West Coast State Of Mind: Life & Times Vol. 1

posted September 11, 2003 12:00:00 AM CDT | 0 comments

In an industry filled with coastal bias, it's about time someone from the West Coast, more importantly the Bay Area, was given the opportunity to shed light on our side of things. Welcome to a West Coast State of Mind, where I'm only bias sometimes, but at least I'll admit it. - ill Will (ill.will@hiphopdx.com)

I knowits been a while. But in my defense, did we really need another HipHopDX editorial with Critical Minded and that News & Opinions shit? FUCK NO! So I decided to fall back, well no thats not quite accurate, I used it as an excuse to fall back some. You see a lot has changed since I started this column in the past year, especially as of late. So instead of talking about the usual cast of douchebags I figured its time to turn the light on me.

Before I joined the one man crew that is HipHopDX, I was (and still am) the music editor of a West Coast based Hip Hop Magazine called Showcase. Then I did my first Column here and thanks to Echo Hattix, caught some peoples attention, like Bonsu Thompson @ XXL who offered me some freelance work and thats been crackin ever since. In fact just recently a review I did caused a rift between me and my homeboy Yukmouth. He felt I did him dirty, I felt I showed him love but that is what that is. The mad rapper and the mad writer just arent seeing eye to eye. Moving on

But not only have I spent my last year criticizing the Matrix that is the music industry, I plugged into that muthafucka too. I began working with an artist named Mr. Kee and in turn a group hes in called F.E. (Fuck Everybody). While in talks with a label that was interested in signing him, an offer came for me to come on and A&R for them as well. So I became VP of A&R/Product Manager/every-muthafuckin thing else of UTR Music Group. We signed F.E., a punk rock group called Stunt Monkey thats dope, Das Efx, Ann Nesby, 3xKrazy, Keak Da Sneak and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and I also put together Bay Area Playas 5 for Showcase and thats in stores now too.

My weeks go something like this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-6 Im in San Leandro at my Showcase Office. Tuesday and Thursday from 10-5 Im in San Francisco at my UTR office. From 6-midnight Im working with F.E. and Kee, or doing stuff relating to my Fuck Everybody t-shirts, or my Fuck Everybody mixtapes, or HipHopDX, or __________ (fill in the blank) The point being, I really got my money suit on, the only difference between me and Puff is a couple hundred million and his money suit, well, cost money. Mine t-shirt, blue jeans, and Nikes.

Speaking of Puff, youd think hed tell Fredrick to get his muthafuckin thumb out of gotdamn mouth!

Back to the promoting my projects. F.E.s album What We Do, which is a joint venture between my company (UpRise) and the company I work for is in stores now. How could you know that though, considering that they have failed to promote it. Well, I wouldnt say failed they havent tried. But radio just kicked in, they got four stations and growing in Northern California so Im happy. We got Das Efxs new album, How We Do, coming out September 23rd, Keak Da Sneaks new album, Copium, dropping October 14th and in January Im gonna drop a new album on my man Mr. Kee.

Thats wasssup with me, Im on my grind cuzzin aint got time frontin.

But yo, enough of that, Ima keep you posted on what I got goin on and drop some crazy stories as they come. Right now though, whos seen the new Source? Just when I thought they finally gave up, its right back to the gayshit. Their cover story is about the hottest artist in rap, not bailing out his homie from the hood. They run a story about the people who left Dre, and the only reasons they cite are creative differences and that Dre is thinks hes God. Come on, you try being responsible for at least four separate musical movements (NWA, Death Row, Eminem, and 50 Cent among other things) and NOT thinking youre God. And not one person in this universe can turn a cheek to them referring to Ja Rule as a proven rapper in their weak-ass cartoon. In all seriousness, its a muthafuckin shame.

On another note, something has come to my attention. Theres clown running around New York saying hes the West Coast Mixtape King. His name is DJ Vlad and hes full of shit. When he was out here, he wasnt talkin no King shit. He had to go out to New York to say that shit with his computer mixing, non-Djin ass. Theres 2 kids out here really holdin it down and thats DJ T-Ski of The Mad Idiots from The Bay Area and DJ Warrior from LA. I see their CDs with my own eyes, I run into these guys in the streets, they support the scene out here. So the lesson today is DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! And that applies to everything,

Now keep in my mind that since Im doin what Im doin now, my comments can have serious consequences, but I aint neva scurrred.LOL!


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