Young Chris: Future of Da Roc

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The Young Chris half of the Young Gunz has been going hard the last three months. With him and partner Neef being from the streets of Philly, it was merely a dream come true to be signed to one of Hip Hops glamorous labels. Jay-Z was at the top of the game and who in the world would turn to an opportunity to be under one of Hip Hops greatest emcees along with two businessman that keep it in order (Dame and Biggs). As they say on the other hans nothing last forever and before you knew it news was all-over that Jay and Dame was splitting and the Roc-A-Fella break-up was coming right before your eyes.

During their tenure before the split at Roc-A-Fella, The Young Gunz dropped two albums. Without warning, like the rest of State Property, the day-to-day operations seemingly stopped, despite solid numbers coming out of the sophomore effort. Many assumed that they were over with, but as of recently if you keep your ear to the street Young Chris has been dropping some fire. Dropping mixtape after mixtape shows he is definitely hungry again and want to show what got him in the game in the first place being a Roc-A-Fella soldier. Now you can hear from the man himself on Dame and Jay giving his personal opinion about the split, whats really good with Neef, State Property, and why its his year.

HipHopDX: Chris, you been grinding lately and I respect that. Its been a while since the Young Gunz dropped an album and now you have a lot of motivation going hard so what got into you to release a lot of heat right now?
Young Chris:
Well I been doing it, Ive been working I just wanted to wait for timing and everything, lets get that right. Timing is everything, and to make a long story short, the music been here. The majority of it the records y'all hearing now was probably recorded in '06 to '07. Im still going in to this day where Im just tearing the Internet up, sending stuff to DX, everybody, every site we can do. Im just staying on top of it man, they respected my flow from day one its just we took a break too long. The reason I came back and was going hard like that is because they dont respect the past. Im got to show them I still hungry, Im starving, and I still got it.

DX: You dropped some major mixtapes which were The New Print and another was Young ChrisXmas with DJ Green Lantern, so how does it feel for the streets to hear you again?
Its love man, I feel like a new artist. Thats what I was feeling like when I was in the studio recording all those records. Thats where the hunger is coming from, I got a 4 year old daughter, [and] my mother, I got to keep that mortgage up.

DX: Speaking on The New Print, its a Jay-Z-inspired mixtape so can you explain to the people out here what made you decide to do something of that nature?
Well shout-out to Mick Boogie, and everybody. He came to me with the idea like you should do a joint with all Jay beats and thats how it went down, the rest is history. When they came to me with the idea I went right in on it. I did what I did and it stuck, I respect him for it and thanks again for that.

DX: Can you talk about the process of how you got connected with Mick Boogie in the first place?
Yeah through my man Rich in Cleveland he worked with LeBron. Basically, when I told him my situation, he deejays for the Cavaliers and once he found out that Rich was dealing with me he was more than happy to make it work. To make a long story short, once I got with Rich, it all went well.

DX: Thats whats up you on your grind heavy!
Yes, Im on my way to the studio now; it dont stop.

DX: Let me ask you about Roc-A-Fella, how does it feel being an artist that was signed to a label that had the game on smash, but a lot of people want to know how you feel about the split between Dame and Jay?
Yeah man I was fucked up about it, I was real fucked up about it because my love was equal for both of them. When I first came up at 15 years old Jay, Dame and Biggs was in the room together. A lot of people dont know that I met Jay and them before I met anybody in State Property, except Neef. Neef was the only one that I came with, I meet him in middle school in seventh grade, I came in the game with him. Everybody else, Beans, Freeway, all them we met up at the label. We didnt know each other from the streets or none of that, but eventually we grew love for each other. Weve been around each other everyday, real recognize real, and we all from the same city so thats how it went down. I was fucked up about it, I was fucked up about the split man, because it stopped everything. It stopped everything, [Dame and Jay] wasnt fucking with each other, niggas had to choose sides, you know it was fucked up, man. It was fucked up, and my decision was with Jay, because I was on tour with Jay at the time when the tension was building up. He pulled us to the side and let us know we were a big part of his decision, me Freeway, Neef, Im not sure if Peed,i was there or not and he let us know we was a big part of his decision and top of the year we was gonna make it happen. Which he did when we released Brothers From Another he kept his word, but it aint do as predicted. Were still here man, were still grinding, Im still Roc-A-Fella, Im still fighting, and it aint over.

DX: But did you ever see any of this coming?
No, not at all. I was young man first big lump sum of money, hell no I aint see it coming I was living a dream. Fresh straight off the block into that shit, I aint never think it could stop like that, thats reality.

