Chamillionaire: The Internet Nerd's Interview

posted January 26, 2009 12:00:00 AM CST | 116 comments

Hes simultaneously a net fanatics best and worst friend. Mixtape champ Chamillionaire shows his full support for Hip Hops transition from physical to digital every time he releases a new edition of his Mixtape Messiah series (including the sixth installment earlier this month either for free download via or for a full disc listening session on online outlets like the one youre reading).

But while hes blessing his Internet savvy fans with digital treats, "Koopa" has also been using his cyberspace stage to take some sly jabs at those Cham listeners who seem to only check his rhymes so that they can offer up hate-filled critiques of the southern spitter wherever theres a conversation about Chamillionaire taking place online.

Beginning last summer, with the release of Mixtape Messiah 4, and its clever and humorous mocking of his keyboard-armed critics on Internet Nerds Revenge," the agile lyricist began striking back at his web-based detractors. Turning the Internet Nerds concept into a trilogy of songs, Cham followed up his first swipe at online "Koopa" haters with Internet Nerds Brother on last falls Mixtape Messiah 5, and the New Years Day 09 release of the loose track, Internet Nerds Argue."

Inspired by these conceptual gems, HipHopDX decided to take a few of our own readers to task for their slanderous statements written in the comments section of various Cham-related postings on the site and give "Koopa" a chance to respond directly to your hate mail.

HipHopDX: This first comment comes from DXs most recent feature interview with Paul Wall
[click to read], where sockman534 wrote, I really hope Wall dont take the Koopa move and completely clean his lyrics. That shit is gay.
I aint mad at that, because I used to be a fan that [thought] just like that. I used to be the person that [listened] to N.W.A. [click to read] and all that stuff. And you dont like it when somebody starts to clean up their image. You dont like bubblegum [songs]

People have a right to their opinion. [But] Im not on this mission to be like hatin on everybody that doesnt like me. You can say you dont like me. I dont even care. Even when I do the Internet Nerds [click to listen] freestyles, you got some people thatll be freakin complaining all day when all it was [is] a freestyle. Its a freestyle that we did just to do something different. I didnt put [Internet Nerds Argue] [click to listen] on my [new] Mixtape Messiah [click to listen] for a reason, because it was made just for people like them on the Internet. And I knew they was gonna talk about it. That was the reason why I did it

I think I seen actually on your site some people was like, Man, this is cool, but I cant ride in the whip to this. Nobody in the hood is gonna be ridin to this. Like, somebody on the Internet is talking about nobody in the hood is gonna be ridin to this. I didnt take it to the hood. I put it right there on HipHopDX

[My new album Venom is] gonna have curse words. Theres rappers cursing on there. But I dont curse. Thats just a thing about me. Im not going back on that [pledge not to curse]. We aint gonna make a big deal out of it Them freestyles that anybodys hearing, or anybody says is dope, Im not cursing in none of em. So I dont know what the difference is?

Ima be me. People always say keep it real, but when you keep it real to yourself they dont want that. Rap is not about keeping it real. All them people that post on the Net and be like, keep it real, they dont need to post that no more, because its not even real. You even typing with a name thats not yours. Nobody even knows who you are.

Regardless of what the person on the Internet is saying about me, Ima be good. Whether I sell or not, whether I succeed in what the industrys definition of success is, Ima be good regardless. Ima get paid regardless. And to me, everything aint always about money, a lot of times its about the creative part too, but you cant make everybody happy. I done gave fans so many different styles. Im in the streets. Im doing it up with Slim Thug [click to read]. Im doing the Internet Nerds track. Im rappin like somebody else. Im imitating rappers. Im just trying to give em a whole spectrum of a whole bunch of different stuff. Because for me, I hate hearing a rapper do the same thing over and over. Even if its my favorite rapper, if he keeps on doing the same thing, he sells you the same song ten thousand times, are you gonna wanna keep buying that? So me personally, Im just doing what I like. I like when somebody come with something fresh and innovative Everything aint gonna be for you, different strokes for different folks. But, I dont even be caring, man. [What] people are saying on the Internet, that doesnt like make me wanna go jump off a bridge or nothing. We just be laughing at that stuff a lot of time.

