Young Buck: No Holds Barred

posted February 27, 2009 12:00:00 AM CST | 159 comments

Nearly nine months removed from the release of the infamous taped conversation between he and 50 Cent, Young Buck has spoken to HipHopDX with the type of complete candor hes yet to offer up to any other media outlet regarding the strange saga that led to his removal from G-Unit.

The former southern arm of 50s crew also candidly revealed  that the man he says he once thought of as a big brother is now preventing him from formally releasing any new music.

Additionally, Buck disclosed whether or not he is as rumors suggest - on the verge of becoming a Grand Hustle artist, what the fate of Cashville Records is, where he stands today on The Game, how Rick Ross [the real Rick Ross] is showing his support for Buck, and what the title of his planned next solo project will be [which he reveals exclusively in this interview].

HipHopDX: On Did U Miss Me [click to listen] you announce that youre back, but you sound like you dont really wanna be in the rap game anymore that youre disgusted by it, with the fakeness in it. So as of February 24, 2009 where is Young Buck at with this rap shit?
Young Buck:
Well just to be honest, I know I wanna be in the rap game. I know this is what I wanna do. I will say Im not just pleased with a lot of the material thats out there a lot of the gimmick rappers I should say. I put real life, reality rap, into my music. I write about what Im going through on a day-to-day basis, and give it to the fans. Because I feel like, the only thing thats gonna keep [them connected to me] as an artist is to give em the truth. And the truth is real I see a lot of artists right now that speak on the life they wish they lived, or somebody elses life that may be around em. Ive just had the experience in my time where Ive seen both sides of it. And Im just real enough to say, Okay, this is where Im at right now, and give it to you real [rather] than sugarcoat my shit and say, Everything is all gravy. Im not a muthafucka out here without by far. But you know, Im struggling just like half of the rest of [America] whether its through the recession or just everything else. I feel that shit just like you do. Im not getting that [realness] out of a lot of artists. T.I. [click to read] bringing it to the table, [Young] Jeezy [click to read], [and] its a few more out there Im really feeling. east coast-wise; I like Maino. But for me, I just feel like keeping the fans updated with where I stand at and where Im at [is the most important thing].

DX: And speaking of that, at the end of Did U Miss Me you candidly note that I aint really had contact and seen no money from this rap shit in abouta year or so. So what is your connection to the industry at this point? Are you still signed as a solo artist to G-Unit/Interscope Records?
Young Buck:
Yeah. See the situation that Im going through is kinda odd. Because, most of the times you would have seen an artist thats on a label have the [inaudible] with the CEO. Most of the times they part ways, and [usually] the CEO says, You go on. I kicked you [off the label] totally. In my situation, its more humiliating to me I think in 50 [Cent]s [click to read] eyes to hold me as long as he can before Im actually able to fulfill the albums I have left [on my contract]. So eventually Ill be able to come around and do another album I think [50] knows that if he was to say, "[Youre released from G-Unit]," everybody and they mama waiting on the kid. Its a check waiting for me the minute that [he decides to do that]. So with me not having no contact with him within a year or so [that leads] me to feel [thats what hes doing].

As far as me not seeing no money from this rap thang, yeah I havent had nothing on the shelf, no material thats [commercially available]When I made that line, Im pretty much referring to I havent seen no Interscope money, no label money. But as an artist, hey man, Im surviving. Im out here pushing My shows stay packed up. And Im doing everything that I possibly can to work around the situation, being that Im being held up on droppin an album.

DX: Have you been told what needs to be done before you can stop being held up? I mean, has anybody [reached out] through your manager or anybody [and] said this is what you gottta do, or this is what needs to be done?
Young Buck:
Ima be real with you, [months] before the phone conversation was leaked [in June 2008] from 50 Cent on me [click to read], I was [reaching] out [to] 50. Because I was aware through my manager at the time, Sha Money [XL] [click to read], that [50] was feeling a little awkward about me speaking and saying that Ive never seen a royalty check [click to read]. So my whole thing then was to [try to reach] out to 50 and make him understand, being that it was an interview I had did a month prior to when it was released [via Yo! Raps Magazine on March 17, 2008] I [tried to reach] out to [50], just trying to let him understand, Look my man, I spoke this and said this Ive never seen a royalty check in my career because its the truth. I didnt say it to say 50s taking money from me, or hes cheating me Im the only one thats recouped over there. Its the truth. And I tried my best to get in contact with him and make him understand - man-to-man, and have my conversation with him Look dude, this is an old interview that had been put out. But, I never heard from him [after that interview was published].

