Yukmouth Vs. Game: Yukmouth Speaks

posted October 04, 2004 12:00:00 AM CDT | 138 comments

When I first heard about this Beef I thought this was a joke. I was sure Yukmouth just took his 50 Cent beef a step further by dissin' Game because they roll together, but when i found out that Game started it, I couldn't believe it. No one cared about Game and Joe Buddens beef, but this shit had Cali streets buzzin' because Yuk murdered Game (if you think otherwise than it's due to a few things going over your head, but "the Flowers boys", really run shit out here). Nevertheless, here's Yuk's side of the story. For the record, I've been to Yuk's house- which is in LA, there were no signs of being broke and he hits the town hard. Oh and Game did get bounced from Oakland about a two weeks ago.

For the record, I'd much rather see them work together than beef. At the end of the day, I'm a die hard West Coast kid and the overall goal is to take this shit back.

Im assuming that this beef with Game has something to do with the disses towards 50 Cent on the Thug Lordz album with C-Bo and on United Ghettos Part 2, right?

Yeah, right after Scarface made Snitches and we (Rap-A-Lot Records) started talkin about 50, Smurf & Domo came around lookin for a deal. I tried to hook em up with Rap-A-Lot and we ended up doin a few songs dissin 50. So back in June at the Jadakiss release party in ### I saw Game in the VIP. I went over to him, stuck my hand and pulled him close and introduced myself. He said he was feelin my shit, I told him I was feelin his shit. I told him that we had beef with 50 and he said that was between us and that hes just out to get his money. I told him I respect that and to get his paper. He said that he heard that Domination got a song dissin him and that thay say my name. I hadnt heard the song and so I told him, I didnt know about it. We left like, Do yo thang.

Im thinkin its cool. I get back and I hear people in the streets sayin that I got checked by Game. Our mutual friend came back sayin that Game was tellin 50 them that he checked me. I run into Domo and them and they filmin they documentary and they ask me about what happened so I say my side of story. They put my part on their website and next thing I know, my web designer calls me about Game and his crew typing threats on a internet forum sayin I was given a pass and I cant come to LA. I type my story. Then Game puts a song up. I was asleep when I got the call about the song, woke up, heard that shit and wrote and recorded my shit right then. When I met him that night in the club I felt that it was gonna come to this. I say this, if the nigga checked me that night he woulda made the song the next day, whyd he wait four months to do it? My question to the Game is- whats the beef about. When we left that club, it was all good. Now if he wants to ride for 50, then I can understand. But he was hella deep that night at the club. He had hella Bloods wit em. If he woulda had a problem then, he woulda taken care of it that night. Then he woulda made the song the next day. He didnt run up on me. He didnt even recognize me, I looked like a fuckin Ying Yang Twin.

You hear about him getting run outta Moses Music (a record store in Oakland) the other day?

Yeah I heard about that shit. I was in D.C. that day. I got hella calls, though. He needs to understand that you cant just talk that shit about the Bay, sayin you got niggas up there thatll touch me. Them niggas dont know you. He knows a few people and they ridin against Yuk. You can call E-40 but he aint gonna ride on me.

When you heard the song what was your reaction?

I thought this shit was real WWF. Will, on everything, youve been to my house.

Right, in the heart of LA

Ive popped bottles with you. I got multiple cars. Im in a SL 500 Autobot. Who you talkin about sleepin on a couch? I might sleep on my couch in my studio if I decide to. But listen to my rap. He was really on Change Of Heart. He really had tounge ring. He really got slapped by Suge. He said some cool, funny punch-line shit. But real niggas know Yuk aint no broke nigga and that Ive been in the game doin it. His resume cant even compete to what Ive been doin. Hes a mixtape diva. Im on millions of niggas albums from the underground to the mainstream.

This shit is Dave Chappelle rap. He got a clean version to shit, thats how I know its fake. He getting on radio playin the shit. I got a call the other day sayin he played it in Atlanta. He didnt play that shit when it was in the Bay, right after the disses came out.

Listen this beef started because of bullshit. I left the club that night, thinkin we was gonna hook up and do some songs and shit, because we gotta put this West Coast shit back on the map. We tryin to so the same thing. But if hes rollin with G-Unit like he says is his now, then I dont know because we dont stand for the same shit.

So where do you go from here? Have you seen him at all?

Naw, I aint seen him. Word in the streets is that his peoples is tryna squash it. Niggas is makin calls to me, like E-40 called me and few other people so Im speculatin that were gonna squash it because its behind a bunch of bullshit.

Well at least muthafuckas is payin attention. So while we got it, youre workin on a new album right?

Yeah, Its called Million Dollar Mouthpiece and Im tryna get it out by January.

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