans at the time. I wanted to be out namean? It looked like they were going in another direction and I wasnt any part of that. So I chilled for a minute, went through what I had to go through, got in the studio and made some moves. Talked to some cats about some distribution and it was on from there. I may as well do this for dolo and if I make some mistakes I make them myself namean? Universal was deading a nigga. Not shooting videos for certain record, not putting out certain songs. So I was like forget it, Im good and I had to do my own thing.

Whats coming up on Legas Drug Money Records?

I got Babydoll, Slum Lords, Garcia Family...its a nice little lineup I got. These cats is crazy!

How do you feel about hip-hop right now? is what it is right now. I dont know how it is right now. Different things poppin off here and there. Theres things niggas is doin and things niggas aint doin namean? You see cats making it all in the videos doin the shows but things have changed a lot since 96. Niggas arent really making music for the people. They are making music to take off you know? Niggas aint really putting out any conscious music right now. I mean there are certain records thats doin it. That Why shit is crazy. There are other records that are doing their thing. Its extra hard for it to get in the game namean?

Whats up with pretty lou and spigg nice? Yall still talk?

Lou is chillen. Hes with the label, taking it easy and laying low. Spigg is in some trouble with the law right now. They dont really want me to comment on him. But hes good though.

Will there ever be another Lost Boyz album?

Well we are putting out the 10 year anniversary with my label. Putting that together with some new joints before my man got locked up. Couple of joints before (Tah) passed. Some ol grimy joints. We are trying to do our own thing since we got the label and distribution we are gonna take advantage and bang it out.

What are Mr. Cheeks plans for the future?

Making more music. Just doin it. Im gonna keep doin it. I got a movie out right now. Its an independent movie straight to DVD. Its called Brewsters Projects. We got my moms in that joint. Mike Shorey playing my little brother. Fabolous is in it too.

Any last words for you fans?

Album in stores right now Ladies and Ghettomen. I wanna thank all of my fans for the support. LB for life! I just wanna thank everybody for holding me down and making it happen you know? And thank you for the interview and letting me get my word out there. One hundred....

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