And [so] then Sha Money was [reaching] out [to] me [at that time]. Im [reaching] back at Sha Money like, Yo, have you talked to him? [And] hes like, Nah, he aint answering my calls. [And] at that point Sha Money felt like he had to do something, and try to make the situation as best as possible, to kinda like keep things on board. We was trying to get shit back together. Because [a prior] separation had came from when [G-Unit] was putting out mixtapes and I wasnt on the coverand moving around without me. So [50 and me] had got back on line with each other [after that], and then thats when [the interview was published].
Wasnt getting no conversation from 50, [and so] Sha Money felt like, You know what? Let me go out here and put a statement out on our behalf. And thats when he hit [the web], and he put out the statement [on March 21, 2008] saying Buck has made over 10 million dollars in his career, [and] hes waving the G-Unit flag [click to read]. And from that point, once I read that statement, I got right back at Sha Money and my first words to [him] was Ten million dollars, Sha? And I got a lot of respect and a lot of love for Sha because I know the decisions thats being made right now is decisions that actually he chose to make [but are] things he has to do. But Im the best man in Shas wedding. So I cant just sit here and act like I dont have no love for him when at the end of the day I do. But he went and said what he said just trying to clear things up with 50 cause we couldnt get a conversation from 50.

And [then a few weeks later, in early April 2008] I got a call from my partna G.I. and he was like, Yo bruh, go look at this on the computer. 50s kicking you out. Thats when [50 Cent] went out [and spoke to] I think it was Miss Info, and he was like, Yo, Bucks no longer a part of the group G-Unit, but hes still an artist signed to the label. So Im like, Wow. Cause like I said, [there] wasnt no conversation [with 50 Cent] After Fif went out on the radio and said Im no longer a part of G-Unit, I still maintained my [composure] and just kept calling the cat's number, just trying to get this conversation out of him and let him know, Okay, well thats done the way its done, [but] how do we move forward from here? And what it is then that you saying Im still an artist signed to [G-Unit] but Im no longer part of the group? And [we] just never had no conversation.

I understand [why Sha Money XL said what he said in his statement]. He didnt wanna make people feel like we aint made no money, being as successful as G-Unit is. And Ive seen a lot of money with Fif. But 10 million? Its simple, I can let you know what Ive made. Ill just put out my tax statements since I signed with G-Unit I havent received 10 million dollars, or jacked off 10 million dollars. Ive never paid a million dollars in taxes

And the conversation that I had that got taped and leaked was a conversation that I had sitting in Sha Moneys car on Sha Moneys cell phone in Phoenix, Arizona [a few weeks before the Yo! Raps interview was published]. [And] it was emotional. Im an emotional type of dude. I deal with people from the heart. And I looked at 50 from a brother prospective I looked at him as a big brother. And I felt like whatever it takes for me to get myself back in position [and] making things work the way [theyve] always been, let me do that And [during that conversation] it was a point in it where yeah I became emotional about it. But see, one thing I want everybody out there to understand is every man got an emotional side to him, whether he choose to show it or whether he choose to hide it. That dont make you lesser of no man. Im a real muthafucka. I poured my emotions out dealing with dude because I dealt with him from the heart, not the hand. And I dont look at it as a mistake on my behalf because thats the way I was raised Its hard to just look at a person as this is only business, [especially] when we dealing with real life or death issues. With all these beef situations, [that] shit wasnt no bullshit. [I cant] look [at it] like, Okay, this is my homie from nine-to-five. Nah man, we got real life shit going down Thats the way I was brought up, you deal with muthafuckas from the heart, not the hand. [But] in this business what Ive learned is this is business. So I dont fault him for just looking at me as business, but I will say that I think we coulda handled shit in a different way.

[But] it still hasnt been no conversation. My [new] manager [Michael "Blue" Williams] has been back and forth trying to get conversation. Hes been [in touch] with their lawyers. And [its] pretty much been at a standstill. Just here lately Ive been given word to go ahead and submit a budget and go from there, as far as going in and making another album.

DX: [Are you] saying that [youre] trying to get a budget from Interscope, or that Interscope already cleared a budget for you?
Young Buck:
I had went to Interscope me and Blue and G.I. We was actually supposed to I think meet with Jimmy [Iovine], and we was directed to the cat under Jimmy. And from the conversation that I got from him, it was pretty much Who you wanna work with on this project? We ready. They didnt really speak on nobody else, but they stressed the fact that, We will do another Young Buck album. [So] we was pretty much told that we was going in [to begin work on the album] right around New Years. [I was told], After the new year, [once] the holidays is over with, youll hear from us. I aint heard from them [yet]. And I think a lot of thats [because of] the fact that 50s pushing his album back.

It is what it is. Im patiently waiting. But, I cant sit here and let my fans become that eager to hear Buck to the point where they feel like, Well damn, Buck [must be] fucked up. Or, Hes on drugs. Or, He jacked off all this money.