DX: Yeah, and these comments that I pulled are basically 95% chuckle-worthy hate, but they have a little constructive criticism in [them], so thats why I wanted to have you respond to these. [And] the next one is from DXs review of Ultimate Victory [click to read]. Nico wrote, At first, not having any cuss words seemed like an interesting idea, but there are moments where he sounds like he wants to cuss, but instead rambles on & on. So many songs sound the same. Plus, the sing songy hooks are horrible. Go be Brian McKnight then. Sound of Revenge was a lot better. This is the ultimate defeat.
When I first came out, I had a big mixtape audience, a lot of people that know me [from that]. Now, the song Ridin blows up and its a lot of people that think they know me and they dont. But the people that grew up on Chamillionaire, they know Ive always sang hooks like that. Theres a freestyle that I did in like 2000 [to] the Parking Lot Pimpin Jay-Z [click to read] song. I redid that. And I sang the friggin hook on that. And then after that 50 Cent [click to read] blew up, and some people was like, Yo, Chamillionaires trying to sing hooks like 50. Those are the new people that jumped on the [bandwagon] that dont really know me like that. Before I ever knew who 50 Cent was, I was doing that.
All I can do is just attack the audience that Im trying to attack, and thats what I do. But I can understand why somebody would be like, Yo, he cant sing on every [song]. I can understand that constructive criticism. Im a person that can take it Im one of the artists that actually do listen to a lot of constructive criticism to see how I can improve on stuff. Thats why I do so much in the mixtape world, because when I put out a mixtape it kinda lets me know what people like and what they dont like Hip Hop, and music [in general], changes so much you gotta be a researcher like that. So Im not mad at people saying stuff like that. But, you [gotta] know the difference between hate and constructive criticism.

[And] one thing I know is that I aint never been a lame. I aint never been a square in my life to get on a Internet site and just post about somebody. Like go to freakin Perez Hilton and just talk about peoples life. Those people that do that, and spend all day doing that, like, cmon man. Get some money, man. Do something with your life. Go to college. I dont know what you could do, [but] just strive to do something good instead of following [Lil Wayne] [click to read] [posts] all around the Internet, or Kanye [West] and dissin that 808s [& Heartbreak] [click to read]. I look at that and its just crazy to me.

Theres some people that have like 10 billion [posts], and they got some kinda cred on the Internet. Ive never posted on a forum, ever. I look at em, but Ive never posted, not one time. Im not knocking people that do that, because you can have a lot of constructive conversations there. But, the people who just spend their time going to each artists [sites and posting hate], thats retarded to me.

[And] to that person I will say, give this Venom album [when it drops following the release of Mixtape Messiah 7] a listen and see if they still feel the same way, thats it. I just want you to listen to it. Im talking trash because I feel like the albums gonna be super dope, aint nobody touching it. And if Im wrong, then Im wrong. They can post up some more hate mail next time you do your next review.

DX: You mentioned earlier that there are even detractors posting in the comments of these Internet Nerds [freestyles], and one of em comes from the Internet Nerds Argue song. MagnumOpus wrote, How fucking retarded. Who likes this shit, the white kids hes making fun of? I cant imagine anyone else being entertained by this unless theyre saying Oh dude, this is like totally us man! Awesome, Chams talking about us!
What person on the Internet really feels that theyre an Internet nerd? [If you wrote], I want all you Internet nerds to post here, youll probably get no responses cause nobody thinks theyre an Internet nerd, even if the person has ten million posts.

They didnt even get the point of [that freestyle] if thats [the response]. I didnt make it for him to go buy it. I made it just for the net, where people like him [could] make comments like that.

DX: So the next [posting] is a comment from the same song posting, [where] okaystop wrote, First two were funnynow its just played out. Please stop, thank you.
I aint mad at that comment Ill do a freestyle, like I did the Roll Call. And Ill do it for awhile, and some people still want it. If you go on my YouTube page, [you can] read a whole bunch of comments [like], You need to do this more. But Im a person that gets bored with the same ol', same ol'. A lot of people was like, You not gonna have any Roll Call or Answering Machine songs on this Mixtape Messiah? And I didnt put none on there because Ive done em on all the mixtapes and now Ive moved on. So its the same thing with the Internet Nerds [series].

DX: And the next piece of hate mail comes from the audio post of Best Rapper [click to listen]. Lol I just had to wrote, Cham is average. Sorry to bust it to ya. He would get murkd by anyone in the Slaughterhouse! And thats just for startershahbest rapperlol.
Shout out to all them rappers in the SlaughterHouse, cause they all feel like they the best rapper too. But I stand by that. Tell that dude I said Im the best rapper. And if he wants to disagree, he can go put all the hate mail [he wants] on or my YouTube page. Im the best.

