Bone Crusher: Creating a Street Anthem

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Creating a Street Anthem 101. Its a course that Bone Crusher could give like a true professor.

Lesson 1: Get a catchy ass track and ride on it with a catchy ass hook. (This is usually best accomplished with a good catch phrase.) As Crusher recites his sing-songy hookSo Im outside of the club and you think Im a puuuuuuuunk its clear that he has that part down. Lesson 2: Make sure you keep it street. The name of the song is Never Scared-- enough said. Lesson 3: If you have guest appearances, they better not be corny. No problem there, Crusher enlisted the help of his industry friends Killer Mike and T.I.two of the dopest rhymeslingers on the scene. Lesson 4: If you create a street anthem, youd better be from the streets. Zone 3 in ATL shawty-- learn about it.

Crusher is the first act to be signed to So So since JD signed with Arista. So far so goodhis first single is burning ears much in the same way Pastor Troys No Mo Play in GA did nearly four years ago. Needless to say, the anticipation for his album is high, and Crusher isnt worried about living up to the expectations.

Hes seated inside a bustling Applebees on the south side of Atlanta, and honestly he looks a bit fidgety. Not because hes uncomfortable doing interviewshes a vet in the industry, having worked with everyone from Lil Bow Wow to Killer Mike and TI prior to Never Scared. Hes also was a member of the underground rap group, the Lyrical Giants before he happened upon his solo career. Crusher seems a bit restless because hes a big dude, in more ways than one, and at the moment, hes crushed into a booth with seven other people. Making himself as comfortable as possible, he talks about his tentatively titled album, the Amazing Bone Crusher and His Industry Friends.

This album is probably going to be, he pauses dramatically for effect, the most phenomenal thing to touch mankind, he continues, still in character. What I intend to accomplish with it is world wide mayhem, if you will. Then just as suddenly, he drops the act and turns serious. I feel the public needs something fresh right now, a lot of the substantial artists are lacking as far as a lot the things theyre doing. I just want the people to feel me, basically.

And they do. Listen to the Top Whatever at Whenever on almost any station in the south and youll hear Crushers demanding flow dominating the airwaves. His style is just that infectious. Crusher has a simple explanation for his newfound success.

When people see me, they understand that what I bring to the table is what I am, he says. Still, he has a certain sense of duality. He can be street, and tell anyone, outside of the club or wherever else that he aint never scared, but can flip and be as articulate as a white-collar businessman at the blink of an eye. Needless to say, such ability is beneficial. In fact, as he would say, its vainglorious.

Over the course of about 45 minutes, he uses the word no less than 15 times. Undoubtedly an ode to the verbal stylings of the X-Clan, Crushers use of the word definitely speaks to his persona. He appreciates the old-school while remaining in tune with the new. And, of course, he has a larger than life presence, almost as big as his curly hairwhich dances wildly about his head, refusing any sort of containment. Its just the way he likes it too. His hair is another small, but important characteristic that separates him from other rappers. But seriously, his affinity for music speaks for itself.

My love of the music and what I bring to the table [is whats going to separate me from other Atlanta artists], he asserts. Ill let the fans decide whats going to separate me from everybody else, I just do what I do, because theyre going to decide anyway. I could say, Im the best thing that ever happened to the world, and they could be like, No it aint pimp; its wack, he says breaking into a grin.

Lesson 5: Always keep things in perspective. As aforementioned, Crushers got it all under control.

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