Miss Rap Supreme Castaways: Khia

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After watching the new reality show with episode two of Vh1s Miss Rap Supreme Monday night, Khia, may've contradicted her reason for appearing to begin with in "demanding respect." The self-proclaimed "Queen of The South" was booted by MC Serch for using an album verse when asked for original collaboration. The lyrics were all too similar to the song Respect Me from her 2006 album Gangstress - and Serch must be a die-hard Khia fan, album cuts and all. Surprisingly, Khia's reaction to the bad news was tolerable on TV, but a swarm of media blitzing now shows her gangstress side.

The truth is, Khia's been competing all her career. Propelled by 2002's "My Neck, My Back," Khia moved over 800,000 units independently to start her mainstream career, but sustained her name with a vicious, catty beef with Trina. With that approach, and without another mainstream single, Khia has stayed relevant by linking up with Gucci Mane's former management, and doing a similar thing to him - claiming she's too trill for all of us to ever really understand. Explaining her attitude after Vh1, how Lil Wayne is her baby, and what makes up the style, do you understand Khia?

HipHopDX: On the reality show you were recently a part of, Miss Rap Supreme, the explosion between you and rival Mz. Cherry was pretty intense. She definitely struck a nerve with you when she called you a one-hit-wonder. But as the most experienced rapper in the house, why didnt you just brush it off your shoulder and take the high road?
"Struck a nerve" definitely was not it. Im from the same streets that shes from, so I definitely knew that she was tryin to put on for the TV. So it was like, "Little girl, accomplish a one hit.' I know you personally so for you to even try meIll slide you under this refrigerator. So when you know somebody, its like cmon. I know Mz. Cherry personally. So, its like, dont put on for the TV.

DX: Why did you cheat on the elimination freestyle?
I cheated during the whole show. That was my plan and my main objective for even going on the show. Everyone seems to not get it, but Youre My Girl was already on Thug Misses, Respect Me was on Gangstress, my object for going on the show was not to compete with a bunch of amateurs, but to promote my music. That was the whole reason why I went on the show and my mission was accomplished so I bowed out gracefully. It was great.

DX: I get that your whole point was to use the show for publicity, but can you at least admit that it would have been better for you if you hadnt cheated? That way you could stick around longer and gain more exposure, or even win the $100,000?
Yes and no. Because Serch was a hater; he already knew that everyone elses stuff was pre-written to but because mine was known; it was a conspiracy. They knew I had to go. Because they know I have shit for years and days, I would've never ran out of lines or forgot my words like Mz. Cherry did because my catalogue is out of the roof. I write songs for a living. So just because my song are known, I got eliminated? And because their songs are not, they didnt? Because Serch knew everybodys freestyle was pre-written so I felt like it was time for me to go because he was hatin.

DX: How do you know for sure everyones freestyle was prewritten?
What do you mean? I lived with them. I was with them everyday. They were all raps that I had already heardThe jokes on you Serch, if [everyones freestyle wasnt already pre-written] you should've told me [when I was disqualified] You did You My Girl, you did Fuck Them Other Hoes, you did Hater Walk, and you did Respect Me; you gotta go. I did pre-written songs through the whole show! So, they knew. They was just hatin. How can he be a judge when Im not giving him any respect?

DX: Speaking of respect, Dont you think that just like you demanded respect from the girls in the house who were less experienced than you; that you should show respect to a pioneer like Yo-Yo who paved the way for female emcees like yourself?
Please, Yo-Yo is a joke. She just wanna make everybody look like a fool. Yo-Yo wasnt there to show any love to the females in Hip Hop. They picked a cast of crackheads, strippers, bull-daggers and a veteran to try to get tension going in the house. What makes for better TV: A whole bunch of lyricists or a whole bunch of jackasses? Yo Yo didnt pick girls with talent. Yo-Yo picked girls with issues. That makes better TV. So, no, she dont get respect [from me]. ..I dont even wanna be considered a female rapper; Im an artist. Im a music composer. Im in a category all by myself soIm not even in a category with all of them

DX: The last time we talked you said you were the queen of the south. Now its over a year and some time later as we're talking again, so do you feel the same and why?
Yes I feel the same and Im the queen of the south because Im the only woman in Hip Hop thats had a worldwide hit that sticks like grits. What other female artist writes, composes, and produces all three of their albums? None of their albums, none of their songs, if thats the case. So until their able to do that Im the queen of the south. I dont even want to be in that category female emcees, because Im not an emcee, Im a creative artist that creates music.

DX: Alright so how you feel about other people hating that might feel you not the queen of the south?
They can hate, its either you with me or against me. Either or thats whats up, I love it.

DX: To keep it real with me, what does it take to be the queen of the south and how long will you have the title?
You definitely have to have your own business, you have to be the boss of your own enterprise, you have to run your own ship. You have to write, produce, and compose, and distribute your own music. You have to be the boss lady, you cant work under others, you cant let others dictate what you put out, how you want to look. You cant let them come in and select writers for you, select producers for you. You have to produce your own image, your own style, and your own work. You have to love you yourself and if your doing what your supposed to be doing your music will come through your music. I feel like a lot of people are in positions and they aint supposed to be there.

DX: So you airing it out right now that a lot of these females dont handle their business and a lot of dudes is handling stuff for them?
I dont have to keep repeating myself over, we already know how it goes. Thats why Im not gonna even put myself in the same category as them because they not even on my level, they dont do what I do.

