Da Band: New Kids On The Block

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A fine Port Heron, MI redbone, Sarah, a rebellious Grenadian Brooklynite, Dylan, a New Orleans pain in the ass Chopper aka Young City, a Florida wordsmith, Frederick aka, a hot spittin Brooklyn broad, Babs Bunny and a Philly beast, E Ness make up one of the hottest new groups to hit the streets in the last quarter of the music year. Bad Boys Da Band is set to move units and perform their asses off.

To debut at the #2 spot in the country with their To Hot For TV release is a feat that many artists would give a finger to achieve. Some of us dont have the luxury of being chosen to rock on MTVs worldwide stage.

Now, lets not take anything away from the generation X2, MTV cats. They earned their stripes and deserve the opportunity to prove that they are built for the game called Hip-Hop. And as long as they represent it right and to the best of their ability they wont get bashed by meticulous writers such as myself. Love is love.

But is MTV always the sharpest way to go to obtain fame? Ness says, We paid our dues and it was special but they [MTV] also exploited it. Fred adds, We realize that money is gonna come, fame is gonna come we just gotta try not to take on too much at one time. We are in this game to sell records. This is a group with 6 individuals. We all have our own fans. At the end of it all we trying to sell 10 Million.

History in Rap shows us that many groups with more than two members usually break up. However, with Da Band we might not see that for a minute. First of all, because the group is filled with 6 different hungry individuals. Secondly we all know P. Diddy is a music business beast and after signing Da Band to a 4 album deal, he will get every penny of work out of these cats that he paid for.

It is obvious that Da Band is in love with their situation. Fred states, We play our positions. Everybody gets the chance to get their own shine, we smoking the best weed right now we getting the hottest bitches. We do a lot of fighting wit each other but we stay professional. We tryin to be the rookies of the year. This is beautiful, we have good chemistry we like the Captain Planet of the game right now the Album is like Captain Planet.

So if the Chemistry is so good who will we hear about 10 years from now on VH1s behind the music, if Da Band lasts that long? The group agrees that it would probably be chopper. Ness says, Chopper is the nerve cracker. We all saw the Young City one act out on The making the band TV show. He made the group by the skin of his narrow ass. But as we all know, some of the best artists are also some of the biggest egomaniacs. Its all good youngn, just keep writing heat and the love will remain. A lil cockyness goes along way in this game.

So whats next for Da Band as far as business ventures. Sarah smoothly notes, Im trying to do it all. Ill be modeling for Estee Lauder and doing my own makeup line. Im also trying to do movies. I know yall aint surprised. Shorty definitely got the look. Fred adds, Im getting into hard head products like baby bottles and pacifiers. I suck my thumb so you know I had to go that way.

Well it seems that Bad Boys Da Band members have their mind on their money and their money on their mind. They are focused. But if they were so focused why did the Cheesecake adventure seem so blown out of proportion. Fred says, It really wasnt that bad man, we walked for the cheesecake. When you get the chance to do this man you gotta kill the ego and think about your whole life and thats what we doing. All I wanna say is make sure you print a shout out to Freddy P. Its done.

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