The Youngbloodz: Drankiní Amongst Friends

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They say the first sign of an alcoholic is denial. Thats not necessarily the case if youre referring to Atlanta rappers J-Bo and Sean Paul, two compulsive shot-turners who readily admit their affinity for the strong stuff. According to the Youngbloodzs hangover-inducing career, the true sign of a drinker is anyone who can keep haters at a distance (Shakem Off), look good cruisin around the block (Cadillac Pimpin) or never miss a beat to a hot song (U-Way). Damn is the string-backed, Lil-Jon-produced single from the new album, Drankin Patnaz, currently burning speakers at nightclubs and strip joints. Hip Hop DX pulled the drawled-out Sean Paul away from the bar for a minute to get his thoughts on the Atlanta music scene, southern hip hops influence on America and the rap games world domination. Read responsibly. And be sure to tip your waitress.

With all the Lil Jons, David Banners and Bonecrushers out there, why should anyone pick up a Youngbloodz album?
Maaan, we the official and authentic drankin patnaz, ya feel me? The music we bring out is for all the playaz that know about the Youngbloodz. We just have a good time, kick back a little bit, take a load off and just have a party.

We know about all the partying, but do you get serious at all on Drankin Patnaz?
Its all serious, but half the album is just good ride-out music, man. Its for when youre under the influence, and need something in your system. But we got serious stuff too. We got something for all the people out there trying to get mo. Mo money.

Lets stay on the serious note for a minute. We still have troops in the Middle East and some now in Africa. How do you feel about all the military action going on?
I feel that all of its crazy. That aint nuthin but the devils work. Thats how I feel about the whole situation. I watch that stuff all the time on CNN. I feel its crazy. I feel thats that devil at work with that George Bush character, man.

Do wars or struggles here or anything like that influence your music?
You know now that the albums done you think about all of that. But weve been going through all [of the struggles] anyway. Its just now coming to light, see what I mean? We just gonna do us and keep on having a good time til the day that we gone. We just gonna keep on going forward.

When youre not sipping on a little something, what do you do to relax?
Man, Im at home either watching football or playing with the kids. I got two of themseven and three. Thats what Im doing when Im not swerving or sipping on sumthin. I sit back watch a couple of videos, watch a few games and play with the kids. And eat real good.

So, I take it you like Mike Vick. But what are some of the other things you love about Atlanta?
We came from the ground up. Atlanta is a big city now. Thats what Im proud of. Ive been down here representing hard, to make it a big city. Im just glad it got to that point.

Describe Atlantas musical sound.
Crunk. Foolish. Bounce wit me.

If you hear a person who says the south is slow or backwards, what would you say to them?
Id say we been doin thangs. Folks just aint gave us the respect that we wanted back in the day but we been did all that. We just happy we able to showcase it [now].

Why is southern music so hot with MTV and the Billboard charts right now?
Because, man, if you come to the south you gonna be hot. Like right now, its warmer here in Atlanta than it is in New York or Chicago, feel me? Its natural. We like to have a good time down here. We like to party. The music just get in your system and makes you move. You might not even like the song, but when you get in there and hear the beat, you fen to jump around.

The music you make people jump around to is created with a partner, J-Bo. How did yall hook up?
Me and J-Bo been kickin it hard for about 10 or 11 years. We from the same neighborhood, the same middle school. We been kickin it hard. We decided to put this thang together and roll wit it, manHes cool, man. He keeps me going.

How do the Youngbloodz feel about the current state of hip hop?
As far as Atlanta, [the local radio stations] need to play more Atlanta music. Make people respect what Atlanta is. Down here, they play a lot of other peoples music. But when I go to other towns, they dont play as much out of town music as they do in Atlanta. They represent they own. Its a lot of people in Atlanta that need to be represented and these radio stations need to play that instead of getting on somebody elses tip. Make folks love what you got.

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