DX: How do you feel about your hardcore lyrics and the image you representing for the women out there, do you feel thats the case?
Yeah because all my music is real, its me. Im happy that women can relate and support me and my music. All I can is be me,

DX: Now you know I was going to ask, but what is the problem with you and Trina? Let it be known and keep it real...
You know Trina is so last year and everybody wants to mix the truth with beef. I dont respect Trina as an artist, because I dont feel shes talented and shes not on my level. For me to say that about her they mix that with beef in which all I did was told the truth. You dont write your stuff, you dont do what I do. She took offense and put a diss record out, not once, she put a lot of diss records out when her album dropped. I thank her for the promotion, I dont have to be writing diss records I write hits, thats what it is. Im not putting no more diss records out, none of that. They mix the truth with beef and they can have fun with that. I make music and thats what I do.

DX: Trina just released the new album Still Da Baddest, when I read your album review you called it Still Da Nastiest, why did you say that?
Because thats what it is, if you read the review I spoke on everything. Im done, Trinas not even on my level so I dont even have to speak on her anymore. Everybody knows how I feel about Trina.

DX: Speaking on her review some people said you were hating. Can you explain to them why your review was not hating, but constructive criticism?
You know you gonna have people that agree and disagree. I thank them all for the promotion, its all promotion. Its entertainment and people need to be entertained.

DX: If she wanted to call peace would you?
You know what? Trina is like the whore in your neighborhood nobody likes, the whore at your school nobody likes. Hoes never get respect and it is what it is. Its no beef, I dont respect her as a women period and thats just what it is. She can do her and Im a do me. I can thank her for the promotion.

DX: Aside from that you have a new album coming out called Nasty Musik. So what is so nasty about your music?
Nasty, real, blunt, raw, upfront, in ya face, thats me. When its nasty its not just because its sexual, its nasty because its real and its for the thugs and thug misses. Its hot and its my best. All my albums are platinum, no matter what the numbers say. It only gets better and its a great album.

DX: So were going to have more songs like My Neck, My Back?
Yes, you know you got that on there, its the old Khia.

DX: I was reading some on the Internet in which you was talking about Lil Wayne. This is the exact quote from what I read Im a be Weezys lady and have his baby, so whats good with that?
Yes I love Weezy, thats my baby. He gonna do big things this year.

DX: So you look forward to dating Lil Wayne?
Thats my baby. [Laughs]

DX: You have the label Big Cat Records in which you're CEO right?
Yeah, me and Big Cat did a joint venture so its Thug Misses Entertainment/Big Cat Records. We both been getting this independent money for a minute so were gonna get rich together.

DX: Youre a boss lady on the independent level, in which you said a lot of females dont handle their business and let a lot of males control them. What advice would you give to a lot of female upcoming artist out there?
If music is what you love and thats what your supposed to be doing being involved and handling your own business is a part of your job description. If you want to rap and you think its all about being on TV and playing dress-up like Trina you got the wrong idea, because you dont make your money like that. You make your money with your publishing, owning your masters, and being in control of your situation. The bottom line is that everything that glitters aint gold. "The Diamond Princess" is really the rhinestone princess, you aint really getting no money like that. You definitely have to take control of your situation and be a boss bitch.

DX: Oh so thats what Khia is, a Boss Bitch huh?
Yes, yes!

DX: With you being a women in the music industry what made you come with the idea Hey I aint letting no dudes takeover me?
You know what [laughs], once I dropped My Neck, My Back on my first album I learned early that it just was harder. It was just harder for me to get on BET, get on MTV, get on the radio. You know a lot of them was about payola, a lot of people dont see what goes on underneath the surface. I seen all of the politics, all of the snakes early on and was like, You know what I got to take it from the streets and direct from fan to artist. From me to them, I got to put it under their heads, because other than that me being the queen, me having my dreads, me being beautiful and me loving my blackness. A lot of people want you to have the weave down your back, blonde hair and blue eyes, and getting injections in your cheek bones and ass. Thats what they considered beautiful so seeing me coming through the door they didnt consider me beautiful, but I considered myself beautiful so it was time for me to take it through the streets. My fans in the streets embraced, welcomed me, and supported me. For me to be myself I had to do it myself and a lot of people sell they soul. Dont go that route, so for me, Im glad that I didnt.

DX: How you feel about the media when they say Hip Hop degrades women being a female artist yourself?
You know what its so many things that the media say its like come on. You have people that write movies, killer movies, scary movies, nobody dont say, They this and they that, so its like whatever.

DX: Back to My Neck, My Back people would like to know you still freaky like that?
The song was freaky to you? The song for me was niggas be hollering [to] suck they dick, so for me it was like, "Fuck what you got, I got my own money, I ride my own Benz, so lick my ass, nigga. I didnt feel like it was freaky I feel like it was fuck what you got, I love myself, I got myself, now please me, its not always about pleasing you. It wasnt freaky it was just love me, its not all about you."

DX: Oh so it goes back to what you were saying Snatch the cat back or something like that.
Yeah, see its a different for thug misses. Im not gonna say, "Ima fuck you and your homeboy over there tryin' to fuck me in my ass and Im rob you and set you up." Ima say, "Fuck what you got, respect me because I hustle like you do. Ima help you, we gonna help each other." Thug misses is a difference and my fan-base were like family so they know what it is. Its either youre a fan or your not.

Additional Reporting by Aliya Ewing.

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