DX: Alright so after the spilt with everybody going their separate ways did you think going with Jay was the best decision for you?
Yeah, Dame understood it. I talked to Dame after that he understood it, he respected it. Jay is an artist who wouldnt go with Jay? Everybody made that decision.

DX: How did you feel about Dame Dash on a personal note?
Aw man I loved him man, I still love him. The last time I probably spoke to Dame was probably about a month ago. I sent my condolences and my love, chopped it up with him for a hot second and left it at that. I love that bol, man, I aint got nothing against none of them. Thats personal whatever they was going through, Dame was hands on Tough Luv and was more involved. Not saying Jay wasnt fucking with it, because Jay was an artist at the time. You gotta think he doing what we doing, he got shows, and that shows you couldnt be in the studio with us all day. I look at them like brothers man thats why I was really hurt about the situation when they split up. I cant really get into it, because I still dont know the reason why. I aint gonna get into it, it had to be something serious for them to split up. Im a mind my fucking business and keep doing what I do.

DX: Yeah, its kind of crazy because recently on the Internet a lot of people that you were affiliated with in State Property like Oschino, Peedi Crakk. Oschino just dropped a video talking about things he didnt like about Jay and Peedi Crakk just dropped a diss, shit-talking about things he didnt like. What you think it is with them making them say things about Jay getting off they chest?
Im not sure man, Im not sure. They my guys too, man, Im with them damn near everyday when Im in Philly. I dont know, man. I dont know honestly I can definitely reach out to them though and let them answer the questions for you. Honestly I dont know, because like I said once the split had happened basically everybody went they own way. I cant really tell you nobodys situation.

HHDX: A lot of people in Philly been asking if State Property is getting back together for another Chain Gang?
We tryna make it work, we got a few records. I can tell you that it aint no personal beefs or none of that shit. If we all stayed in the same room together, it be cool. [Laughs]

DX: Lets now talk about the Young Gunz...
Thats my brother, thats my brother from another. We going hard, we the Young Gunz and we aint going no where. Hes a part of me, thats my brother he aint going no where. Hopefully, we can set up something for this next album, which is my solo album.

DX: Yeah, because I wanted to know. It seemed like you been doing all your grinding on the solo tip, but a lot of people been thinking Neff just fell back?
Nah not really, he in there. Like I told you, its just timing, everything is timing. It got to be a perfect time to deliver it. You dont want to keep delivering, I aint want to say me and Neef aint making no tracks, but you want to have a strategy when you release it. You shouldnt release just because, Im releasing mine because my solo album is coming up so I got to show and prove.

DX: So whats good with G.I.F.I. (Get in Where You Fit In) and Pooda Brown?
Yeah G.I.F.I., Pooda Brown is doing what he do man he stay on the grind. You know thats Neefs blood-brother, his actual brother, but Pooda gets busy. G.I.F.I. is the label, thats our independent shit, but once my shit kick off we get that off the ground. You know how it goes everything falls into place.

DX: Besides yourself who else in Philly you feeling on the come up?
YC: Meek Mills
, the young bol hes on one of my mixtapes. Its a lot of people, but it aint too many people I deal with. Not to take away from they flows or how they rap, but I didnt listen or just didnt hear it. I be out man, I be running around, I barely be in Philly, when Im in Philly they dont know. So for real Im off the radar with that question. I know where Im going, Ive been busy in the studio myself.

DX: Well thats what happens when you got a lot of business on your own to handle?
I cant get mad at it.

DX: Talk about this solo thing, what made you decide to do this all together?
YC: Jay
came to me with the idea. In the process of Brothers From Another, he came to me and said You gonna have a big year this year and Im make sure this year is your year." Once he told me that I just started banging them off and it just stuck with me. With out a budget though, I wasnt waiting for them to say Aw, Young Chris your budget is here now you can start working, I started working that fuckin' night Jay told me that. I got some classic shit, man.

DX: I remember the last time we talked you was telling me about Now or Never so I wanted to know what was up with the process of when it was going to drop.
Well its definitely gonna drop this year and I got a few people supporting it. I dont like to throw names out there, because you know it be. They might not get a video, they might not clear it, you know how shit goes. A lot of the producers I got are new, its this new white kid I got from Philly his name Rick hes about 21. Ive been fucking with Trackmasters - Tone and Poke who been real good to me. Thats enough said on the production side right there.

DX: By the end of 2008 what does Young Chris hope to accomplish?
Selling fuckin' millions, hopefully billions. Im aiming for platinum status, baby.

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