Im not here to beef with 50 Cent or go back and forth with [G-Unit]. Im here to make good music and keep it moving. It is what it is, as far as G-Unit and me. I dont really see myself actually ever being a part of G-Unit again. But I do see myself trying to fulfill those albums that I got left over there, because thats only business. Im only following up what was [stated by 50 Cent], and that was you no longer part of G-Unit as a group but you still an artist signed to the label. And Im trying to actually do it without having to take the legal [route]. Thats whats [taken] so long. Im a street nigga. And I pretty much felt and know that damn 50, you a street nigga too. I aint legally trying to play this game with this nigga. So Im thinking well damn, maybe hell come off this shit after awhile and well give conversation towards each other or however it may go so we can get an understanding.

DX: Can you clarify the rumor that T.I. was kinda trying to extract you from [your G-Unit] contract?
Young Buck:
Nah, Tip aint never tried to extract me from [the] contract. Tip has only just lent me genuine knowledge and genuine support Tip always just gave me real knowledge that hes learned in the business, things that he feel like can help me through the situation. Not only Tip, but Jeezy also. Those are the two cats that Ive pretty much had conversation with the most. Tip has always been there, and Jeezy been there before anybody as far as dealing with Young Buck.

DX: Do you still have the deal with Sony Red for Cashville Records?
Young Buck:
Without a doubt. Sony Red know what they got. They aint no fools. You think they gonna let my situation go? You know what I just came up with off of having conversation with you?

DX: Whats that?
Young Buck:
The name of my next album.

DX: Go ahead, hit me with it.
Young Buck:
The Ca$h Cow. And that just hit me right now. Thats the name of my next album because thats what 50 knows I am, thats what you know I am, the streets know I am. So thats what Ima deliver.

DX: So what happens to the situation though for Cashville Records?
Young Buck:
I feel like [first] I want to work my situation out [with G-Unit/Interscope] as much as it's gonna get with being able to release another album. I didnt wanna be on a record from one of my artists, or one of the projects that I been working on [to] release through Sony Red and Cashville Records and deal with a problem of 50 saying, "Im not clearing him." Cause I kinda ran into that with the DVD that I was due to put out [in June 2008], the A Billion Bucks DVD. Well he didnt clear me for it. So I said before I have to go that way [of clearing projects], Ill just sit here, toss this music out to the streets [and] keep me relevant until we get some type of understanding business-wise.

DX: In the meantime, while youre dealing with these label issues, like you said youre still determined to serve the streets. And on Did U Miss Me you note that Freeway Ricky Ross be home end of March, and I understand that Rick is hosting a new Buck street release?
Young Buck:
Yeah, I got a mixtape coming with Bigga Rankin. And Freeway just a real individual. I pretty much was connected [to him] through another person dealing with him. I havent dealt with Freeway Ricky Ross through the streets or [in any way during] the years of my life when he was [free], its just that I think he understands me through conversation and through the music. But he was honorable enough to host my mixtape. And Im honored and thankful for that, being that the life that he come from I just feel like he can tell it the realest. Things you go through in life make you who you are. [And] he done went through things for real. And like I say, Im trying to base my music and my career and my life and everything that I do around reality.

DX: And you know I gotta ask, is Buck working with the real Rick Ross a sign of your intention to enter the battle between the rappin Rick Ross and 50 Cent?
Young Buck:
I mean, I got respect for Rick Ross [click to read]. [But] thats not my situation. I feel like at this point [50 Cent] got his own situation, I got my own situation, so who am I to comment on anything dealing with ya man?

DX: Since your split with G-Unit you publicly aligned yourself with former foe The Game - appeared in his My Life video. And I know that youre on Nu Jerzey Devils upcoming solo debut [click to read]. So I was wondering where your relationship with The Game and the Black Wall Street crew stands today?
Young Buck
: Me and Game [click to read] never really had a real street beef outside of this rap shit, the rap beef that was there when I was amongst G-Unit. So when I was exited out of G-Unit, Game was the first one to reach out to me. [He] was like, Yo, we aint really have no real situation. And I knew we didnt, so we seen eye to eye. And it is what it is at this point. I aint got no problem with dude, and Im sure he aint got no problem with me

Im [just] moving, man. Im definitely in the studio everyday. Im working on my album, my new album The Ca$h Cow, which I just came up with right now live right here on HipHopDX.

And I just wanna say I appreciate all the love from the fans, the ones that stayed down with Buck through the ups and downs Its well-appreciated over this way. And one thing that I know, the fans know, 50 Cent know, and everybody out there knows is that when Im given the opportunity to drop another album I am gonna do the damn thang.

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