DX: And that same poster went on to write in a second post, Everyone sayin that his rhymes are too basic and that he cant compare to rappers like Joell and Royce ur forgettin that he still a Houston rapper!! You wudnt expect Slim Thug or Bun B to come out wit complicated rhymes.
I dont know if I get that [comment]. I just know who my audience is. Like, me and my homeboy, we ridin right now and we listening to Pimp Cs album [Pimpalation] [click to read]. And honestly the type of music I listen to is like Pimp C, [where] theyll be making some real music where you dont even gotta do punchlines or none of that. And I wish one day that I could be that artist that could just make the music that I truly like. But I know who my audience is. I know who grew up on me. I know what they want. A lot of times they want punchlines. [And] if you go back when I was young and I was like 16, 15, I used to say some punchlines that was kinda slick [even back then]. But you know, a lot of punchline rappers, they can get to do so many punchlines that a lot of times it just sounds forced. So I seen people be like, Aww, he just doing all these forced punchlines. But Im doing it on purpose because I know thats what my audience wants

The Internet Nerds track does not even reflect who the heck I [really] am. But I know the audience Im trying to attack when I do [make that kind of song] A lot of em kids who like to hear punchlines, and I give em that

If they wanted me to [do] a song with Joell Ortiz [click to read], Crooked I [click to read], I could blend perfectly on a song if I wanted to. I wont have to use all the punchlines. But its a lot of new cats thats coming up, that I actually like their sound, but I [dont] necessarily know [if] my audience is [with that]. I cant make a song like Lupe [Fiasco] [click to read], because my audience would be looking at me crazy. I cant make a song like Charles Hamilton [click to read] or Asher Roth [click to read], or B.o.B. [click to read]. [My audience] would be like, What, he trying to kick some knowledge to us or something?

DX: The next piece of hate mail [is] from the audio post of [the first official single off Venom] Creepin
[click to listen]. Bigo75 wrote, When r rappers going to learn? Stop letting Luda murder you on your own track!!!! Step ya game up Cham, you are reppin the H.
Oh, thats a real good one. I like that [comment]. I actually like that one because originally when [Ludacris][click to read] did this song I went and did another verse. And I was just spazzin out, just talking about nothing. Cause if you notice the theme of the song is creepin solo. Luda just was talking about all kinda stuff that was dope. And at first it was real long. So [at first] I was competing with him on the record. I made my verse long. And then I looked and I said, Man, honestly the songs too long. And it sounds like Im trying to beat Luda. I dont even care about beating Luda, because if I have to do a video I have to think about the purpose of the song. [And] when I made the song [I was thinking] this is my life right now. People see me, when I walk in the airport, [when] I walk everywhere, [and] Im by myself. And theres a real story behind that. Its not just some punchline [song]. The fans that have kept up with me for so many years know this story and how a lot of people have left me. And how a lot of people just stabbed me in the back This is why I made this record. So its a real record Thats why I had to add purpose to the record. It wasnt about trying to beat Luda.

DX: This next comment is in a totally different vein. From the news piece on your being named Co-Grand Marshall of the 09 MLK [Day] Parade in Houston [click to read], bedouin wrote, MLK is rolling in his grave when morons like this end up representing his struggle.
That was a very ignorant post, man. Like, cmon man, this is Martin Luther Kings day. Im an African-American entrepreneur [And] at a time when Barack Obama is the leader of the free world, for them to try to bring in young people into the MLK parade Ima be in the parade with my candy cars on 26s and city officials inside the cars. And a lot of young people are gonna come out to the parade because Im there. This is not about me, its about making people understand how historic this day is. Like, cmon man, only a moron would post something like that.

DX: The [final comment] here is from the news piece regarding your reunion with Paul Wall [click to read]. DeandreFUENTES wrote, Anything to sell record right Cham!
Yeah, anything to sell records, thats why I did an album with no curse words. Thats why I aint told everybody Im gangsta. Thats why I do a Internet Nerds track. If I wanted to do stuff just to sell records, what would I do? I would go against everything that I been doing

Anything to sell records, because I put the beef [to the] side with a friend? We had some real serious issues that happened, and for us to grow up and mature and to stop [beefin], nobody should be saying anything negative about somebody that does something like that.

Its funny that this type of stuff [is said] on the net. Nobody will ever come up to me and say that to my face. I never hear none of this junk [said] to my face. All this stuff that they say about artists all over the Internet, they never go up to Wayne and say it to his face. They never go up to 50 and say it to his face. Thats where you can feel safe at, saying it on the net. Its not like youre gonna get beat up, its not like youre gonna get shot, but youre not even man enough to even [say anything when you see me]. Cmon man, get out of here with that.

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