Alchemist: Cooking Up Classics

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First off Al whats good with you?


Aiight tell us about the album. Guests?

Alright...the album September 21st, 1st Infantry. Its gonna be crazy. We got my Mobb peoples. We got Lloyd Banks and the Game. We got MOP on there. We got Dialated Peoples. My man TI. Just crazy people. The Lox, D-Block them my peoples. Just crazy joints man. Straight fire. We gonna get it poppin with this album.

How do you figure out who you are gonna work with and produce for? Do you just contact all of your favorite artists?

Basically its already set up. Its pretty much all in the family. There really isnt a need for me to reach out and contact other people. Ive been working with the illest for years.

What are you looking to achieve with this album. Many people have heard your production over the years but havent been able to match the face with the name.

Exactly. I feel like with this album the people are going to be able to match the face with the music. I mean...theres a lotta shit out there. But with this album people who dont know are gonna know. Not only that, Im going to get behind the mic on a few tracks and do my thing. Na mean? I want people to know who the Alchemist is and by the time this album hits they will.

Yeah, I heard you are gonna flex some more of your lyrical muscle on this album. You always been an emcee first or how does those two worlds coincide?

I write all the time yo. Ive been rhyming for a long time. It just so happens that I got my name from making beats. But rhyming is something I always have wanted to do. So with this album Im gonna do my thing. I mean producing, that ended up being my niche but rapping has been a passion.

Is there anybody that you havent worked with as of yet that you would like to?

Ummmm....Nah. So far Ive been able to work with who Ive wanted to work with. Ive worked with Jadakiss, know what? Ive pretty much worked with everybody I ever wanted to work with. And Im happy with what Ive done

Favorite beat you have ever done?

Man...Thats like asking a parent Whos your favorite kid? I mean....I dont know. Theres never been a beat that Ive done thats made me say Damn! Ya know? That would be more like the beat is making me instead of me making the beat. Na mean? Ive done so much over the years that there isnt really a beat that I can say is my favorite.

Is there an album that you listened to and lyrically you thought it was ill but would just have LOVED to produce the whole album?

Um.... Nas!

Favorite Producer besides yourself that makes you go Damn...hes got some hot shit?

Premier...yeah Primo. More currently Just Blaze. Yeah Just Blaze hes got precision. Thats my man too. He always does his thing. New cats, you know you got my man Scram Jones, Emile, Evidence, Nucleus and Joey Chavez out of the west coast. Um...its a lot of kids with beats. Crazy shit out there. Big Dog got crazy beats. EZ Elpee got crazy beats. The production is out there. Alot of crazy shit out there. My man 8-off, Agallah got fire! Alot of heads got fire you know that.

How do you feel about meteoric rise of a producer like Kanye. Do you feel like it opens doors for someone like yourself who utilizes soul samples or do you think damn people Ive been doing this shit for years and give them a late pass.

Yeah you know thats how it is when you go to the masses with something or you go pop with something, its gonna be like brand new to them whereas we might have been in the trenches doing that style for a minute. Kanye is mad talented and he has his own way of approaching shit you know what I mean? As far as that similar genre. Alot of cats, myself included, have been doing this for a minute. Its good to see that somebody got out there and got it poppin on that level. I think even before Kanye it was that the fact that Jay-Z did the Blueprint album with JustBlaze and Kanye and they were able to do a lot of beats like that. Jay really put that soul sound out there through virtue of Just Blaze and Kanye. I think it definitely signified it by putting it out to the masses. But you can check the HNIC album with Trials of Love with Prodigy and his shorty and that was some soul shit. Letting the record ride out in the end. You know, we been doing it for a minute. Before that the RZA was doing it you know Pete Rock was touching on alot of soul back in the day. You know we are all on the same boat so big ups to everybody doing their thing. You might hear some new jacks out there that will say hes out there trying to do it like Kanye but me and Kanye know what time it is. We all are in the same boat. Big ups to those who are doing it the right way including Kanye.

Do you consider yourself the peoples producer? Meaning that you keep shit real for your underground fans as well as give a little something for the commercial heads without compromising your style?

Hell Yeah! I mean I always am trying to find the median. Going to the masses and creating something creative and original. Making that Shit man! Its hard to put a finger on it and describe it. But when you hear it you know its that Shit. It moves you it a certain way you get a certain feeling. It goes against the grain and its not typical and then its that shit. If it goes pop it means a lot of people appreciated it. Its not geared to that type of audience but its just that Shit.

How do you feel about the state of hip-hop right at this very minute? Right before your album drops.

Alchemist: lacks in a lot of categories but it has also grown in a lot of categories. Im just happy to put out an album anytime in life ya know? Were chosen to be in a different period of the rap game and Im dropping right now and it was meant to be for me to come out at this time and put what I do out there in the world shoulder to shoulder with everyone else out there in the rap game. My album is going to get its respect and play its position. Instead of being all over the place like alot of these A&Rs and artists try to do these days and try to cater to everybody man. I just do what I do. You know what I mean? People just appreciate me for me and Im going to change my style or sound because Id just be chasing a trend. I want to be on the cutting edge of something than be on the backburners. So Im just happy to put out this album now. September 21st is the date and the album is called 1st Infantry and its just an exciting time for me to put my own album out there. Instead of telling cats Yeah, go by so-and-sos album because I did a joint on it. No...go buy MY album right there under A and know what I did for cats for so many years and how they came through for me. Its a good feeling.

Whats coming up for Alchemist?

Just laying the beats down for everybody right now. I did some shit for Styles P, Tony Yayo, Nelly. I just did a joint for Pharohe Monchs new album that is just retarded. Cant wait until that shit comes out. Its crazy man Im telling you when that shit drops its gonna be poppin. Did an R&B joint for Mahonna, Swizz Beats wife. Some stuff is gonna be on the Nas Lost Tapes album. We already working on the new Mobb Album, Prodigys solo album. Man it never stops. Ive been working with a couple of independent artists also my man Saigon got his major deal rightnow so we are working on his shit too. A couple of things ya know?

Any last words before we get outta here?

Good lookin out supporting me for the years and just checking for the kid. If anybody is unhappy with the current state of hip hop, go buy my album. You will be putting in your contribution of making it go where it needs to go. When they dont support artists like me when they put out an album the industry decides to turn their back on artists likeme. They go where the money is being made. That is whats contributing to why we dont like this rap game no more. The first step is to support the artists that you feel. Dont download it or bootleg it. If you download it because you are thirsty...thats cool. If you bootleg it because you want to hear it first...thats cool. Just dont forget to go out there and cop the album. So we can show these industry people that we are relevant and we can make money too. Dont ever forget that Illmatic didnt even go gold. Ever since then its been on a downfall. We are here now and these rappers are getting bigger and bigger. Im just glad I can make my contribution to the game. September 21st, thats the day it drops. I aint even on that first week shit. Whatever happens, happens after that. Go out and support the kid, Id appreciate it.

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